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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chapters 2023


Are you wondering how to get into your dream college? Well, the first step for that is to score good marks in your Class 12 exams. With the increasing competition, the pressure to score higher marks has also increased, which can be intimidating for students. Out of the 14.5 lakh students who appeared for the Maharashtra Board Class 12 exam last year (2021-22), only 80% of students could advance in their dream. If you don’t want to be in the remaining 20%, then the best way to do that is to be well-prepared. 

To begin with, this preparation, familiarising yourself with the important chapters of the exam should be one the first and most crucial steps. That’s where Embibe comes into play. 

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Before getting into the details, let’s go through the MSBSHSE Class 12 Chapters.

MSBSHSE Class 12 Chapters

Maharashtra Board conducts exams twice a year, and to score good marks in your Class 12 exams, you must go through the chapters religiously. Having thorough chapter knowledge is very important as based on that, you can divide your study routine and decide which chapter needs more attention. To know more about the MSBSHSE Class 12 subject-wise chapters, continue reading this article.

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Mathematics Chapters

Knowing the syllabus is important, and if you can get all the study material chapter-wise then what could be better than that? At Embibe, you can get all the study materials and mock tests for every chapter. Let us have a look at the important chapters of Maharashtra board Class 12 Math.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
Mathematical LogicLinear Programming
Binomial DistributionDifferentiation
MatricesApplication of Derivatives
Trigonometric FunctionsIntegration
Pair of Straight LinesDefinite Integral
VectorsApplications of Definite Integrals
LineDifferential Equations
PlaneProbability Distribution
Three Dimensional Geometry

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Chapters

Physics is an important subject and students need to have a thorough knowledge of the course structure. To do so, it is important for students to know all the chapters. Below we have provided all the chapters of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics. You can click on the chapter names and find their relevant study materials on Embibe.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
Circular MotionInterference and Diffraction
Communication SystemElectrostatics
Rotational MotionCurrent Electricity
OscillationsMagnetic Effect of Electric Current
Surface TensionElectromagnetic Induction
Wave MotionElectrons and Photons
Stationary WavesAtoms, Molecules and Nuclei
Kinetic Theory of Gasses and RadiationSemiconductors
Wave Theory of Light

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chemistry Chapters

With so many equations and molecular formulas, Chemistry can give you some anxious moments. But there is no need to fear as we have provided a list of all the important chapters of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chemistry. Students can go through the table below and find their study resources on Embibe.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
Solid StateCoordination Compounds
PolymersHalogen Derivatives of Alkanes and Arenes
Solutions and Colligative PropertiesAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Chemical Thermodynamics and EnergeticsAldehydes, Ketones and  Carboxylic Acid
Electro ChemistryCompounds containing Nitrogen
Chemical KineticsBiomolecules
d and f block Elements

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Biology Chapters

To ace the exam of this high-scoring subject, it is advisable to go through all the important chapters of Maharashtra Board Class 12 Biology. This will help students to know which chapters are coming in the exam and accordingly students can start preparing.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
Genetic Basis of InheritanceChromosomal Basis of Inheritance
Gene- Its nature, expression and regulationGenetic Engineering and Genomics
Biotechnology- Process and ApplicationHuman Health and Diseases
Enhancement in Food ProductionAnimal Husbandry
Microbes in Human WelfareCirculation
Reproduction in PlantsControl and Coordination
Organisms and Environment- IHuman Reproduction
Origin and Evolution of LifeOrganisms and Environment II

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chapters 2023

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on Maharashtra Board Class 12 chapters:

Q: Where can I find chapter-wise videos for Class 12?

Ans: You can find Maharashtra Board Class 12 chapter-wise videos on the Embibe platform.

Q: How do we access the mock tests on Embibe?

Ans: To access Embibe’s mock tests, you need to sign up on the official website. After signing up, choose your board and class. Click on Test and start solving mock tests. 

Q: How to score good marks in Maharashtra Board Class 12?

Ans: Referring to the study material available on Embibe and practising sample papers and mock tests can help you score well in the exam. Practising sample questions and mock tests can help you polish your preparation. 

Q: Are the sample papers available on Embibe for?

Ans: Embibe provides study materials, question papers and mock tests. Students can access these by signing up on Embibe.

Q: How many chapters are there in Maharashtra Board Class 12 Maths?

Ans: There are 17 chapters in the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Maths.

We hope this detailed article on the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chapters helps you. Feel to check our app if you have any queries about the exam. We will be happy to help you out.

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