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SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Vacancy 2023


SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Vacancy: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) exam for various posts such as Junior Seed Analyst, Chargeman (Mechanical), Technical Assistant, and so on. The SSC releases the region-wise vacancy list for SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) 2023 along with the notification.

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The official notification for the 2023 recruitment cycle is released on March 06, 2023. The vacancy will give candidates a good idea of the competition level of the exam and their chances of getting the job they want To know more, continue to read this article.

SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Vacancy Details

The SSC Selection Post (Graduate) exam is expected to be conducted in June/July 2023 by the recruitment body. The region-wise vacancy has been released by the SSC. Check the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) vacancy in the table below:

SSC RegionVacancy

SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Previous Year Category-wise Vacancy

Candidates can check the last year’s category-wise vacancy list in the table below:

CategoryNumber of Vacancies

Steps To Practice Questions for the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) 2023

Know the steps to practice questions on the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) exam below:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the “Getting a Government Job” menu bar. 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “SSC” from the Dropdown and click on “Next”.
  • 5th Step: Search and Select “SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level)” on the search bar and click on “Next”.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on “Done”.
  • 7th Step: Click “Practice” from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the “Subjects” section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) subjects.
  • 10th Step: Scroll down to click on the chapters from the selected subject to begin the practice.

SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Previous Year Post-wise Vacancy

The SSC also releases the post-wise vacancy for the Graduate level exam. Check the previous year’s post-wise vacancies below:

SSC RegionPost NameTotal Vacancies
CRJunior Seed Analyst03
CRGirls Cadet Instructor34
CRChargeman (Mechanical)03
CRChargeman (Metallurgy)02
CRScientific Assistant (M&E/Metallurgy)02
CRHead Clerk01
CRRehabilitation Counsellor01
CRTechnical Superintendent (Weaving)01
CRTechnical Assistant (Wildlife)01
CRResearch Investigator (Forestry)01
ERSub-Editor (Hindi)01
ERSub-Editor (English)01
ERSenior Scientific Assistant (Biology)03
ERSenior Scientific Assistant (Physics)01
ERSenior Scientific Assistant (Toxicology)01
ERSenior Scientific Assistant (Chemistry)01
ERRehabilitation Counsellor01
ERSenior Zoological Assistant01
ERLaboratory Assistant01
ERLibrary Information Assistant01
ERChargeman (Mechanical)01
ERChargeman (Computer)01
ERLegal Assistant01
ERJunior Scientific Assistant01
ERFertilizer Inspector01
ERJunior Geographical Assistant62
ERResearch Assistant142
ERPersonal Assistant01
KKRGirl Cadet Instructor47
KKRTechnical Superintendent (Processing)01
KKRTechnical Superintendent (Weaving)02
KKRTextile Designer02
KKRResearch Associate (Physical Anthropology Division)01
KKRLibrary and Information Assistant01
KKRResearch Associate (Cultural Anthropology)01
KKRScientific Assistant (Computer Science)02
KKRScientific Assistant (Electrical)01
KKRScientific Assistant (Electronics)02
KKRAssistant Welfare Administrator01
KKRJunior Grade of Indian Information Service, Group B40
MPRTechnical Officer (S&R)01
MPRResearch Associate (Cultural Anthropology)02
MPRResearch Associate (Physical Anthropology Division)01
MPRDietician Grade III (Junior Dietician)01
MPRNursing Officer Jabalpur01
MPRChemical Assistant92
NERResearch Associate (Cultural Anthropology)02
NERResearch Associate (Physical Anthropology Division)01
NERGirl Cadet Instructor44
NERSenior Scientific Assistant (Physics)01
NRData Processing Assistant Grade-A02
NRSenior Geographer05
NRGirl Cadet Instructor (GCI)38
NRAssistant Curator04
NRInvestigator (SS) Grade-I02
NRWildlife Inspector01
NRJunior Technical Assistant (JTA)08
NRData Processing Assistant Grade-A64
NRSenior Translator (Hindi)01
NRAssistant (Technical) (Hindi Branch)02
NRInvestigator (Language)01
NRSenior Technical Assistant08
NRAssistant Extension Officer01
NRDocumentation & Information Technology Assistant01
NRLibrary and Information Assistant02
NRSenior Scientific Assistant (Operational Research)01
NRAssistant (Printing)01
NRResearch Associate (Cultural Anthropology)02
NRResearch Associate (Physical Anthropology Division)03
NRResearch Associate (Linguistics)01
NRScientific Assistant (SA)24
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Armament/Ammunition29
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Armament/Instruments18
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Armament/Small Arms10
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Armament/Weapons25
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Engineering Equipment11
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Electronics24
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), M&E/Metallurgy02
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Vehicle31
NRScientific Assistant, Store/Chemistry01
NRScientific Assistant, M&E/Military Explosives01
NRJunior Engineer (Quality Assurance), Radar & System15
NRData Processing Assistant Grade-A39
NRResearch Assistant02
NRAssistant Communication Officer (Cipher)52
NRData Entry Operator Grade ‘B’01
NRAccounts Clerk01
NRTown and Country Planning Organization, Research Assistant02
NRNursing Officer (Allopathic)53
NRSuperintendent (Store)26
NRExhibition Officer01
NRProgramme & Public Relaxation Officer01
NWRJunior Technical Assistant03
NWRScientific Assistant31
NWRTechnical Assistant57
NWRAssistant Plant Protection Officer (Chemistry)10
NWRSenior Technical Assistant (Geophysics)08
NWRSub-Inspector (Statistician)01
NWRSub-Inspector (Computer)07
NWRSub-Inspector (Short-Hand Reporter/Hindi)03
NWRAssistant Sub-Inspector (Stenographer)26
SRTechnical Superintendent (Weaving)04
SRInstructor (Fishing Technology)01
SRLaboratory Assistant01
SRTextile Designer03
SRJunior Computor01
SRGirl Cadet Instructor (GCI)76
SRChargeman (Electronics)01
SRInstructor (Stenography)02
SRChargeman (Chemical)01
SRInvestigator Grade-II04
SRAssistant Epigraphist (Dravidian Inscriptions)02
WRLibrary and Information Assistant04
WRMechanical Supervisor (Senior)01
WRResearch Associate (Cultural Anthropology)02
WRRehabilitation Counsellor02
WRAssistant Epigraphist (Arabic & Persian Inscriptions)01
WRResearch Associate (Physical Anthropology Division)01
WRSenior Scientific Assistant (Neutron Activation Analysis)01
WROccupational Therapist03
WRLibrary and Information Assistant05
WRLaboratory Assistant Grade-II12
WRChargeman (Chemical)03
WRGirls Cadet Instructor (GCIS) Woman Only28
WRScientific Assistant (Computer Science)01
WRScientific Assistant (Electrical)01
WRScientific Assistant (Electronics)01
WRScientific Assistant (Mechanical)01
WRMedical Laboratory Technologist05
WRNursing Officer02
WRNursing Officer (Allopathy)01
WRChargeman (AWS)10

SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Job Positions & Pay Scale 2023

Candidates can apply for various posts through the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) exam. Check the various posts along with the pay scale given below:

PostsPay Scale
Junior Seed AnalystLevel 6
Girls Cadet InstructorLevel 4
Chargeman(Mechanical/Metallurgy/Computer)Level 6
Scientific Assistant(M&E/Metallurgy)Level 6
AccountantLevel 5
Head ClerkLevel 6
Sub-Editor (English/Hindi)Level 6
Senior Scientific Assistant(Biology/Physics/Toxicology/Chemistry)Level 6
Fertilizer InspectorLevel 5
Research AssistantLevel 6

FAQs on SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Vacancy 2023

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) vacancy.

Q: When will the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) 2023 official notification be released?

Ans: The SSC released the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) notification on March 06, 2023, on its official website.

Q: What was the total vacancy for the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) exam 2023?

Ans: The SSC announced a total vacancy of 1351 for the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) exam.

Q: When will the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) vacancy for the year 2023 be released?

Ans: The vacancy details have been released along with the official notification by the SSC.

Q: Will SSC release post-wise SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) vacancy?

Ans: Yes, the SSC released the post-wise vacancy SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level) Exam.

Q: What posts are available under the SSC Selection Post (Graduate Level)?

Ans: Candidates can apply for various posts such as Junior Seed Analyst, Chargeman(Mechanical/Metallurgy/Computer), Accountant, Research Assistant, etc.

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