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10th Meghalaya Board Question Paper: Solve Practice Questions


As a Class 10 student, what is your biggest fear? Failure, isn’t it? You study sincerely but forget some points and end up making silly mistakes. Then you get upset at yourself and waste hours feeling low and demotivated. The problem may not be your learning capacity, but your lack of practice. Did you know that in 2022, a total of 57,371 students appeared for the Meghalaya Board Class 10, of which only 32,678 passed? The number is not very encouraging, right? You must think that maybe you need to work much harder to clear the board exam, but believe us, you also need smart work to ace the exam.

This is where solving the 10th Meghalaya Board question papers plays its part. The questions in the final examination may be trickier than your textbook’s. Thus, solving them regularly will introduce you to the types of questions asked in the paper. The previous year’s question papers for the Meghalaya Board Class 10 will show your actual preparedness. With Embibe’s question papers, you can revise and also evaluate your conceptual clarity.

Access Meghalaya Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers

If you solve the Meghalaya Board Class 10 question papers on Embibe, you get to learn what mistakes you made and the areas that need improvement. Thus, you can cover all the learning gaps and properly learn a concept with the help of Embibe’s AI-based analysis. Embibe allows you to solve previous years’ papers on the app. This way, you will get an idea of the exam pattern and understand how well you are prepared for the exam.

It is necessary to solve the question papers to learn how to answer of the required questions within the time limit. We have provided direct links to the Class 10 Meghalaya question papers in the table below.

Sr. No.10th Meghalaya Board Previous Year Question Papers

10th Meghalaya Board Practice Questions

To strengthen your conceptual clarity, you should attempt to practice questions after understanding a topic. This way, you can test your knowledge and relearn the concepts immediately. 

Click on the links below to practice them for free on the Embibe platform.

Sr. No.Subject-wise Practice Questions
1Practice 10th Meghalaya Board Class 10 Maths Questions 
2Practice 10th Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science Questions

Benefits of Solving Meghalaya Board Class 10 Question Papers on Embibe

There are many advantages to solving the Meghalaya Board Class 10 question papers on Embibe. After you submit the test, you get detailed feedback on your test performance that highlights factors like, questions solved too early or too much time spent on a single question, wasted attempts, repetitive mistakes, etc. Thus, you learn where exactly you need to focus and perform better in the final exam.

  • You can take a 5-minute mini-test to learn how online tests work.
  • Embibe’s ‘Create Your Own Test’ feature allows you to create your own tests for your personalised requirements.
  • You can take unlimited tests with different difficulty levels, marking schemes, time duration, syllabus coverage, etc.
  • You can also take full syllabus mock tests and know the nature of the exam, understanding where you stand in your exam preparation.

FAQs on 10th Meghalaya Board Question Paper

We have provided some of the frequently asked questions regarding MBoSE Class 10 below:

Q: Where can I get 10th Meghalaya Board question papers?

Ans: You can get the 10th Meghalaya Board question papers on this page of the Embibe platform.

Q: How can I get excellent marks in Class 10 Meghalaya Board Maths?

Ans: You can score full marks in the 10th Meghalaya Board Maths subject. For that, learn all concepts thoroughly and solve as many sample questions as you can on all of them. Then solve Maths question papers and mock tests to know if you can solve different types of questions.

Q: How many Meghalaya Board 10th question papers should I solve to get good marks?

Ans: You should solve as many Class 10 Meghalaya Board question papers as you get. The more you practice, the better your grasp of the topics will be, and you will be able to solve even the most difficult questions in the board exam.

Q: How does Embibe help me in scoring good marks in the 10th Meghalaya Board exam?

Ans: Embibe allows you to learn all the chapter-wise topics of Meghalaya Board Class 10 Maths and Science subjects on 3D videos. Once you learn the concepts, you can test yourself by solving the practice questions, the previous year’s question papers and taking mock tests.

Q: Does Embibe have the 10th Meghalaya Board’s previous year’s question papers?

Ans: Embibe provides the previous year’s question papers for Meghalaya Board Class 10. We have provided direct links to them on this page. 

We hope this detailed article on the Meghalaya Board Class 10 Question Papers helps you prepare for the Meghalaya Board Class 10 (2024) exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 

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