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Punjab Board Class 8 Books 2023


Even the class topper would get bored from reading school books everyday. Students need something that holds their attention during learning and makes it effective. One excellent way of learning is watching videos on a topic. Embibe is an educational app that covers all your chapter topics by 3D graphical representation. Thus, you can ace any chapter or subject without spending endless hours rote learning.

Embibe offers 30+ 3D videos, 500+ sample questions, unlimited flexible mock tests that ensure an all-inclusive exam preparation. Also, there are books on Embibe aligned with your school syllabus to teach your entire syllabus without putting you to sleep. Continue reading to know more about Punjab Board Class 8 books.

Access Punjab Board Class 8 Subject-wise Books

To score excellent score in any exam, you must first create a very strong base in the concepts. For that, your Punjab Board Class 8 books books play a prominent role. Students often jump to solve practice questions and start solving tests to learn. But most of the times, it is not the correct way to study. You must first understand the topics, and then solve questions based on each topic. Only after developing some basic knowledge, must students go for tests. 

Thus, you are advised to study from the textbooks and supplement them with Embibe’s Explainers to learn the concepts in video format. It will allow you to remember the information for a longer period. In the sections ahead, we have provided some of the subject-wise books available on Embibe for your direct access.

8th Punjab Board Maths Books

Are you one those students who fear Maths and make silly mistakes in the exam? We have a great news for you. If you find it difficult to understand any topic in classroom studies, you can watch Embibe’s 3D videos on the same topic. All 8th Punjab Board Maths chapter topics are explained in a comprehensive manner which will help you solve the problems quickly, easily and correctly. Thus, you will no longer have to rote memorise the formulas and concepts.

8th Punjab Board Science Books

Science is a subject which can be best learnt through visualisation. What better way to help you with that then the Embibe videos? You can score maximum marks in this subject with by utilising both your school textbooks and Embibe’s videos. Refer to the table below to access best 8th Punjab Board Science books:

Attempt Punjab Board Class 8 Mock Tests on Embibe

An important part of effective exam preparation is testing your knowledge and understanding in the chapters. You can now test your performance with the help of unlimited free mock tests for Punjab Board Class 8 subjects. Once you submit a test, you receive a detailed feedback on your performance that helps you know your strengths and work on weaknesses. The following table includes direct links to Punjab Board Class 8 subject-wise mock tests on Embibe.

SubjectAttempt Punjab Board Class 8 Mock Test
MathsTake Class 8 Punjab Board Mock Test
ScienceTake Class 8 Punjab Board Mock Test

FAQs on Punjab Board Class 8 Books

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Punjab Board Class 8 books:

Q.1: Which are the best books to study for Punjab Board Class 8 exam?

Ans: Your school textbooks are the best books to pass your Punjab Board Class 8 exam. However, you can make your exam preparation even more with the help of 3D video books on Embibe.

Q.2: How many books does Embibe have on Punjab Board Class 8 Science?

Ans: Embibe provides 15 books for Punjab Board Class 8 Science subject.

Q.3: What are Punjab Board Class 8 Embibe Explainers?

Ans: The Punjab Board Class 8 Embibe Explainers are chapter topics that are explained through 3D videos which makes it easier to understand the concepts.

Q.4: How many chapters are there in Punjab Board Class 8 Science?

Ans: There are 18 chapters in Punjab Board 8th class Science.

Q.5: Is it necessary to study from Class 8 Punjab Board books?

Ans: Studying from one’s board prescribed books for Punjab Board Class 8 is imperative to build a strong foundation in the concepts. Also, the questions in final exam will be asked from the topics covered in the books.

We hope this article on Punjab Board Class 8 Books helps you prepare for the exam. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news on 8th Punjab Board exam.

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