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Sikkim Board Class 7 Books: List of Subject-wise Best & Important Books


You can easily spend 30 minutes watching a video but feel anxious about reading a book for just 15 minutes. This proves how the preparation pattern has changed over the years. Exam preparation is no longer limited to just plain texts or books. Online study materials are readily available 24×7 on the internet, particularly in the form of interactive 3D videos, so that you do not get tired and all weary.

Embibe uses short clips mapped with each chapter of the book to allow efficient learning. Concepts become simpler while watching videos, and it is easier to recall them during the final exams. So, if boredom has struck you, then refresh yourself with the new learning methods of Embibe. Scroll down to learn more about 7th Sikkim Board textbooks.

Sikkim Board Class 7 Subject-wise Books

The Class 7 Sikkim Board follows the CBSE guidelines and suggests students refer to the NCERT books for better preparation. Embibe offers NCERT books with 3D interactive videos that create a bigger memory imprint. Visual learning experience encourages interaction with concepts. Go ahead and check these books now!

Subject-wise BooksSubject-wise Books
Sikkim Board Class 7 – MathsSikkim Board Class 7 – Our Pasts – 2 (Textbook of History)
Sikkim Board Class 7 – ScienceSikkim Board Class 7 – Our Environment (Geography)
Sikkim Board Class 7 – Social and Political Life – 2 (Social Science)

Sikkim Board 7th Maths Books

Playing with numbers in simple equations can be a lot of fun. To make it more interesting, watch interactive 3D videos of concepts from Maths books to understand the problems well. In a nutshell, they will kickstart your preparation for the exams.

Sikkim Board Class 7 Maths BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Maths BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Maths Books

Sikkim Board 7th Science Books

Did you know that plants also require nutrition? Well, is it not interesting? If yes, then check the books for Science below and learn about the things that surround you every day.  This will not only help you learn but boost your skills academically.

Sikkim Board Class 7 Science BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Science BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Science Books

Sikkim Board 7th Social Science Books

In Social Science, you can explore the cultures of societies and understand their different aspects. If you want to be a well-informed student, then learn Social Science in detail. This subject is further divided into three sub-subjects – Civics, Geography, and History. 

Sikkim Board Class 7 Social Science BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Social Science BooksSikkim Board Class 7 Social Science Books

FAQs on 7th Sikkim Board Books

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the 7th Sikkim Board books:

Q: Which board conducts Class 7 exams in Sikkim?

Ans: As Sikkim lacks its own education board, it follows the CBSE board and follows its guidelines for Class 7 exams.

Q: What are the important topics for Science in Class 7 Sikkim Board exams?

Ans: The important topics for Science are Nutrition in Animals, Nutrition in Plants, Acid, Bases, Salts, etc., for the Class 7 exams.

Q: What books are available on Embibe for Sikkim Board 7th exams?

Ans: Embibe offers NCERT books with 3D videos for Sikkim Board Class 7 exams for on its learning app.

Q: How many Maths books are available on Embibe for 7th Sikkim Board students?

Ans: There are a total of seven Maths books available on the Embibe app for 7th Sikkim Board students.

Q: How are the books on Embibe different from traditional books?

Ans: The books on the Embibe app are different from the traditional books as we do not just have to read texts but can also watch best-curated content mapped with each chapter and topic. This enhances growth and knowledge.

We hope this detailed article on the 7th Sikkim Board Books helps you prepare for the 7th Sikkim Board exam in the best way possible. If you have any queries regarding the exam, please feel to contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

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