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Kerala Board Class 10 Books: List of Best & Important Books (Subject-wise)


“Books train your imagination to think big”. This is a quote that every student believes in. How exciting will it be if the concepts and topics are brought to life? That is now possible exclusively on Embibe, as you can learn by watching 3D videos. All the concepts of Kerala Board SSLC’s important books are explained with videos that will help you prepare in an efficient manner. The Kerala board follows the NCERT books for SSLC exams. While you have your school textbooks, you must also have the other reference books to kickstart your preparation.

With over 4 lakh students appearing for the exams each year, isn’t it necessary that you put in everything to prepare? Focusing on small details can play an important role in ensuring that you score higher marks. Apart from your regular curriculum books, you can also refer to the important books on Embibe, which are available in Malayalam and English.  Important books are just one of the valuable study materials or reference materials that would help you in the long run. Embibe has 20+ textbooks and reference books that would assist you in easier exam preparation.  

Access Kerala Board SSLC Subject-wise Books

If you want to score better marks in your exams and stay ahead of your peers, you need to enhance your preparation. Embibe provides important books for Kerala board SSLC for. You may refer to these books. These reference books have to-the-point information that can help you significantly in the long run, especially during revision as it will help you understand and grasp the concepts easily.

Since Class 10 is an important stage in a student’s life, you must also improve your preparation.  Using the books available on Embibe will give you an in-depth understanding of all topics. You will get the entire gist of the subject which will eventually make it easier for you to cover the concepts in a short time. 

Kerala Board Class 10 Books: Science

As a student of Kerala Board Class 10, you must prepare for Science thoroughly. This will play an important role in helping you score higher marks in the exams. These books are available for on Embibe thereby making it easier for you to prepare for exams. 

You can refer to the table below to get the Science books for KBPE Class 10:

Kerala Board Class 10 Science BooksKerala Board Class 10 Science Books
Physics Standard X Part 1Chemistry Standard X Part 1

For more Kerala board Class 10 Science books, click here

Kerala Board SSLC Books: Maths

As a student of Class 10, you must keep your basics clear because you will be using the same concepts for preparing for higher exams. The concepts you learn in Class 10 will also help you prepare for competitive exams. 

You can access the Maths books for the 10th Kerala board from the table below:

Kerala Board Class 10 Maths BooksKerala Board Class 10 Maths Books
Standard 10 Mathematics Part – 1Standard 10 Mathematics Part-2

Click here to find the 10th Kerala board Maths books. 

KBPE Class 10 Embibe Big Books

If you are looking for a book that will make revision smooth and easier, you must check out the Embibe Big Books. Since all the concepts are explained in videos learning becomes a lot simpler. You will be able to understand all the concepts as most of them are explained under one roof in Embibe. 

You can access the Embibe Big Books for the 10th Kerala board for from below:

Kerala Board Class 10 Maths Embibe Big BookKerala Board Class 10 Science Embibe Big Book
Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for Kerala Board Class 10Embibe Big Book for Science for Kerala Board Class 10

FAQs on Kerala Board SSLC Important Books

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions about the 10th Kerala board exams.

Q: Where can I get the important books for Kerala Board Class 10?

Ans: You can get the important books for Kerala Board Class 10 for on Embibe. 

Q: Does the Kerala board follow NCERT books for SSLC? 

Ans: Yes, the Kerala board follows NCERT books for SSLC exams. 

Q: Can I study the Kerala board Class 10 books in Malayalam?

Ans: Yes, you can find the 10th Kerala board books in English and Malayalam.

Q: Can I take the mock tests for Kerala Class 10?

Ans: If you want to appear for Kerala Board Class 10 mock tests, you can do so from Embibe. The platform provides mock tests for that give you a brief analysis of your performance. 

Q: Where can I get detailed information about Kerala Board Class 10?

Ans: You can get detailed information about Kerala Board Class 10 from Embibe. 

We hope the article on Kerala board Class 10 has been helpful to you. Since you can refer to the 10th KBPE books for from Embibe, you can easily kickstart your preparation and eventually score higher marks in the exams.

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