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Maharashtra SSC Board Question Paper 2023


In the 2022 academic session, 15.68 Lakh students appeared for the exams, and around 15.21 lakh students passed the exams. Out of the passing students, approximately 80,000 students score 90 and above. The students who scored 90 and above did not do anything differently; they just had the right preparation method. They referred to the best study materials, practised from previous year’s question papers, and sample papers to ace the exams. 

Practising regularly from the sample papers and previous year’s papers can help you score higher marks. This will help you become familiar with the exam pattern and the chapters from which the most number of questions are asked in the exam. You can attempt the previous years’ question papers from Embibe for. You will also find books with solutions, allowing you to practice and hone the skills that will help you prepare for your exam.

Access Maharashtra SSC Previous Year Question Papers 

The previous year’s question papers prove to be a good source of study material for practising for Maharastra Board Class 10. If you want to be one of the top performers in the exam, you should solve as many previous papers as possible. The previous year’s question papers are available on the Embibe platform. 

Over the decade, Embibe has empowered millions of students and ensured their growth by providing all the exam preparation materials such as textbooks, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers for. Since students do not need to spend any money, they will be able to get the materials at their fingertips for from the Embibe app.

You can be one of them too. The question papers have been separated subject-wise and compiled. Once you finish studying their textbooks, you can start practising from the SSC Previous year’s question papers. 

Maharashtra SSC Board Question Papers: Maths

Maths is an interesting and fun subject. If you practice Maths thoroughly, you can score higher marks in the exams in no time. In the section below, we have provided chapter-wise segregation for Maharashtra Board SSC Maths Question Papers. 

Chapter No.Chapters-wise Segregation
2Pythagoras Theorem
4Geometric Constructions
5Co-ordinate Geometry
8Linear Equations in Two Variables
9Quadratic Equations
10Arithmetic Progression
11Financial Planning

Maharashtra SSC Board Question Papers: Science

With Science being a fun subject to learn, students can score higher marks too. You can get the previous year’s papers for Science from the table below:

Chapter No.Chapters-wise Segregation
2Periodic Classification of Elements
3Chemical Reactions and Equations
4Effects of Electric Current
6Refraction of Light
9Carbon Compounds
10Space Missions
11Heredity and Evolution
12Life Processes in Living Organisms- 1
13Life Processes in Living Organisms- 2
14Environmental Management
15Towards Green Energy
16Animal Classification

10th Maharashtra Board Previous Year’s Question Papers

The previous year’s question papers can be great materials for knowing the exam pattern. These papers would help you understand the important chapters, the topics that carry the most marks, and how the papers are structured each year. 

The previous year’s question papers are available for on Embibe with solved examples. Therefore, you can watch those videos, practice the questions and hone your skills for the upcoming exams. For your convenience, we have provided Embibe’s previous year’s question paper books for Science and Maths in the table below:

Sl NoSubjectPrevious Year’s Question Papers
1MathsMaths Previous Year’s Question Papers
2ScienceScience Previous Year’s Question Papers

FAQs on Maharashtra SSC Board Previous Year Question Papers

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions about Maharashtra board Class 10 question papers:

Q: Where can I get the Maharashtra SSC Board Previous year’s question papers? 

Ans: You can get the Maharashtra board SSC Previous year’s question papers for from the Embibe platform. You can log in and start practising the question papers. 

Q: How do I score good marks in Maharashtra board SSC?

Ans: If you wish to score good marks in Maharashtra board SSC, you must practice the sample papers and the previous year’s papers. Regular practice plays an important role in scoring higher marks. 

Q: How many previous years’ papers can I get for Maharashtra board SSC?

Ans: From the Embibe platform, you can get the previous year’s papers for Maths and Science. There are over 100+ practice questions for each chapter and a previous year’s sample paper book with solutions for on the Embibe app. You can get the previous year’s papers and kickstart your preparation accordingly. 

Q: On Embibe, can I practice for Maharashtra board SSC?

Ans: You can practice for the Maharashtra board SSC from the Embibe platform. You can take the mock tests that will give you a detailed analysis of your performance. 

Q: What are the passing marks in the Maharashtra SSC Board out of 80?

Ans: The passing mark in Maharashtra SSC Board out of 80 is 27 marks. It is 33%. 

We hope the article on Maharashtra board SSC question papers has been helpful for you. If you are willing to score more marks in the exams and want to stay ahead of your peers, you can start your exam preparation with Embibe. 

Till then, you may refer to Embibe to receive further updates on the Maharashtra board SSC exams.

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