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Punjab Board Class 7 Important Chapters 2023: Subject-wise Chapters


Are you preparing for the Punjab Board class 7 exam and finding it difficult to understand the chapters? Then you must know that learning and understanding the chapters is more important than completing the syllabus. So, first, you must know how to segregate all the Punjab Board Class 7 chapters based on their importance. What if I say there is an app that will easily assist you in learning all the subject-wise chapters along with video explanations? Want to know the answer? Then read on to know more.

Embibe is a leading platform that creates a holistic learning environment. It aims to change the traditional learning approach to a more interactive and interesting process. Completing the Punjab Board Class 7 chapters with the help of textual content is difficult and time-consuming, but 3D videos make it easy to complete the chapters in less time and get a comprehensive understanding. This app also provides practice questions and mock tests to track your progress and aim for excellent grades in the Punjab Board Class 7 exam.

Learn Punjab Board Class 7 Chapters

Embibe offers 100+ explainer videos for the PSEB solutions class 7. You can select the important chapters, note them, and take chapter tests to enhance your preparation. Punjab textbooks for class 7 provided by Embibe impart a special knowledge of the chapters. Now, check out the subject-wise list of chapters for Punjab Board Class 7.

PSEB Class 7 Science Chapters

Check the list of Science chapters for Punjab Board class 7 in the table below:

PSEB Class 7 Science ChaptersPSEB Class 7 Science Chapters
Chapter 1 – Nutrition in PlantChapter 10 – Physical and Chemical Changes
Chapter 2 – Nutrition in AnimalsChapter 11 – Soil
Chapter 3 – Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to ClimateChapter 12 – Water: A Precious Resource
Chapter 4 – Respiration in OrganismsChapter 13 – Wastewater Story
Chapter 5 – Transportation in Animals and PlantsChapter 14 – Heat
Chapter 6 – Reproduction in PlantsChapter 15 – Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Chapter 7 – Forests: Our LifelineChapter 16 – Motion and Time
Chapter 8 – Fibre to FabricChapter 17 – Electric Current and Its Effects
Chapter 9 – Acids, Bases and SaltsChapter 18 – Light

PSEB Class 7 Mathematics Chapters

The list of the 7th Punjab Board Chapter for Mathematics is as follows:

PSEB Class 7 Mathematics ChaptersPSEB Class 7 Mathematics Chapters
Chapter 1 – IntegersChapter 9 – Lines and Angles
Chapter 2 – Fractions and DecimalsChapter 10 – The Triangle and its Properties
Chapter 3 – Comparing QuantitiesChapter 11 – Congruence of Triangles
Chapter 4 – Rational NumbersChapter 12 – Practical Geometry
Chapter 5 – Exponents and PowersChapter 13 – Perimeter and Area
Chapter 6 – Data HandlingChapter 14 – Symmetry
Chapter 7 – Simple EquationsChapter 15 – Visualising Solid Shapes
Chapter 8 – Algebraic Expressions

FAQs on 7th Punjab Board Important Chapters

Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about Punjab Board Class 7 chapters:

Q: How will Embibe assist me in learning the chapters for Punjab Board class 7?

Ans: Embibe is a powerful learning platform that offers 3D videos for Class 7 subject-wise chapters. You can select the chapter and watch the videos to learn them. These interactive videos help you bridge the learning gaps and complete the chapters quickly.

Q: What are the important chapters for Mathematics in PSEB class 7?

Ans: Integers, Data handling, Algebraic expressions, and lines and angles are the important chapters for PSEB class 7 Mathematics. Find the links to access the chapters in this article.

Q: Can I take the chapter-wise tests for the 7th Punjab Board on Embibe?

Ans: You can take PSEB Class 7 chapter-wise tests on Embibe to know the weaker section and work on them to improve your score. 

Q: How to prepare for the Punjab Board class 7 exam?

Ans: Practice and revise the topics regularly, take mock tests on Embibe, and solve the previous year’s question papers to perform well in the Punjab Board class 7 exam. 

Q: What are the passing marks in Punjab Board class 7?

Ans: You must score at least 33% to qualify Punjab Board class 7 exam.

I hope this article about the 7th Punjab Board chapters is helpful. Learn the chapters and perform well in the upcoming exam.

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