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Jharkhand Board Class 10 Preparation Tips 2023


Jharkhand Board Class 10 Preparation Tips: Preparing for the Jharkhand Class 10 board exam can be very stressful and time-consuming as it puts a lot of pressure on you to perform well. Also, with the vast syllabus in hand, it gets really hard to manage time efficiently. However, with the help of JAC Board Class 10 exam preparation tips, you can prepare for the exams more effectively.

First, start preparing early so you have ample time left to revise everything you have studied. Also, create a balance between all the subjects and avoid leaving anything for the last moment. This will help you stay ahead of your peers during the final exam. In this article, we have provided subject-wise Jharkhand Board Class 10 preparation tips so that you understand how to prepare for all the subjects. Scroll down to learn more.

Jharkhand Board 10th Subject-wise Preparation Tips

Every subject in the Jharkhand Board Class 10 curriculum requires different preparation strategies. While Science and Social Science require long study hours, Maths requires thorough practice and problem-solving skills. So, go ahead and get the JAC 10th preparation tips below:

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Maths Preparation Tips

The JAC Class 10 preparation tips for Mathematics have been provided below to help you score good marks in the exam:

  • This subject is all about formulae, theories, and concepts, so keep them handy at all times. Make flashcards or short notes so you can use them for last-minute revision.
  • Also, have a clear understanding of the syllabus and jot down all the chapters with the highest weightage to dedicate more time to them.
  • Realise where you need to make improvements and focus on your weak areas first to score better marks.
  • Try to answer in steps while attempting any Maths question. This will keep your paper clean and help you pay special attention to the theorems.
  • Solve practice questions on Embibe to be thorough with your preparation and attempt as many mock tests as possible to have a firm grasp on the subject.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Preparation Tips

Even though Science may seem like a tricky subject to you, with the help of the preparation tips listed below, you can ace the exam:

  • You must have a clear idea about the syllabus, marking scheme, and exam pattern to prepare for the Science exam in the proper way.
  • As most of the chapters are formula-based or require conceptual understanding, you must be thorough with them. Jot down all the important formulas and try remembering them at your fingertips.
  • Practice diagrams and try to solve the practice questions on Embibe to gain in-depth knowledge of the topics.
  • Attempt mock tests and quizzes as much as possible to improve your overall performance.
  • Summarise your notes, highlight the important information, and try to rewrite them in your own words again for better understanding.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Social Science Preparation Tips

Below we have provided some of the preparation tips to help you prepare for the JAC Class 10 Social Science exam in the best way possible:

  • Social Science is a theoretical subject, so start by being familiar with the chapters. Read them carefully and make short notes alongside to help with revision.
  • Once you are done preparing your notes, highlight all the important dates, events, and so on. Stick the highlighted portion somewhere visible and go through them every day.
  • Mugging up will not help you ace the exam, so try understanding them to write proper answers during the exam.
  • You must rely on study materials to prepare for the Social Science exam. You can get them on Embibe, as all the concepts are explained through interactive 3D videos there. This way, you will remember the facts more clearly.
  • Try solving sample papers or previous year’s question papers for clarity.
  • Do not forget to practice maps and diagrams, as they will ultimately be asked in your question paper.

Below we have provided the mock tests for

SubjectMock Test
MathematicsAttempt JAC Class 10 Maths Test
ScienceAttempt JAC Class 10 Science Test

FAQs on 10th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips

Some of the frequently asked questions on JAC Class 10 exams are as follows:

Q: How to prepare for the JAC Class 10 Social Science exam?

Ans: To prepare for the JAC Class 10 Social Science exam, follow the preparation tips mentioned on this page.

Q: How to revise all the topics from Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science syllabus in one day?

Ans: Start by listing all the important topics, then summarise them, make notes, highlight the important parts, make flashcards, study rigorously, and take practice tests. This will be enough to help you cover all the topics in one day.

Q: How to get full marks in JAC Class 10 Maths exam?

Ans: You can get full marks in JAC Class 10 Maths exam by following a rigid schedule, along with the preparation tips mentioned on this page.

Q: Should I solve the previous year’s papers to prepare for the Jharkhand Board 10th exams?

Ans: Yes, you must try solving the previous year’s papers to prepare thoroughly for the JAC 10th exams.

Q: Can I study on Embibe to prepare for the JAC Class 10 exam?

Ans: Yes, you can start learning with Embibe as it has all the relevant study materials required to ace the JAC Class 10 exam.

We hope this detailed article on the 10th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips helps you prepare for the exam. For more such informative articles, stay tuned to Embibe.

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