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9th Kerala Board Chapter


When it comes to planning for the 9th Kerala Board exams, you need all the help you can get. The preparation process may be difficult if you are in doubt about what are the 9th Kerala Board chapters to study. Therefore, we are here to help you. We have provided all the detailed information related to the 9th Kerala Board chapter list and included some useful resources which can help you get a preparation boost.

A comprehensive chapter list will help you get a sense of what topics you need to study and how to adjust your study plan to study the topics so that you can complete all your preparations successfully. You can also find free 3D video explanations, books, and mock tests on any topic of Science and Maths that are available to help you out in every aspect.

Subject-wise 9th Kerala Board Chapter List

We’ve broken down all of the 9th Kerala Board chapters into easy-to-understand sections. So, check out the tables below for the 9th Kerala Board chapters of Science and Maths you should expect to see in your exams, as well as links to our Embibe’s 3D video explanations that will help you study along the way!

9th Kerala Board Science Chapters

Here is a list of the topics you will study in Science for the 9th Kerala Board exam. Embibe has developed 3D video explanations to help you understand these topics better; you can study by clicking on provided links:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Forces in Fluids
2Equations of Motion
3Motion and Laws of Motion
5Work, Energy and Power
6Current Electricity
7Wave Motion
8Structure of Atom
9Chemical Bonding
10Redox Reactions and Rate of Chemical Reactions

Log in at Embibe to access all the 9th Kerala Board Science chapters.

9th Kerala Board Board Mathematics Chapters

We have compiled a list of high-scoring topics for 9th Kerala Board Mathematics that you might find useful. If you would like to begin studying these topics, we recommend you watch the 3D video explanations on these topics provided below:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Decimal Forms
3Pairs of Equations
4New Numbers
6Parallel Lines
7Similar Triangles
9Circle Measures
10Real Numbers

For the complete list of 9th Kerala Board Mathematics chapter, click here.

FAQs on 9th Kerala Board Chapters

Some of the frequently asked questions on the 9th Kerala Board chapters are as follows:

Q: How many chapters are there in the 9th Kerala Board Maths?

Ans: There are around 13 chapters in the 9th Kerala Board Mathematics.

Q: What are the important chapters in the 9th Kerala Board Science?

Ans: Some of the most important chapters in the 9th Kerala Board Science are Forces in Fluids, Motion and Laws of Motion, Wave Motion, Periodic Table, Protectors of Biosphere, and Breathing for Energy. All of these chapters are available on Embibe with 3D video explanations.

Q: Where can I find video lessons on the 9th Kerala Board chapters?

Ans: The Embibe app is a free online resource that helps you prepare for the 9th Kerala Board exams through 3D video explanations. To get started, log in to the app, and start studying right away.

Q: Where to get the free 9th Kerala Board mock tests?

Ans: Log in to Embibe to access free study resources for the 9th Kerala Board exams, including free mock tests.

Q: Where can I download the 9th Kerala Board chapter list?

Ans: The chapter lists of Science and Maths for the 9th Kerala Board are included in this article. You check the list and associated 3D video explanations.

We hope this article on the 9th Kerala Board chapter helps you prepare for exams. Also, you can get in touch with us on the Embibe app if you have any doubts or queries.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the 9th Kerala Board exams.

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