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Kerala Board Class 11 Study Material 2023


How much time do you spend every day looking for reliable Kerala Board Class 11 study material? Is your browser full of bookmarks on practice questions, sample papers, and mock tests from every random website? We bet most of them remain unused and unattended. And all those efforts were for nothing. Now, you no longer have to waste your time looking for study resources, as the Embibe app provides everything you need in 11th Kerala Board study material.

At Embibe, you can find AI-powered study material that will help you prepare for exams easily. Thus, if you need help understanding a topic from your textbook, you can always watch its 3D video on Embibe. Also, for all-around exam preparation, you need study material to learn, practice, and test your conceptual knowledge and find out your weaknesses. It is also necessary to solidify your conceptual knowledge. There are 30+ 3D videos, and 1000+ sample questions to ace your Kerala Board Class 11 exams. Refer to this page to access subject-wise books on Embibe, practice sample questions on the chapters, and take mock tests to know your exam readiness.

Access Kerala Board Class 11 Study Material on Embibe

Are you tired of scanning various websites for the best Kerala Board Class 11 study material? Look no further, for you have landed on the Embibe page. It is one of the most sought-after study resources on the internet. Now that you are here relax your mind, and start studying. No matter what you need to prepare for the Class 11 exam, we have it here.  

11th Kerala Board Study Material: Books

The books on Embibe follow the NCERT curriculum, in line with the State Board. Apart from 3D videos for all the topics, you can refer to Embibe Big Books. These books offer an alternative to going through multiple books. You can refer to this AI-powered comprehensive reference book, which covers the entire syllabus and has 3D videos tagged to all chapter topics arranged in a systematic manner. Refer to the book links below and learn the Kerala Board Class 11 concepts:

BIOLOGY Textbook for Class XIMathematics Textbook for Class 11Textbook for Class XI Chemistry Part IPHYSICS PART 1 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS XI
PHYSICS PART 1 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS XIEmbibe Big Book for Chemistry for Kerala Board Class 11Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for Kerala Board Class 11Embibe Big Book for Physics for Kerala Board Class 11

11th Kerala Board Study Material: Practice Questions

After studying a topic or a whole chapter, students often look for questions to practice to learn answer-writing and know their strengths and weaknesses. On Embibe, you can practice questions for 11th Kerala Board subjects. Click on the Practice tab on the home page, and select a subject and a chapter. You will find topic-wise questions to practice.  

Click on the below links to practice questions for Kerala Board Class 11 subjects :

SubjectPractice Kerala Board Class 11 Question Papers
PhysicsPractice Kerala Board Class 11 Physics Question Papers
MathsPractice Kerala Board Class 11 Maths Question Papers
ChemistryPractice Kerala Board Class 11 Chemistry Question Papers
BiologyPractice Kerala Board Class 11 Biology Question Papers

11th Kerala Board Study Material: Mock Tests

Once you are done with conceptual learning and practising questions, it is time to test how ready you are for the final exam. For this, you can take mock tests on Embibe for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and biology. You can create your own tests for a topic, a chapter, or a whole subject. You can also set the test duration, the difficulty level of the questions, etc. Embibe allows you to customise a test depending on your requirements. Click on the links in the table below to access the 11th Kerala Board mock tests on Embibe.

SubjectAttempt Class 11 Kerala Board Mock Tests
Mathematics11th Kerala Board Mock Test
Physics11th Kerala Board Mock Test
Chemistry11th Kerala Board Mock Test
Biology11th Kerala Board Mock Test

FAQs on Kerala Board Class 11 Study Material

Below are some frequently asked questions on Kerala Board Class 11 study material:

Q: In which language can I access the 11th Kerala Board study material on Embibe?

Ans: On the Embibe app, you can access the Kerala Board Class 11 study material in English and Malayalam languages.

Q: Is the Class 11 Kerala Board syllabus tough?

Ans: In Kerala Board Class 11 subjects, there are certain chapters that are quite complex. You should study those chapters thoroughly and practice ample questions to understand them better.

Q: Where can I get mock tests for Kerala Board Class 11?

Ans: You can get mock tests for Kerala Board Class 11 on Embibe. You can create your own tests to suit your study needs.

Q: How many practice questions does Embibe have for Kerala Board 11th Physics subject?

Ans: There are over 1000 questions to practice all the chapters of 11th Kerala Board Physics on the Embibe app.

Q: Which are the most important chapters in Kerala Board Class 11 Biology?

Ans: As per our subject matter experts, some of the most important chapters in Class 11 Kerala Board Biology are Biological Classification, Animal Kingdom, Cell: The unit of life, etc.

We hope this article on Kerala Board Class 11 study material was useful to you. Stay tuned to the Embibe app for more information on the 11th Kerala Board exam.

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