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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Sample Papers


The Maharashtra board Class 10 exams are just around the corner, and the jitters are real. Do you have cold hands with the exams approaching? Well, you are not alone. Among the 17 lakh students appearing yearly for Maharashtra Board Class 10 exams, only 6 lakh students make the first distinction. The remaining 11 lakh students have to struggle further to score good marks. If you fall in that category, then don’t worry; Embibe has got you covered.

With the correct guidance and by solving many sample papers, you can polish your preparation and score excellent marks. Embibe provides 1000+ sample papers for every chapter, so you don’t have to do the extra labour of finding questions. With Embibe’s sample papers, you can brush up on your topics and have hands-on practice with the questions. To learn how to access these sample papers, continue reading. 

Attempt Maharashtra Board Class 10 Sample Papers

Getting into the habit of solving sample papers after every chapter benefits students as they can assess their performance and work accordingly. Our academic experts have designed these Maharashtra Board Sample papers, which are effective even for your last-minute revisions. These papers are curated by considering the latest curriculum and providing important questions. So, if you are done with your preparation, it’s time to solve these sample papers and brush up on your topics.

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Sample Papers

Given below are the sample papers for Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science. Students can access these for free by clicking on the links provided below.

Chapter NameSample Papers
GravitationAccess Free Sample Papers
Periodic Classification for ElementsAccess Free Sample Papers
Chemical Reactions and EquationsAccess Free Sample Papers
Effects of Electric CurrentAccess Free Sample Papers
HeatAccess Free Sample Papers
Refraction of LightAccess Free Sample Papers
LensesAccess Free Sample Papers
MetallurgyAccess Free Sample Papers
Carbon CompoundsAccess Free Sample Papers
Space MissionsAccess Free Sample Papers
Heredity and EvolutionAccess Free Sample Papers
Life Processes in Living Organisms Part 1Access Free Sample Papers
Life Processes in Living Organisms Part 2Access Free Sample Papers
Environmental ManagementAccess Free Sample Papers
Towards Green EnergyAccess Free Sample Papers
Animal ClassificationAccess Free Sample Papers
Introduction to MicrobiologyAccess Free Sample Papers
Cell Biology and BiotechnologyAccess Free Sample Papers
Social HealthAccess Free Sample Papers
Disaster ManagementAccess Free Sample Papers

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Mathematics Sample Papers

Given below are the sample papers for Maharashtra Board Class 10 Mathematics. 

Chapter NameSample Papers
Linear Equations in Two VariablesAccess Free Sample Papers
Quadratic EquationsAccess Free Sample Papers
Arithmetic ProgressionAccess Free Sample Papers
Financial PlanningAccess Free Sample Papers
ProbabilityAccess Free Sample Papers
StatisticsAccess Free Sample Papers
SimilarityAccess Free Sample Papers
Pythagoras TheoremAccess Free Sample Papers
CircleAccess Free Sample Papers
Geometric ConstructionAccess Free Sample Papers
Coordinate GeometryAccess Free Sample Papers
TrigonometryAccess Free Sample Papers
MensurationAccess Free Sample Papers

Benefits of Solving Maharashtra Board Class 10 Sample Papers

There are tons of benefits to solving sample papers. Not only do they improve your practice, but they also provide you with important questions. Let’s go through some of these benefits: 

  • Solving sample papers helps to assess your performance. One can understand how well they have prepared the particular topic. 
  • By solving sample papers, students come across many important questions that will eventually help them during their revision.
  • You can improve your speed by solving sample questions regularly.
  • Solving sample papers helps to improve time management skills.
  • The last-minute jitters can be prevented if you solve sample papers regularly as you are thoroughly prepared for the main exam.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Sample Papers

Q: Where can we find free sample papers for Class 10 mathematics?

Ans: Students can find Class 10 mathematics sample papers for free on the Embibe platform.

Q: When is the best time to solve sample questions?

Ans: Students should solve sample papers after every chapter to assess how well they have prepared the particular chapter.

Q: Can the sample papers provided by Embibe be solved on mobile phones?

Ans: Yes, students can solve these sample papers provided by embibe on their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. 

Q: How can I score good marks in Maharashtra Board Class 10 exam?

Ans: You can score excellent marks in the Maharashtra Board Class 10 exams by going through the study materials provided by Embibe and solving sample papers and mock tests.

Q: Where can I find mock tests for Maharashtra Board Class 10?

Ans: Students can access free mock tests for Maharashtra Board Class 10 on the Embibe platform.

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