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Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Syllabus 2023


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TN Board Class 12 Subject-wise Syllabus

Just like we set up a foundation before constructing a building; similarly, before starting any exam preparation, it is important to go through the syllabus. The TN Board syllabus consists of Maths, English, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All of these exams are conducted for 100 marks, including practical and theory exams. Before getting into details, let’s have a look at the chapters.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus: Mathematics

Given below is the table containing the syllabus for Tamil Nadu Class 12 Mathematics.  

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Applications of Matrices and Determinants
2Complex Numbers
3Theory of Equations
4Inverse Trigonometric Functions
5Two-Dimensional Analytical geometry II
6Applications of Vector Algebra
7Applications of Differential Calculus
8Differential and Partial Derivatives
9Applications of Integration
10Ordinary Differential Equations
11Probability Distributions
12Discrete Mathematics
13Tests of Significance- Basic concepts and large sample tests
14Correlation Analysis
15Regression Analysis
16Index Numbers
17Time Series and Forecasting
18Vital Statistics and Official Statistics

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus: Physics

Physics concepts can be challenging. Unless you know the syllabus thoroughly, it is impossible to be adept in the subject. So we suggest you have a look at the below-mentioned syllabus. 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Current Electricity
3Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
4Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
5Electromagnetic Waves
7Dual Nature and Radiation and Matter
8Atomic and Nuclear Physics
9Semiconductor Electronics
10Communication systems
11Recent Development in Physics

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus: Chemistry

Whether it is the periodic table or metallurgical issues, you should know what the syllabus provides. That is why we have given below a table of all the chapters. Go through them for a better understanding.  

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2P-block Elements I
3P-block Elements II
4Transition and Inner Transition Elements
5Coordination Chemistry
6Solid State
7Chemical Kinetics
8Ionic Equilibrium
9Electro Chemistry
10Surface Chemistry
11Hydroxy Compounds and Ethers
12Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic Acids
13Organic Nitrogen Compounds
15Chemistry in Everyday Life

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Syllabus: Biology

How do plants reproduce? Or what’s Tissue Culture? Interesting topics, aren’t they? You can go through the table containing the syllabus for Tamil Nadu Class 12 Biology. It will go a long way in helping you become more friendly with the topics. 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Asexual and Sexual Reproduction in Plants
2Classical Genetics
3Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
4Principles and Process of Biotechnology
5Plant Tissue Culture
6Principles of Ecology
8Environmental Issues
9Plant Breeding
10Economically Useful Plants and Entrepreneurial Botany
11Reproduction in Organisms
12Human Reproduction
13Reproductive Health
14Principles of Inheritance and Variation
15Molecular Genetics
17Human Health and Diseases
18Microbes in Human Welfare
19Applications of Biotechnology
20Organisms and Population
21Biodiversity and its Conservation
22Environmental Issues

FAQs on Tamil Nadu Class 12 Syllabus

Students in Tamil Nadu board Class 12 may have some confusion regarding the syllabus. Therefore, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Will the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 syllabus be enough to prepare for the exam?

Ans: Yes, the Tamil Nadu Board prepares the examination paper based on the syllabus itself. Therefore, the students can follow the syllabus closely to prepare for their examinations. 

Q: What are the benefits of referring to the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 syllabus?

Ans: Referring to the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 syllabus can help to make exam preparation pretty easy. Since the syllabus contains all details, it becomes easier for the students to be familiar with the exam pattern.

Q: Where can we find the relevant books for the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12?

Ans: Students can get access to all the relevant books for Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 exams on Embibe.

Q: Where can we find the study materials for Tamil Nadu Board Class 12?

Ans: Students can find the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 study materials on Embibe for.

Q: Where can students download the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 syllabus?

Ans: Students can download the Tamil Nadu Class 12 syllabus from the board’s official website.

We hope this article on the Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 syllabus was helpful for you as it contains complete details about the syllabus. Students can subscribe to Embibe to receive more informative articles about the Tamil Nadu board and other boards. 

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