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Maharashtra Board Class 11 Books 2024


We often take so much interest in reading story books, but when it comes to studying from our textbooks, don’t we just take a great sigh? Well, that sigh mostly occurs because you’re bored. Wouldn’t it be great if, like storybooks, we could also find a way to make our textbooks interesting? Therefore, you can start studying from Embibe if you’re in search of the Maharashtra Board Class 11 book. Well, let us tell you why.

With Embibe, you can experience fun learning and make books with your best friends. Embibe’s ebooks will provide you with detailed explanations of all the topics in the most simple and understandable manner. You don’t have to worry about going through textbooks because all the topics and contents of the books are explained in interactive video format. You can access 23 books for Maharashtra Board Class 11 for on the Embibe application.

11th Maharashtra Board Subject-wise Books

As popularly said, books are your best friend, and you must have your best friend by your side when preparing for your 11th Maharashtra Board exams. Embibe has it all covered for you, as you can find all the relevant books with 3D explanations and live examples. You can access them for and have an in-depth exam preparation. Continue reading to know more about Maharashtra Board Class 11 books. 

MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths Books

“Mathematics is the music of reason”, and to score excellent marks in your MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths exam, you need to have access to all the right books. You can have that and much more on Embibe. Click on the links below to access them. 

Mathematics and Statistics (Arts & Science) Part 1Mathematics Textbook for Class 11Senior Secondary School Mathematics FOR CLASS 11

MSBSHSE Class 11 Physics Books

Physics is one of the most fundamental subjects; its goal is understanding how the universe behaves. To thoroughly prepare such an interesting subject, you need access to the right books. You can access MSBSHSE Class 11 Physics books on Embibe. 

PhysicsPHYSICS PART 1 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS XISuper Refresher Physics 11

MSBSHSE Class 11 Chemistry Books

Chemistry is the scientific study of matter and its properties and is one of the most scoring subjects. With the right books, you can excel in your MSBSHSE Class 11 Chemistry exams. For that Embibe has 6 books that you can refer to for your preparation. To access the 11th Maharashtra Board Chemistry books, click on the links below. 

ChemistryTextbook for Class XI Chemistry Part IPradeep’s Chemistry Vol 1

MSBSHSE Class 11 Biology Books

Biology refers to the study of living organisms and is a scoring subject. To help you with all the complicated explanations and diagrams, Embibe’s ebooks are your way to go. Through the ebooks on Embibe, you can see every topic explained in detail and thus, score good marks in your exams. To access MSBSHSE Class 11 Biology books, click on the links below. 

BiologyBIOLOGY Textbook for Class XIAll in One BIOLOGY CBSE Class 11

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 11 Books 2024

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions of Maharashtra Board Class 11 books.

Q. Where can I get reference books for MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths?

Ans: You can get reference books for MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths on the Embibe App.

Q. How many books are there on Embibe for MSBSHSE Class 11 Biology?

Ans: There are 5 books on Embibe for MSBSHSE Class 11 Biology.

Q. Does Maharashtra Board follow NCERT?

Ans: Yes, Maharashtra Board follows NCERT books as a part of their curriculum.

Q. How can I access the MSBSHSE Class 11 books on Embibe?

Ans: You can access the MSBSHSE Class 11 books on Embibe by signing up on the Embibe application.

Q. Which book is the best for MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths? 

Ans: The NCERT books are the best for MSBSHSE Class 11 Maths. However, the Maths book by R.S. Agarwal is one of the best books.

The article above deals with Maharashtra Board Class 11 Books. These books are available for on Embibe and the students must refer to them thoroughly to prepare for the exam in a better manner.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned on Embibe for more such articles.

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