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Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts: Subject-Wise Topics


Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts: The Tamil Nadu Class 12 concepts and syllabus for 2022-23 is released by the Directorate of Government Examinations of the Tamil Nadu state. The authoritative body releases the syllabus for Arts, Science, and Commerce streams. The syllabus comprises important topics and marks distribution for each chapter. Students are advised to refer to the Tamil Nadu Class 12 concepts from syllabus mentioned in this article below.

By studying the concepts of every subject, there is an increased scope of gaining maximum marks in each subject. Students can prepare a study timetable of their own to plan when to study each topic by referring to the TN Class 12th Concepts mentioned in this article. This will help the students to prepare for the exam strategically. Keep reading to know the Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts in detail.

Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts: Overview

Before diving into the details of Tamil Nadu Class 12 concepts, let us have an overview of the exam.

Exam EventsDetails
Exam NameTamil Nadu Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
Conducting BodyDirectorate of Government Examinations
Exam LevelIntermediate (Tamil Nadu Class 12th)
Exam Duration3 Hours
Frequency of ConductOnce in a year
StreamsArts, Science, Commerce

Subject-Wise Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts

The concepts for all the streams of Arts, Science and Commerce have been mentioned below. Students can refer to the topics individually and note down the topics covered by them during the exam preparation.

TN Class 12th Concepts 2022: English

By studying all the topics of the English subject mentioned below, students will be able to tackle any type of question asked in the exam. 

ProseTwo Gentlemen of Verona, In Celebration of Being Alive, The Chair, On the Rule of the Road
PoemOur Casuarina Tree, All the World’s a Stage, Ulysses, A Father to his Son
SupplementaryGod Sees the Truth but Waits, The Midnight Visitor, All Summer in a Day,
GrammarTenses, Modal Auxiliaries, Reported Speech, Prepositions, Prepositional phrases, Conjunctions, Connectives or Linkers, Active and Passive Voice, Interrogatives, Kinds of Sentences, Conditionals, Non-finite verbs, Articles and Determiners, Degrees of Comparison, Agreement of the Subject with the verb,

TN 12th Syllabus 2022-23 for Physics

All the concepts of Tamil Nadu Class 12 have been mentioned below. Students can go through all the topics in detail to score good marks in Physics.

ElectrostaticsHistorical background of electric charges, Coulomb’s law, Superposition principle, Electric Field, Electric dipole, Gauss law, Electric flux, Distribution of charges in a conductor and action at points, and more
Current ElectricityElectric current, Ohm’s law, Energy and power in electrical circuits, Kirchhoff’s rule, Thermo electric current
Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentBasic properties of magnets, Ampere circuital law, Lorentz force
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentElectromagnetic Induction, Self-Induction, Methods of producing induced emf, Transformer, Alternating Current Power in AC circuits, Oscillation in LC circuits
Electromagnetic WavesDisplacement current and Maxwell’s correction to Ampere’s circuital law, Electromagnetic waves, Types of spectrum emission and absorption spectrum fraunhofer lines
Ray OpticsRay optics, Spherical mirrors, Refraction, Thin lens, Prism
Wave OpticsTheories on light, Wave nature of light, Interference, Diffraction, Optical instruments,
Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterElectron emission, Matter waves, Photo electric effect, X-ray spectra continuous X-ray spectra, Characteristic X-ray spectra
Atomic and Nuclear PhysicsElectric discharge through gases, Properties of cathode rays, Atomic spectra, Nuclear force, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion
Electronics and Communication SystemsEnergy band diagram, DIODES, The bipolar junction transistor, Digital electronics, Modulation
Recent Developments in PhysicsNano science and nano technology, Robotics

TN 12th Syllabus 2022-23 for Chemistry

All the topics of Chemistry have been mentioned below for student’s reference. It is advisable for them to go through all the topics in detail to score good marks

MetallurgyOccurrence of metals, Concentration of ores, Extraction of crude metal, Refining process,
P-block Elements -IGeneral trends in properties of p-block elements, Group 13 (Boron group) elements, Group 14 (Carbon group) elements
P-block Elements -IIGroup 15 (Nitrogen group) elements, Oxygen, Group 17 (Halogen group) elements
Transition and Inner Transition ElementsPosition of d- block elements in the periodic table, Electronic configuration, General trend in properties, Important compound of transition elements f-block elements
Coordination ChemistryCoordination compounds and double salts, Definition of important terms pertaining to co-ordination compounds, Nomenclature of coordination compounds, Theories of coordination compound
Solid StateGeneral characteristics of solids, Crystal lattice and unit cell, Primitive and Non-primitive unit, Imperfections in solids
Chemical KineticsRate of chemical reaction, Molecularity, Integrated rate equation, Half life period of a reaction, Arrhenius equation
Ionic EquilibriumAcids and bases, Strength of Acids and Bases, Ionisation of water, The pH Scale, Ionistion of Weak Acids, Common ion effect, Buffer Solution, Solubility Product
Electro ChemistryConductivity of electrolytic solution, Variation of molar conductivity with concentration, Thermodynamics of cell reactions, Nernst equation
Surface chemistryAdsorption and Absorption, Characteristics of adsorption, Catalysis Positive and Negative Catalysis, Colloid, dispersion Phase and dispersion medium
Hydroxy Compounds and EthersClassification of Alcohols, IUPAC Nomenclature,
Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic AcidsNomenclature of Aldehyde and Ketones, Structure of carbonyl group, General methods of preparation of Aldehydes and Ketones, Physical properties of Aldehydes and Ketones
Organic Nitrogen CompoundsNitro Compounds, Amines – Classification
Bio-MoleculesCarbohydrate, Proteins, Nucleic acids,

TN 12th Syllabus 2022-23 for Mathematics

Students are advised to practice all the problems of Tamil Nadu Class 12 Mathematics subject so that they can handle any type of question asked in the exam.

Unit NameTopic
Applications of Matrices and DeterminantsIntroduction, Inverse of a Non-Singular Square Matrix, Adjoint of a square Matrix, Properties of inverses of matrices, Row-Echelon form and others.
Complex NumbersIntroduction to Complex Numbers, Powers of imaginary unit, Rectangular form, Properties of complex numbers, Geometrical representation of conjugate of a complex number, Properties of Complex Conjugates, others.
Theory of EquationsIntroduction, Basics of Polynomial Equations, Different types of Polynomial Equations, Quadratic Equations, Vieta’s Formulae and Formation of Polynomial Equations and more.
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsIntroduction, Some Fundamental Concepts, Domain and Range of trigonometric functions, Graphs of functions, Amplitude and Period of a graph, Inverse functions and more.
Two Dimensional Analytical Geometry-IIIntroduction, Circle, Equation of a circle in standard form, Conics, The general equation of a Conic, Parabola, Hyperbola, Geometric description of conic section, and more.
Applications of Vector AlgebraIntroduction, Geometric Introduction to Vectors, Scalar Product and Vector Product, Geometrical interpretation, Application of dot and cross products in Geometry, Vector triple product and more.
Applications of Differential CalculusEarly Developments, Meaning of Derivatives, Derivative as rate of change, Equations of Tangent and Normal, A Limit Process and more
Differentials and Partial DerivativesIntroduction, Linear Approximation and Differentials, Errors: Absolute Error, Relative Error, and Percentage Error, Differentials,
Applications of integrationIntroduction, Fundamental Theorems of Integral Calculus and their Applications, Improper Integrals, Reduction Formulae, Gamma Integral, Evaluation of Bounded Plane Area by Integration
Ordinary Differential EquationsIntroduction, Differential Equation, Order, and Degree, Formation of Differential Equations, Solution of First Order and First Degree Differential Equations, Applications of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations.
Probability DistributionsRandom Variable , Types of Random Variable, Discrete random variables, Cumulative Distribution Function or Distribution Function, Continuous Distributions, Distribution function from Probability density function
Discrete MathematicsBinary Operations, Definitions, Some binary operations on Boolean Matrices, Modular Arithmetic, Compound Statements, Logical Connectives, and Truth Tables, Duality.

FAQs on Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts

Below mentioned are the frequently asked questions related to TN Class 12th Concepts

Q.1: Where can I find all the concepts related to Tamil Nadu Class 12?
Students download subject-wise topics from the official website.

Q.2: What is the conducting body of Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams?
Ans: Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams are conducted by the Directorate of Government Examinations

Q.3: What is the exam duration of Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams?
Ans: Students are required to complete the examination within the duration of 3 hours

Q.4:  What are the topics covered in Tamil Nadu Class 12th Concepts 2022, English?
The topics covered in English language of Tamil Nadu Class 12 include Prose, Poem, Supplementary, and Grammar

Q.5: Where can I find all the details regarding Tamil Nadu Class 12 Exams?
Students can find all the details about Tamil Nadu Class 12 exams at Embibe.

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