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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 31-05-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 31-05-2023

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exam 2024

About Exam

The Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) is in charge of formulating the Class 12 syllabus and administering the Jharkhand Board examinations. Furthermore, the State Department of Education oversees the Secondary Education Board. JAC holds an intermediate examination every year to evaluate all Class 12 students. Students studying in 12th must check the syllabus, curriculum, pattern, and other board exam guidelines.

Every year, lakhs of students appear for the exam, and the board also announces the result for those students. Furthermore, Class 12 is the final year of higher secondary education in any board exam. Thus, students who succeed in the examinations have the opportunity to continue their studies at colleges and universities.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exam Summary 2024


Every year, intermediate exams are held by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) to evaluate Class 12 students in the state. JAC Class 12 has three main streams: science, arts, and commerce. JAC publishes online application forms that students can complete through their local schools.

To pass, students must receive at least 33% in the theory and practical tests. Additionally, they must have an overall grade of at least 33% to pass the test. Students can check the JAC Result 2024 online through the official website at jacresults.com. They must input their roll number to check the JAC Intermediate Result 2024. Original mark papers will be sent to students who pass the JAC exams in 2024, and they must pick them up from their individual schools.

Before diving into the details of the JAC Class 12 exams, let us have a brief overview of the same:

Particulars Details
Full Exam Name Jharkhand Academic Council 12th Examination
Short Exam Name JAC 12th Board
Conducting Body Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi
Frequency of Conduct Once a Year
Exam Level Intermediate
Languages Bengali, English, Hindi, Oriya and Urdu
Mode of Application Offline
Mode of Exam Offline
Exam Duration 3 Hours
State Board Jharkhand
Exam Pattern


Jharkhand Board Class 12 Latest Updates 2024

Exam Syllabus

Latest Updates 2022-23

  • The Jharkhand Board released the JAC Class 12 Arts stream exam results on May 30, 2023. (Direct Link)
  • The Jharkhand Board conducted the JAC Class 12 exam from March 14 to April 5, 2023.


JAC Class 12 Application Process

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The application form for the Jharkhand Academic Council 12th Board exam is sent by students’ respective schools. The school authorities check the students’ eligibility and apply to the Board before the deadline. Jharkhand Board 12th application should be filled out completely and correctly with all the requested information. In addition to the JAC 12th forms, students should include required papers, such as a caste certificate, a PWD certificate, and so on. The detailed application process for the Jharkhand Board Class 12 exam 2024 is as follows:

JAC Class 12 Application Form Filling – Start and End Date

Students can refer to the JAC Class 12 application form details given below for a better understanding: 

  • Mode of Application: Offline
  • Respective schools and institutions provide JAC 12th examination 2024 application forms.
  • Students must get the application forms from their respective local school authorities.
  • Students must complete the application form and send it along with the required payments to the institution.
  • Students who do not complete the application form will be unable to take the exam.
  • The school administration sends the application form to the board headquarters for further processing.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exam Pattern

Previous Year Analysis

The JAC 12th test pattern must be thoroughly understood by students as they study for the JAC Class 12 Board exams. Knowing both would aid students in becoming familiar with the type of questions asked in the exam, the number of questions, and the marking structure.

Exam Pattern For JAC Class 12 – Scoring Pattern (+/- Marking)

Students can refer to the exam pattern given below that discusses the number of questions, pass mark for JAC Class 12 exam, type of questions asked, etc.:

  • Each subject or language paper will be conducted for a total of 100 marks by MCQ+VSA/VST/SAT/LAT Question Format.
  • MCQ+VSA = 40 marks questions are given as a choice, and all questions are designed using the revised syllabus.
  • In compulsory and optional subjects, question papers are designed for 100 marks; those who score 33 or more will be considered passed.
  • There are no negative marks; the total marks are composed of theory, objective, practicals, and internal/project work.

Below we have provided JAC Board Class 12 exam pattern for your reference: 

Subject MCQ +VSA VSA Short Answers Long Answers Total
Hindi 40 20 20 20 100
English 40 20 20 20 100
Sanskrit 40 20 20 20 100
Mathematics 40 20 20 20 100
Physics 40 20 20 20 100
Chemistry 40 20 20 20 100
Biology 40 20 20 20 100
History 40 20 20 20 100
Geography 40 20 20 20 100
Political Science 40 20 20 20 100
Accountancy 40 20 20 20 100
Economics 40 20 20 20 100
Business Studies 40 20 20 20 100
Entrepreneurship 40 20 20 20 100
Business Mathematics 40 20 20 20 100

JAC Class 12 Exam Pattern Details – Total Time

The Jharkhand Board Class 12 exam is conducted for 3 hours per subject.

JAC Class 12 Subject-wise Number of Questions

Both objective and essay-type questions are included in the marking scheme for Class 12 Science and Mathematics examinations. If you understand the exam pattern thoroughly, you can study effectively for the exams and handle three key hours of exam time.

Subject Number of Questions Full Marks Minimum Passing Marks
Physics 20 70 23
Chemistry 34 70 30
Biology 18 35 11.5
Political Science 35 100
Accountancy 29 80 26
Economics 32 100
History 33 100
Business Mathematics 31 100

JAC Class 12 Exam Syllabus 2024

The syllabus is one of the most important resources in a student’s academic life. It may be used as a planner by students. Having a clear knowledge of the syllabus helps students to sketch a study plan where they can divide their time systematically and plan their exam-attempting skills.

The updated JAC 12th syllabus is available on the Council’s official website. JAC Class 12 syllabus includes all the key subjects a student needs to know to pass the exams. Students should go through the whole syllabus as well as the JAC 12th exam pattern thoroughly.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

The Class 12 Biology is a vast subject. Students need to write very comprehensive answers to score maximum marks in the exam. They should also practice drawing diagrams to make their answers more effective. The following is the Jharkhand Board Biology syllabus for Class 12:

Biology Chapters (Term 1) Biology Chapters (Term 2)
Reproduction in Organisms Evolution
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Human Health and Disease
Human Reproduction Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction
Reproductive Health Microbes in Human Welfare Solutions
Principles of Inheritance and Variation Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
Molecular Basis of Inheritance Biotechnology and its Applications
Ecosystems Solutions
Biodiversity and Conservation
Environmental Issues

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Mathematics is a practice-based subject. Students can score full marks in Maths with clear concepts and ample practice. Students can solve hundreds of sample questions on JAC 12th Maths on the Embibe app for free. The following is the Jharkhand Board Maths syllabus for Class 12:

Mathematics (Term 1)

Mathematics (Term 2)

Relations and Functions Integrals
Inverse Trigonometric Functions Application of Integrals
Matrices Differential Equations
Determinants Vector Algebra
Continuity and Differentiability Three Dimensional Geometry
Application of Derivatives Linear Programming

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

The JAC Class 12 Chemistry syllabus contains concepts on physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Students should practice balancing chemical equations as they can fetch full marks. The following is the Jharkhand Board Chemistry syllabus for Class 12:

Chapters (Term 1) Chapters (Term 2)
Solid state Electrochemistry
Solutions Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry p-Block Elements
General Principles and Processes  Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
d- and f-block Elements Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Coordination Compounds Biomolecules
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Polymers
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Chemistry in Everyday Life

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus

In Class 12 Physics, students will be requried to demonstrate their  answer through neatly-labelled diagrams. Students can also score full marks in Physics. The following is the Jharkhand Board Physics syllabus for Class 12:

Chapters (Term 1) Chapters (Term 2)
Electric Charges And Field Ray Optics And Optical Instruments
Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance Wave Optics
Current Electricity Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter
Moving Charges And Magnetism Atoms
Magnetism And Matter Nuclei
Electromagnetic Induction Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices And Simple Circuits
Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves

JAC Class 12 Practical/Experiments List

Students can refer to the general overview of JAC Class 12 practical exams and subject-wise list of experiments:

  • During the practical exam, you must provide a practical copy of your Practicals/Experiments.
  • Oral Exam/Viva will be conducted in the practical exam.
  • Students must attend the practical exam and properly fill out their roll number and other information. They must also ensure that the invigilators sign their practical admission cards. 
  • The practical test and main examination will have the same roll number.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Physics Practical Syllabus

Details about the Physics Practicals are given in the table below:

Section A: Experiments
1. To find the resistance of a given wire using a meter bridge and hence determine the specific resistance of its material.
2. To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference versus current.
3. To verify the laws of combination (series/parallel) of resistances using a meter bridge.
4. To compare the EMF’s of two given primary cells using the potentiometer.
Section B: Experiments
1. To find the value of ‘v’ for different values of u in case of a concave mirror and to find the focal length.
2. To find the focal length of a convex mirror using a convex lens.
3. To find the focal length of a convex lens by plotting graphs between u and v or between 1/u and 1/v.
4. To find the focal length of a concave lens using a convex lens.
5. To determine the angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between the angle of incidence and the angle of deviation.
6. To determine the refractive index of a glass slab using a travelling microscope.
7. To find the refractive index of a liquid by using (i) a concave mirror, (ii) a convex lens and a plane mirror.
8. To draw the I-V characteristics curves of a p-n junction in forward and reverse bias.
9. To draw the characteristic curve of a Zener diode and to determine its reverse breakdown voltage.
10. To study the characteristics of a common-emitter NPN or PNP transistor and find the value of current and voltage gains.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 English Syllabus

Students must demonstrate their reading and writing abilities in the final Board examinations to receive excellent grades in the JAC Class 12 English paper. Check the syllabus for Jharkhand Board 12th English below:

Chapters (Term 1) Chapters (Term 2)
Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Note Making and Summary Writing Note Making and Summary Writing
Letters to Editor Report Writing
Official Letters Article Writing
Textbook (Flamingo) Textbook (Flamingo)
The Last Lesson Indigo
Lost Spring Poets and Pancakes
Deep Water The Interview Part-I Part-II
The Rattrap Going Places
Poetry Poetry
My Mother At Sixty Six A Thing Of Beauty
An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum A Road Side Stand
Keeping Quiet Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
Text Book (Vistas) Text Book (Vistas)
The Third Level Should Wizard Hit Mommy
The Tiger King On The Face Of It
Journey To The End Of The Earth Evans Tries An O-Level
The Enemy Memories Of Childhood
i) The Cutting of My Long Hair ii) We Too Are Human Beings

Jharkhand Board Class 12 History Syllabus

Students in Class 12 must study the whole history of India. Remember important dates and historical events to improve your grades in History.

The following is the Jharkhand Board History syllabus for Class 12:

Themes in Indian History – I, II & III

  • The Harappan Civilization
  • Early States and Economies (600 BCE-600 CE)
  • Early Societies (600 BCE-600 CE)
  • Cultural Developments (600 BCE-600 CE)
  • Perceptions of Society (10th to 17th centuries)
  • Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (8th to 18th centuries)
  • An Imperial Capital- Vijayanagara (14th to 16th centuries)
  • Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire (16th to 17th centuries)
  • The Mughal Courts (16th to 17th centuries)
  • Colonialism and the Countryside
  • 1857 Revolt and its Representations
  • Colonial Cities- Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Nationalist Development
  • Understanding the Partition
  • Framing the Constitution

JAC Class 12 Exam Blue Print 2024

The topic of questions asked and total marks of the 12th Question paper 2024 of JAC must be known to students. Check them in the table provided below:

Subject No. of Questions
Physics 20
Chemistry 34
Biology 18
Political Science 35
Accounts 29
Economics 32
History 33
Business Mathematics 31


Jharkhand Class 12 Exam Date 2024

Topper List Success Stories

JAC has released the Class 12 timetable on its official website. The board releases the intermediate exam date sheet in PDF format for students studying under the JAC Board.

All students can refer to our post for the recent information on JAC 12th Exam Time Table and exam date. The initial 15 minutes of the exam is exclusive from the exam duration for students to read the question paper in detail and understand the instructions mentioned. 

Candidates can check the tentative Jharkhand Board Class 12 timetable below:

Date (Tentative) Subject
March 2024 Vocational
March 2024 Compulsory Core Language (Arts), Hindi ‘A’, Hindi ‘B’ + Matribhasha & English ‘A’
March 2024 Compulsory Core Language (Science & Commerce) Hindi ‘A’, Hindi ‘B’ + Matribhasha & English ‘A’
March 2024 Elective Language (Compulsory) – Arts, Additional Language (Science & Commerce)
March 2024 Music, Computer Science
March 2024 Economics – Science and Commerce, Anthropology – Arts
March 2024 History – Arts
March 2024 Physics – Science, Accountancy – Commerce
March 2024 Economics – Arts
March 2024 Geology – Science, Business Studies – Commerce Psychology – Arts
March 2024 Biology (Botany+Zoology) – Science, Business Mathematics – Commerce, Sociology – Arts
March 2024 Mathematics/Statistics – Arts, Science & Commerce
March 2024 Geography – Arts
March 2024 Chemistry – Science, Entrepreneurship – Commerce, Home Science – Arts
April 2024 Political Science – Arts
April 2024 Philosophy – Arts


JAC Class 12 Admit Card 2024

Exam counselling

JAC Class 12 Admit Card for 2024 may be released in January 2024. Schools have the authority to download admit cards from the official website and make them easily accessible for students. Students will need to collect their admit cards from their respective schools physically.

Details Mentioned on JAC Class 12 Admit Card 2024

Students appearing for the Jharkhand Board Class 12 exams should check the details mentioned on their admit card. If they come across any mistake, they must report it to the school administration for verification/rectification. Some of the common details mentioned on the Jharkhand Board Class 12 admit card include the following:

  • Student’s Name
  • Exam Centre Code
  • Exam Venue Address
  • School Name
  • Roll Number
  • Exam Name
  • Exam Date
  • Subjects Name
  • Exam Timings
  • Exam Day Instructions


Jharkhand Board Class 12 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Exam talks

Study plans utilised by exam professionals are individually tried and tested for the JAC Class 12 exam in 2024 and shared with you so that you may schedule your studies appropriately. It’s crucial to study well and avoid wasting time on subjects that, in comparison, will not be that vital. Here are some recommendations for 2024’s JAC 12th exams:

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Preparation Tips

We have mentioned some amazing preparation tips so that you may organise your study plans accordingly. Students are advised to study hard and prepare for their exams well in advance rather than resorting to the end. Here are some expert-mentioned preparation steps that students can follow for the JAC 12th examinations in 2024:

  • Go through the JAC Class 12 exam pattern and syllabus before starting preparation.
  • Make a study timetable and follow the same.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers.
  • Make notes of important topics while studying them.
  • Take mock tests and measure your performance. Furthermore, work on your weaker areas.

Detailed Study Plan for JAC Class 12

The following preparatory advice can help students choose the best strategy for approaching the JAC Class 12 exams:

  • Create a Decent Timetable: To avoid last-minute stress, students should create a proper schedule at least 2-3 months before the start of the exams. Additionally, they must set aside some time for revision.
  • Give Vital Topics Time: Students must concentrate on all subjects but must study and revise all the crucial ones to fully understand them. In general, both the long- and short-answer questions are constructed from significant subjects and can sometimes be challenging.
  • Revision: This is crucial. There will never be sufficient time for review. As it is crucial to review all the topics before taking the exam, students must ensure they have enough time for revision toward the end of the course.
  • Divide the Syllabus: Breaking the syllabus into sections would make it easier to prepare for exams. Set deadlines for each section of the course that you divide up. To avoid spending too much time in certain slots, balance your talents and weaknesses among all available positions. You must combine and match specific themes from Physics and Chemistry and retain them in a single slot, for instance, if your math and physics abilities are stronger than your chemistry and biology abilities. While math and biology can be combined.

JAC Class 12 Result 2022-23

About Exam

Following the Jharkhand Board Class 12 examination, the results are released on the official website. So, JAC Class 12 exam result can be checked online. The JAC Class 12 (2022-23) Arts, stream results were released on May 30 2023.

Note that shortly after the declaration of the JAC Class 12 result, the official website may not respond due to excessive traffic. In such a situation, do not panic or sort to other resources, rather, wait patiently for the website to respond. A student has to get 33 percent marks to clear the JAC Class 12 examinations. There are 23 of 70 and 33 of 100 subject marks passing through.

The Jharkhand Board grading system used to prepare the JAC 12th result is shown here. Students must thoroughly study it:

Marks Range Grade Remarks
80% and Above A+ Excellent
60% to 80% A Very Good
45% to 60% B Good
33% to 45% C Average
Below 33% D Marginal

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Previous Year’s Topper List

About Exam

Candidates can check the previous year topper list from the tables below.

Jharkhand Board 12th Science Result 2019 Toppers’ List

Students can check the 2019 science results from the table below.

Toppers’ Name Marks Scored
Radhe Shyam 449 marks
Ravi Ranjan 448 marks
Sachin Kumar 446 marks

Jharkhand Board 12th Commerce Result 2019 Toppers’ List

Students can check the 2019 commerce results from the table below.

Rank Topper’s Name Marks
1 Amisha Kumari 465
2 Saloni Agarwal 459
3 Sakshi Anurag 455

Jharkhand Board 12th Arts Result 2019 Toppers’ List

Students can check the 2019 Arts results from the table below.

Rank Name Percentage Secured
1 Manali Gupta 87.4%
2 Pramila KIsko 84.4%
3 Palak Aggarwal 84%

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Previous Years’ Performance Overview or Statistics

Candidates can check the performance statistics from the previous years in the table below.

Year Number of Students Appeared Overall Pass % Girls’ Pass % Boys’ Pass %
2020 234363 77.37 84.2 79.94
2019 312368 69.14 74.08 65.53
2018 300000 67.49 75.74 61.49
2017 326103 61.8 66 58
2016 322000 60.65 61 58
2015 311359 62.94 87.64 86.54
2014 223248 58.36 84.32 83.95

FAQs on Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exams

Eligibility Criteria

Below we have answered a few frequently asked questions-related to the Jharkhand Board Class 12 exam:

Q: What is the passing mark for the JAC 12th exams?
Ans: In order to pass the JAC 12th exam, applicants must obtain a minimum aggregate of 33 percent. They should receive 33 of 100, or 23 out of 70 for each subject, depending on the paper’s full grade.

Q: How can I prepare for the 12th JAC examination?
Ans: Candidates can prepare for the JAC 12th Board exam by utilising the mock tests that are available on Embibe.

Q: When is the JAC 12th Board examinations 2024?
Ans: The JAC 12th Board exam 2024 may be conducted from March to April 2024.

Q: What are the 12th JAC exam streams?
Ans: The 12th JAC exam will take place in three streams: Science, Commerce and Arts or Humanities.

Q: Where can I find the JAC 12th exam sample papers?
Ans: Students can find the Class 12 JAC sample papers on Embibe.

List of Educational Institutions For JAC Class 12

Admit Card

Jharkhand, the 28th state established in 2000, has a literacy rate of 67.63%. As one of the most industrialised states, education takes precedence in the state.

Top 15 Colleges in Jharkhand

Check out the tables below to know about the top colleges in Jharkhand.

College Names
1. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Mesra
2. National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur
3. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur
4. Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) Sindri
5. Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi
6. National University of Study and Research in Law
7. Arka Jain University, Jamshedpur
8. ICFAI University, Ranchi
9. Sai Nath University, Ranchi
10. Amity University, Ranchi
11. ST. Xaviers, Ranchi
12. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Dhanbad
13. Xavier Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi
14. Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP), Ranchi
15. Cambridge Institute of Technology (CIT), Ranchi

Best Government-run Colleges

Students can check the best Engineering Government Colleges in Jharkhand below:

S.No. Name of the Engineering College Type Location/City
1 National Institute of Technology Govt. Jamshedpur
2 Birsa Institute of Technology (BIT) Govt. Dhanbad
3 National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (NIFFT) Govt. Ranchi
4 Dumka Engineering College Govt. Aided Dumka
5 University College of Engineering and Technology Govt. Hazaribag
6 Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Govt. Dhanbad
7 Central University of Jharkhand Govt. Ranchi
8 Ranchi University Govt. Ranchi
9 Chaibasa Engineering College Govt. Aided Chaibasa
10 Ramgarh Engineering College Govt. Aided Ramgarh
11 Vinoba Bhave University Govt. Hazaribag
12 Indian Institute of Information Technology Govt. Ranchi

Best Private Colleges

The top Private Colleges in Jharkhand are as follows:

Private College Names
1. BIT Mesra – Birla Institute of Technology
2. Sai Nath University, Ranchi
3. Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi
4. Xavier Institute of Polytechnic and Technology, Ranchi
5. Cambridge Institute of Polytechnic, Ranchi
6. Hazaribag College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Hazaribag
7. Suryamukhi Dinesh Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Ranchi
8. Manipal Tata Medical College, Jamshedpur
9. Awadh Dental College and Hospital, Jamshedpur
10. Vananchal Dental College and Hospital, Garhwa

List of Future Exams After JAC Class 12

Exam Answer key

Once JAC 12th result is issued, students can apply for admission to undergraduate programmes in various institutions and universities. Students can select the study field according to their choice. After Class 12, students can take courses according to their interests by referring to the following exams, courses, etc.

Competitive examinations have now become an integral part of our educational system. There are a variety of competitive examinations and reward programmes available to students after Class 12. These competitive examinations are used to assess a student’s mental ability and intelligence quotient, and those who pass are granted scholarships.

Students are mainly aware of the most popular exams after Class 12 exams: NEET, JEE, and CLAT. These are national examinations. However, there are several alternative paths that students can follow to begin laying the groundwork for their preferred job.

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)

The Joint Entrance Test (JEE) is a very well-known national exam taken by all aspiring engineers in India. The JEE is an engineering test that is accepted by numerous colleges around India. After Class 12, students from all around the country can take these entrance and competitive exams.

This test qualifies students for admission to famous and prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, and IIITs. The JEE entrance test, administered by the CBSE, consists of two distinct and separate stages:

  1. JEE Mains – Only open between January and April.
  2. JEE Advanced – Registration begins in March.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

The NEET is the medical equivalent of the famed JEE engineering examinations. These exams are overseen by the Medical Council of India. It was founded in 1997 under the Graduate Medical Education Regulations.

Currently, the NEET is arranged for two distinct graduate programmes and are as follows:

  1. Undergraduate (NEET-UG) Medical Courses such as MBBS, BDS, and so on.
  2. Postgraduate (NEET-PG) Medical Courses such as M.S., M.D., and so on.

Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT)

The CLAT entrance test, as the name implies, is for students who want to be lawyers. It assesses their eligibility for admission to several law schools located around the country. CLAT, like the JEE and the NEET, is a nationwide exam.

This law entrance test is carried out for two hours. The CLAT exam paper has 150 multiple-choice questions. It is divided into five sections. Students must answer questions from areas such as follows:

  1. English Skill
  2. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  3. Quantitative Inquiries
  4. Reasoning Legally and Logically

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