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Kerala Board Class 7 Study Material 2023


If you had Alladin’s lamp, what would you ask for? Let us guess, lots of gifts, a big house and a private jet. It would have been so nice to have real magic! But what if we told you we have the lamp for your studies to answer your queries? The Genie here is Embibe, and we fulfil all your wishes – learn, practice and more. Embibe is an application with a treasure trove of 7th Kerala Board study material.

There are 30+ 3D videos to help you understand the chapters, 1000+ practice questions, and unlimited mock tests. You will no longer have to go looking for study material anywhere else. The school textbooks combined with Embibe’s resources will help you be among the top rankers in your class. Continue reading to know more about Embibe’s study material for Kerala Board Class 7.

Access 7th Kerala Board Study Material on Embibe

To ace any exam, you must have a good study plan that covers your full syllabus, leaves time for revision and to practice questions. Students often get lost in the world of internet looking for quality sample questions and reliable mock tests that actually add any value to their study. 

To save you time and energy, Embibe provides excellent 7th Kerala Board study material that allows you to learn, practice and test your chapters. Scroll down to know more about our study resources.

Kerala Board Class 7 Study Material: Books

Your school books are the primary source of information to clear your 7th Kerala Board exam. But if you have difficulty understanding a concept in textual form, you can refer to Embibe videos that explain the same topic with 3D videos. The books on Embibe teach all your Kerala Board Class 7 chapters through animation. For example, the Maths Part 1 book covers all the specific chapters in 4 hours and 14 minutes. Thus, with your school books and Embibe reference books, you get the best of both worlds. 

Kerala Board Class 7 Study Material: Practice Questions

If you have gathered a thorough understanding of your 7th Kerala Board chapters, it is time to solve practice questions on them. It will show you the mirror as to how well you have grasped the topics. Refer to the subject-wise links below to get your hands on Kerala Board Class 7 practice questions:

SubjectsQuestion Paper
MathsSolve Kerala Board Class 7 Maths Question Paper
ScienceSolve Kerala Board Class 7 Science Question Paper

Kerala Board Class 7 Study Material: Mock Tests

Once you are done with the above two stages of preparation, next comes testing yourself on a wider scale. Take mock tests so that you can learn time management, know how you perform under pressure and find areas of improvement. 

The direct links to 7th Kerala Board mock tests are given below:

SubjectsMock Tests
MathsAttempt Kerala Board Class 7 Maths Mock Test
ScienceAttempt Kerala Board Class 7 Science Mock Test

FAQs on 7th Kerala Board Study Material

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on 7th Kerala Board study material:

Q: What are the best study materials for 7th Kerala Board exam?

Ans: The best Kerala Board Class 8 study material to ace the exam are your school books, practice questions and mock tests.

Q: How does referring to Embibe study material for Kerala Board Class 7 benefit me in exam preparation?

Ans: Embibe provides a variety of study material to learn, practice and test for the 7th Kerala Board syllabus. You can refer to our 3D videos, solve 1000+ sample questions, get the important points in each topic, attempt mock tests, and get detailed analysis on your test to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Q: Is 7th Kerala Board Science tough?

Ans: The syllabus of Kerala Board Class 7 Science is not tough. All the chapters can be learnt easily with sincere studies.

Q: Where can I solve practice questions for Class 7 Kerala Board subjects?

Ans: You can solve thousands of questions on all the topics of 7th Kerala Board Maths and Science subjects on the Embibe app.

Q: Can I take tests on 7th Kerala Board chapters on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can attempt topic-wise, chapter-wise, subject-wise mock tests for Kerala Board Class 7 on the Embibe app. Embibe provides many special test features that allow you to even create your own test, like selecting the topics for test, difficulty level of the test, number of questions, time limit, etc.

We hope this page of 7th Kerala Board study material was helpful to you.

Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Kerala Board Class 7.

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