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Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Topics


Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 exams are extremely important as they mark a transition between your school education and higher studies. So, you must diligently prepare for these exams and try your best to score high marks. At Embibe, you can study and practise all important topics for the 12th Tamil Nadu State Board. You can use our complete range of study materials with 3D video explanations designed by experts.

You can learn all concepts using our books with detailed explanations of all important topics in an easy-to-understand manner with the aid of the 3D video interactive lessons. This article will walk you through the most important subject-wise topics for the TN Board Class 12 exams, which you can use for the exam preparation plan.

Subject-wise Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12

To pass the Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 exams, you must clearly understand the important topics covered in each subject. In the tables below, you can find the important topics for all subjects covered under the TN State Board Class 12 syllabus.

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Physics

Here is the table that will give you an idea about the important Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics in the Physics syllabus:

Sl.No.Chapter NameTopics
1ElectrostaticsCoulomb’s Law
Electric Field and Electric Lines
Electric Dipole and Its Properties
Electrostatic Potential and Potential Energy
Gauss Law and Its Application
2Current ElectricityElectric Current and Drift Velocity
Ohm’s Law and Resistance
Combinations of Resistors
Electric Energy and Power
Electric Cells and Batteries and their Combinations
3Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentIntroduction to Magnetism
Coulomb’s Inverse Square Law of Magnetism
Torque Acting on a Bar Magnet in Uniform Magnetic Field
Magnetic Properties
Classification of Magnetic Materials
4Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentElectromagnetic Induction
Eddy Currents
Self Induction
Methods of Producing Induced EMF
AC Generator
5Electromagnetic WavesDisplacement Current and Maxwell’s Equations
Electromagnetic Waves
Emission Spectrum, Absorption Spectrum and Fraunhofer Lines
6OpticsReflection From Plane Surface
Reflection from Spherical Surface
Speed of Light, Refractive Index and Optical Path
Critical Angle and Total Internal Reflection
7Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterElectron Emission and Photoelectric Effect
Matter Waves and De Broglie Wavelength
8Atomic And Nuclear PhysicsDischarge Tube and Electron Discovery
Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment
J.J. Thomson’s Atomic Model
Rutherford’s Atomic Model
Bohr’s Atomic Model
9Semiconductor ElectronicsTypes of Semiconductors
Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJP)
Digital Electronics
Boolean Algebra
10Communication SystemsModulation
Elements of an Electronic Communication System
Antenna Size
Propagation of Electro Magnetic Waves
Satellite Communication
11Recent Developments in PhysicsDevelopments in Science
Developments in Technology
Developments in Medicine

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Mathematics

In the below table, we have provided the important Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics in the Maths syllabus: 

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1Applications of Matrices and DeterminantsInverse of a Non-Singular Square Matrix
Elementary Transformations of a Matrix
Applications of Matrices: Solving System of Linear Equations
Applications of Matrices: Consistency of System of Linear Equations by Rank Method
2Complex NumbersIntroduction to Complex Numbers
Basic Algebraic Properties of Complex Numbers and Properties of Conjugate and Modulus
Geometry and Locus of Complex Numbers
Polar and Euler Form of a Complex Number
De Moivre’s Theorem and its Applications
3Theory of EquationsBasics of Polynomial Equations and its Formation
Descartes Rule
Polynomial Equations with No Additional Information
4Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsSome Fundamental Concepts
Sine Function and Inverse Sine Function
The Cosine Function and Inverse Cosine Function
The Tangent Function and the Inverse Tangent Function
The Cosecant Function and the Inverse Cosecant Function
5Two Dimensional Analytical Geometry-IICircle
Conic Sections
Parametric form of Conics
Tangents and Normals to Conics
6Applications of Vector AlgebraGeometric Introduction to Vectors
Scalar Product and Vector Product
Scalar Triple Product
Vector Triple Product
Jacobi’s Identity and Lagrange’s Identity
7Applications of Differential CalculusMeaning of Derivatives
Mean Value Theorem
Series Expansions
Indeterminate Forms
Applications of First Derivative
8Differential and Partial DerivativesLinear Approximations and Differentials
Functions of Several Variables
Limit and Continuity of Functions of Two Variables
Partial Derivatives
Linear Approximation and Differential of a Function of Several Variables
9Applications of IntegrationDefinite Integral as the Limit of a Sum
Fundamental Theorems of Integral Calculus and their Applications
Bernoulli’s Formula
Improper Integrals
Reduction Formulae
10Ordinary Differential EquationsDifferential Equations and Classification
Formation of Differential Equations
Solution of Differential Equations and Applications
11Probability DistributionsRandom Variable
Types of Random Variable
Continuous Distributions
Mathematical Expectation
Theoretical Distributions: Some Special Discrete Distributions
12Tests of Significance – Basic Concepts and Large Sample TestsIntroduction to Parameter and Statistic and Sampling Distribution
Standard Error
Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
13Tests Based on Sampling Distributions-IStudent’s T-Distribution and its Applications
Chi-Square Distribution and Its Applications
14Tests Based on Sampling Distributions-IIF-Distributions and Its Applications
15Correlation AnalysisCorrelation and Scatter Diagram
Karl Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient
Yule’s Coefficient of Association
16Regression AnalysisTypes of Regression and Uses
Why Are There Two Regression Lines?
Method of Least Squares
Properties of Regression Coefficients and Difference Between Correlation and Regression
17Index NumbersTypes and Uses of Index Numbers
Methods of Constructing Index Numbers
Weighted Index Numbers
Consumer Price Index Numbers
18Time Series and ForecastingDefinition and Components of Time Series
Measurements of Components
19Vital Statistics and Official StatisticsVital Statistics
Official Statistics

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Chemistry

Below we have listed all the important Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics for the Chemistry syllabus:

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1MetallurgyOccurrence of Metals
Concentration of Ores
Extraction of Crude Metal
Thermodynamic Principle of Metallurgy
Electrochemical Principle of Metallurgy
2p-Block Elements – IIntroduction to p-block Elements
General Trends in Properties of p-Block Elements
Group 13 (Boron Group) Elements
Group 14 (Carbon Group) Elements
3p-Block Elements – IIGroup 15 (Nitrogen Group) Elements
Group 16 (Oxygen Group) Elements
Group 17 (Halogen Group) Elements
Group 18 (Inert Gases) Elements
4Transition and Inner Transition ElementsIntroduction to Transition and Inner Transition Elements
Position of d-Block Elements in The Periodic Table
Electronic Configuration
General Trend In Properties
Important Compound of Transition Elements
5Coordination ChemistryCoordination compounds and double salts
Werner’s theory of coordination compounds
Definition of important terms pertaining to coordination compounds
Nomenclature of coordination compounds
Isomerism in coordination compounds
6Solid StateGeneral characteristics of solids
Classification of solids
Classification of crystalline solids
Crystal lattice and unit cell
Primitive and non-primitive unit cell
7Chemical KineticsRate of a chemical reaction
Rate law and rate constant
The integrated rate equation
Half life period of a reaction
8Ionic EquilibriumIntroduction To Ionic Equilibrium
Acids And Bases
Strength Of Acids And Bases
Ionisation Of Water
9Electro ChemistryIntroduction To Electrochemistry
Conductivity Of Electrolytic Solution
Variation Of Molar Conductivity With Concentration
Electrochemical Cell
Thermodynamics Of Cell Reactions
10Surface ChemistryAdsorption and absorption
Enzyme catalysis
Zeolite catalysis
Colloid, dispersion phase, and dispersion medium
11Hydroxy Compounds and EthersIntroduction To Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers
Structure Of Functional Groups Of Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers
Classification And Nomenclature Of Alcohols
Preparation Of Alcohols
Tests Of Alcohols
12Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic AcidsIntroduction To Carbonyl Compounds
Nomenclature Of Aldehydes And Ketones
Structure Of Carbonyl Group
General Methods Of Preparation Of Aldehydes And Ketones
Physical Properties Of Aldehydes And Ketones
13Organic Nitrogen CompoundsNitro compounds
Amines – Classification
Diazonium salts
Cyanides and isocyanides
Nucleic acids
15Chemistry In Everyday LifeIntroduction To Chemistry In Everyday Life
Food Additives
Cleansing Agents

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Biology

Under TN Board Class 12 Biology, you will study Zoology and Botany topics separately. We have given the important topics under both branches of Biology in the section ahead:

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Zoology

In the following table, you can check the list of important Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics for the Zoology syllabus:

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1Reproductive HealthIntroduction to Reproductive Health, Its Needs, Problems and Strategies
Amniocentesis and its statutory ban
Social impact of sex ratio, female foeticide and infanticide
Population explosion and birth control
Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
2Principles of Inheritance and VariationMultiple alleles
Human blood groups
Genetic control of Rh factor
Sex determination
Sex linked inheritance
3Molecular GeneticsGene as the functional unit of inheritance
In search of the genetic material
DNA is the genetic material
Chemistry of nucleic acids
RNA world
4EvolutionOrigin of life – Evolution of life forms
5Applications of BiotechnologyApplications in Medicine
Gene therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Molecular Diagnostics
Transgenic Animals
6Classical GeneticsIntroduction To Classical Genetics
Heredity And Variation
Different Types of Cross
Intragenic And Intergenic Gene Interactions
7Environmental IssuesPollution
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Noise Pollution

Important Topics for Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Botany

Here is a quick rundown of all the subject-wise important chapters you will need to study for your Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Biology-Botany:

S.No.Chapter NameTopics
1Asexual and Sexual Reproduction in PlantsIntroduction To Reproduction In Plants And Plant Embryology
Asexual Reproduction and Sexual Reproduction
Vegetative Reproduction
Pre-Fertilization Structure and Events
2Principles of EcologyIntroduction To Ecology
Ecological Factors
Ecological Adaptations
Dispersal Of Fruits And Seeds
3Principles and Processes of BiotechnologyDevelopment of biotechnology
Methods of biotechnology
Advancements in modern biotechnology
Rules for genetic engineering
Methods of gene transfer
4Plant Tissue CultureBasic concepts in plant tissue culture
Plant tissue culture techniques and types
Plant regeneration pathway
Applications of plant tissue culture
Conservation of plant genetic resources
5Environmental IssuesGreen house effect, ozone depletion
Alien invasive species
6Plant BreedingRelationship between human and plants
Domestication of plants
Origin of agriculture
History of agriculture
Organic agriculture
7Economically Useful Plants and
Entrepreneurial Botany
Food plants
Spices and condiments

FAQs on Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 Topics

Let us take a look at the most frequently asked questions on Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics:

Q: Are the topics in Tamil Nadu Education Board Class 12 easy?

Ans: Although the Tamil Nadu Education Board Class 12 topics are difficult, it is possible to pass with flying colours. You can crack the TN Class 12th exams with the help of books, mock tests, sample papers, and other study stuff at Embibe.

Q: Where can I find the videos for the TN Class 12 topics?

Ans: You can find the subject-wise videos for the TN Class 12 topics at Embibe.

Q: Where can I find the practice questions related to Tamil Nadu Class 12 Chemistry chapters?

Ans: Students can solve the practice questions for Tamil Nadu Class 12 Chemistry chapters at Embibe.

Q: What are some ways to get the top scores in TN Board Class 12?

Ans: The best method to study for the TN Board Class 12 exam is to plan ahead of time and cover all of the topics thoroughly. Then solve as many sample papers and previous year’s question papers as possible at Embibe.

Q: Who conducts the Tamil Nadu 12th Board exams?

Ans: The Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE) conducts the Class 12 or HSC Tamil Nadu board exams.

We hope this article on the Tamil Nadu State Board Class 12 topics helps you. Embibe now offers TN Board Class 12 mock tests, allowing you to step up your preparation. 

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