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6th Nagaland Board Books 2023: Subject-wise Books


So much to study and so little time! When will this trauma end? Why is ‘-’ + ‘-’ positive, but why is ‘+’ + ‘+’ not negative? Does your head spin while learning the Fibre spinning process? Do you have too many unanswered questions but no one to answer them?

Now that you have come to Embibe, all your doubts will be cleared. Embibe offers a platform to study your 6th Nagaland Board books, but our books are special. Books available at Embibe are 3D visualised, helping students of class 6 understand the concepts easily.

Nagaland Board Class 6 Subject-wise Books

For Class 6, the school textbooks are sufficient to prepare for the exam. Thus, you can also refer to the books available at Embibe for your final exam preparation. Embibe provides 3D books with solutions that explain each topic with key points to remember, prerequisites to ace each topic, direct links to take tests on a chapter, etc. 

Nagaland Board Class 6 Books for Maths

Mathematics is a subject in which you can score full marks. Want to know how? It is by developing a solid foundation in the concepts and solving as many questions as possible on each topic. So start learning the chapters from the 6th Nagaland Board Maths book links below so you can practice sample questions on them.

Nagaland Board Class 6 Maths BookNagaland Board Class 6 Maths Book

Nagaland Board Class 6 Books for Science

Many students are scared of Science subjects, especially due to so many definitions and diagrams. With Embibe’s 3D videos, you no longer have to fear the subject, as learning with Embibe is fun and stress-free. We invite you to log in to the Embibe app, select a topic in any Science chapter for  Nagaland Board Class 6, and watch a video. We assure you that you will learn the concept more easily and remember it for extended periods.

Click on the links below to access Nagaland Board Class 6 Science books and ace the subject:

Nagaland Board Class 6 Science BookNagaland Board Class 6 Science Book

Features of 6th Nagaland Board Books on Embibe

Many books teach your Nagaland Board Class 6 syllabus, but what sets Embibe books apart from them all are the interactive AI-driven features. You get a personalised learning experience and can choose what and how you want to learn your 6th-class concepts. The reasons you should refer to Embibe books for the 6th Nagaland Board are as follows:

  • Books available at Embibe are 3D videos that bring your books to life.
  • Select and learn a chapter with topic-wise videos arranged sequentially, covering the entire syllabus.
  • Embibe’s 3D videos make it easy to finish a chapter without going through chunks of textual information in a fun manner.
  • All the study resources like books, practice questions and their step-by-step solutions are in a single place. You don’t have to refer to multiple platforms to learn a chapter.
  • Text textual notes for all chapters give a quick summary of the chapters.
  • The books have important points, formulae, diagrams, etc., all in one place.

FAQs on 6th Nagaland Board Books

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Nagaland Board Class 6 books:

Q: How can I access Nagaland Board Class 6 books on the Embibe?

Ans: To access the Nagaland Board Class 6 books, you must first log in to Embibe and click on the Learn tab. Next, you can access the books on each subject and all chapters.

Q: Can I watch videos for just a few topics of Science on the Embibe app?

Ans: You can log in to Embibe and watch 3D videos for any topic, subject or chapter.

Q: For what all subjects of the 6th Nagaland Board does Embibe provide books?

Ans: Embibe provides books for Nagaland Board Class 6 Maths and Science subjects.

Q: How to score full marks in Class 6 Nagaland Board Maths?

Ans: To score full marks in Nagaland Board 6th standard Maths, first learn the topics properly and solve sample problems for each topic. Ample practice will help you prevent silly mistakes, and you can score excellent marks.

Q: Where can I download Class 6 Nagaland Board Books for free?

Ans: Embibe provides free access to Nagaland Board Class 6 books. You must download the Embibe app and sign up by entering your phone number or email ID, and start learning from a wide range of books!

We hope this detailed article on the 6th Nagaland Board Books helps you prepare for the Nagaland Board Class 6 exam in the best way possible. If you want more exam-related study material, download the Embibe app and start learning.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the Nagaland Board Class 6 exam 2023!

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