Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exams 2023

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  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 6-03-2023
  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 6-03-2023

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exams 2023

About Exam

The Uttarakhand Board of School Education (UBSE) is an educational body under the Government of Uttarakhand. It primarily involves prescribing curriculum and textbooks for schools in Uttarakhand. The board is also responsible for conducting exams and publishing the results of the Secondary School Examination. The board conducts the exams and publishes the results of the Secondary School Examination.

Class 6 is very important for students as the syllabus comprises important topics that students will encounter in their higher classes. To perform well in the Class 6 exams, students must be aware of the exam pattern, syllabus, mark distribution and important topics. Also, collecting the previous year’s question papers and sample papers helps students to build familiarity with the exam pattern and questions asked in the exam. Keep reading to know more about the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exams 2023.


Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exam Summary

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 exams are conducted usually in February every year. UBSE is in charge of conducting the annual exams for all primary school students in the state of Uttarakhand. The Department of Education, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is responsible for providing the updated syllabus to the students. Before knowing more details about Uttarakhand Board Class 6, students can go through some of the important details of Uttarakhand Board Class 6 exams:

Particulars Details
Name of the Board Uttarakhand Board of School Education
Commonly Known UBSE
Established in 1999
Headquarters Board of School Education Uttarakhand,
Ramnagar, District – Nainital
Mode Offline

Uttarakhand Board Official Website


Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exam Syllabus

Exam Pattern

Uttarakhand Board follows the syllabus prescribed by SCERT (State Council of Educational Research & Training) Uttarakhand. Focusing on global education, SCERT devised its curriculum in light of NCF 2005. The syllabus is structured in a simple, easily understandable way as the students are exposed to new subjects, technical terms, formulas, etc. Given below is the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 subject-wise syllabus. 

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Mathematics Syllabus

The SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training) Uttarakhand syllabus focuses on developing strong basics of Mathematics through activity-based learning. The syllabus emphasises the nurturing of mathematical understanding and thinking in the child. Students can refer to the table below to access the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Maths syllabus:

Chapter No. Chapter Names
1 Knowing Our Numbers
2 Whole Numbers
3 Playing With Numbers
4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
6 Integers
7 Fractions
8 Decimals
9 Data Handling
10 Mensuration
11 Algebra
12 Ratio and Proportion
13 Symmetry
14 Practical Geometry

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Science Syllabus

The Uttarakhand Board Science syllabus consists of several interesting activities, experiments, projects, etc., to make Science simple and easy to understand. It focuses on developing scientific attitudes, experiment skills, etc., in the students. There are a total of 16 chapters in the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Science syllabus. Students can refer to the table below for further details. 

Chapter No. Chapter Names
1 Food: Where Does it Come From
2 Components of Food
3 Fibre to Fabric
4 Sorting Materials into Groups
5 Separation of Substances
6 Changes Around Us
7 Getting to Know plants
8 Body Movements
9 The living organisms and their surroundings
10 Motion and Measurement of Distances
11 Light, Shadows and Reflections
12 Electricity and Circuits
13 Fun With Magnets
14 Water
15 Air Around Us
16 Garbage In, Garbage Out

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

The Social Science syllabus helps students understand the working of the social world. The syllabus is divided into three parts: Geography, History, and Civics. Geography deals with the geography of India, the planet, the earth, etc. Civics teaches about the way social and political life is organised. History helps in knowing the past and changes that occurred over the period of time. For the reference of students, below we have provided the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Social Science syllabus:

Chapter No. Chapter Names Section
1 The Earth in the Solar System Geography
2 Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
3 Motions of the Earth
4 Maps
5 Major Domains of the Earth
6 Major Landforms of the Earth
7 Our Country- India
8 India- Climate, Vegetation, and Wildlife
1 What, Where, How, and When? History
2 On the trail of the earliest people
3 From Hunting – Gathering to Growing food
4 In the earliest cities
5 What do books and burials tell us?
6 Kingdoms, Kings, and an early republic
7 New questions and ideas
8 Ashoka, the emperor Who Gave Up War
9 Vital Villages, thriving towns
10 Traders, Kings, and Pilgrims
11 New Empires and Kingdoms
12 Buildings, Paintings, and Books
1 Understanding Diversity Political Science
2 Diversity and Discrimination
3 What is Government?
4 Key elements of a Democratic Government
5 Panchayati Raj
6 Rural Administration
7 Urban Administration
8 Rural Livelihood
9 Urban Livelihood

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English Syllabus

The SCERT Uttarakhand English syllabus prescribes two textbooks for Class 6, i.e., Honeysuckle and A Pact with the Sun Supplementary reader. It focuses on language growth and vocabulary development through comprehensive reading and writing skills. Below we have provided the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English syllabus for different textbooks: 

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English Textbook (Honeysuckle)

English textbook (Honeysuckle) of Class 6 Uttarakhand Board helps students to improvise their reading skills. Also, students can improve their vocabulary and grammar and be fully prepared to attempt the questions asked in the exam. Below mentioned is the syllabus for Uttarakhand board Class 6 English textbook (Honeysuckle).

Chapter No. Chapter Names
1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
2 How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!
3 Taro’s Reward
4 An Indian-American Woman in Space
5 A Different Kind of School
6 Who I Am
7 Fair Play
8 A Game of Chance
9 Desert Animals
10 The Banyan Tree

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English Textbook (Poetry)

Although the Poems of English syllabus seem a bit difficult to comprehend, going through the gist of the poem helps students to answer the questions asked in the exam effortlessly. Understanding the poem’s gist is the primary step to scoring good marks in the exam. Students can refer to the Class 6 English (Poems) syllabus mentioned below.

Poem Number Poem Name
1 A House, A Home
2 The Kite
3 The Quarrel
4 Beauty
5 Where Do All the Teachers Go
6 The Wonderful Words
7 Vocation
8 What if

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English Textbook (A Pact with the Sun)

Studying the topics provided in the Class 6 English textbook (A Pact with the Sun) is a fun reading experience for the students as it contains moral lessons involving stories. Students must read the lessons and attempt the questions to improve their grammar, reading and writing skills. Below, we have provided the syllabus for Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English textbook- A Pact with the Sun.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 A Tale of Two Birds
2 The Friendly Mongoose
3 The Shepherd’s Treasure
4 The Old-Clock Shop
5 Tansen
6 The Monkey and the Crocodile
7 The Wonder Called Sleep
8 A Pact with the Sun
9 What Hened to the Reptiles
10 A Strange Wrestling Match

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 English Grammar Syllabus

Apart from Honeysuckle, A Pact with the Sun and Poetry, Grammar is very important for the students to score good marks. Students must go through the previous year’s question papers to understand the types of grammar questions asked in the exam. Also, going through the below-mentioned topics thoroughly is essential for scoring good marks.

  • Determiners
  • Linking Words,
  • Adverbs (place and type)
  • Tense forms
  • Clauses
  • Passivisation
  • Adjectives (Comparative and Superlative)
  • Word order in sentence types 
  • Reported speech.

Study Plan to Maximise Score in Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exam

Exam Syllabus

To improve exam performance, it is essential for students to have a proper study plan that focuses on the syllabus completion of all the subjects. The study plan must focus on the completion of the syllabus and paying extra attention to the subjects that require extra effort. The exam preparation tips and detailed study plan have been provided below to help the students of Uttarakhand Board Class 6 in attempting the exams with confidence.

Preparation Tips for the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exam

The preparation tips mentioned below motivate the students to plan their study routine productively. Also, they increase the self-esteem of the students, which plays a vital role in delivering the best exam performance. Students can follow these tips when they are starting out with their exam preparation and have a smooth study session.

  • Know the syllabus: To prepare a strategic timetable, knowing the topics covered in the exam is very important. Students must take a printout of the syllabus copy and keep it handy before starting their exam preparation. Going through the syllabus helps students to become familiar with all the subjects and the topics involved in each subject.
  • Prepare a strategic timetable: While preparing the timetable, it is important for the students to ensure that all the subjects are given equal importance. Subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry should be regularly practised so that the students acquire speed and accuracy in problem-solving.
  • Prepare notes for each subject: As the syllabus for Science and Social Science requires students to memorise important details, preparing notes for each chapter helps students to revise the topics regularly, even before the final examination.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers: Practising the question papers of previous years is a great way to learn time management skills. Also, students will attain clarity on exam paper pattern and understand the types of questions appearing in the exam.
  • Attempt mock tests: Giving mock tests is the best way to know the areas that require learning and improvement. Embibe provides mock tests for each subject. Mock tests are a great way to improve the subject knowledge. Also, the feedback provided at the end of each mock test gives the students a better idea on the areas that need improvement.

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Detailed Study Plan

When starting with one’s study preparation, students need to have a proper study plan that they can follow. This will not only help them to have a strong preparation but also help them in completing the syllabus on time. To help students make things easier, below we have provided the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 detailed study plan. Students can refer to this plan and accordingly study for their exams. Check out the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 study plan below:

  • Start preparation by going through the syllabus and making a timetable. Students must make their timetable by dividing equal time among all subjects.
  • Fix a target daily and see how much you can achieve. Analyse your preparation by checking how you have performed while answering the questions.
  • After preparing every chapter, students must practice questions based on that and solve mock tests. This will ensure that the particular chapter is fully prepared.
  • Try understanding the logic behind topics and relate them to real-life scenarios. The better grasp you have on concepts, the better chances you have to be solving the new questions that will be there in your exam.
  • Pay extra attention to diagrams, maps, tables etc. These help students to score better marks in exams and hold a lot of weightage in the exam.
  • After preparing every chapter, keep revising the previous one prepared. This way, you won’t forget the topics already prepared. 

Exam counselling


FAQs on Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Exam

Freaquently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 exams:

Q. Is there any other exam for Uttarakhand Board Class 6 students?

Ans: Yes, Apart from school-level exams, there are many competitive exams for which students can appear, like the Olympiad, Indian School Talent Search Exam (ISTSE), etc.

Q. Where can I find the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 syllabus?
Ans: Students can find the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 syllabus on this page.

Q. Is there any board exam for Uttarakhand Board Class 6?

Ans: No, students are evaluated based on school-level exams and CCE performance (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation).

Q. How many subjects are there for Uttarakhand Board Class 6? 

Ans: For class 6, there are five subjects. It consists of three core subjects, i.e., Mathematics, Science and Social science and two languages, i.e., English and Hindi, Sanskrit or Urdu.

Q. From where can I learn the concepts for all subjects of Uttarakhand board Class 6 exams?

Ans: Students can access the video lessons for all the subjects of Class 6 from Embibe to score well in the Uttarakhand board Class 6 exams.


List of Educational Institutions for Uttarakhand Board

About Exam

To help students make the best decision regarding their school selection, we have mentioned the list of schools in Uttarakhand. Students can shortlist the best school at their convenience.

  • Welham Girls school, Dehradun
  • Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun
  • Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie
  • Sherwood College, Nainital
  • Oak Grove School, Mussoorie
  • Convent of Jesus & Mary Dehradun
  • St. George’s College Mussoorie
  • Woodstock School, Mussoorie
  • Doon School, Dehradun
  • Col Brown Cambridge School, Dehradun
  • GD Birla Memorial School for Boys, Ranikhet
  • Confluence World School, Rudrapur Uttarakhand
  • All Saints’ College, Nainital
  • Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital
  • Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital

Future Exams After Uttarakhand Board Class 6

About Exam

Apart from this school-level exam, many National and International competitive exams are conducted yearly. These assessments boost students’ confidence and help students enhance their subject knowledge.

Some of the competitive Olympiad exams for which class 6 students can appear are:

  • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE): Students are evaluated based on their knowledge and understanding of Science, Maths, Social Science, Mental Ability and General Knowledge. Qualified students are facilitated by cash prizes and scholarships for the next academic year.
  • National Level Science Talent Search Exam (NLSTSE): The subjects included are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and other general Awareness questions.
  • Indian National Olympiad (INO): The syllabus includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science. This exam contains a five-stage procedure. The initial stage is the written exam conducted by NSE (National Standard Examination).
  • GeoGenius: This exam aims to create interest in geography. In this exam, students are asked to mark the various locations of India on a blank map.
  • National Interactive Maths Olympiad (NIMO): This exam tests and analyses the student’s mental ability and mathematical skills. It also aims to reduce the fear of mathematics in students.



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