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Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics 2023: List of Subject-wise Topics


Nearly 26 lakh students took the UP Board Class 12 exam in 2022, of which 85.33% of students qualified. Do you ever wonder why do so many students fail despite starting their preparation with confidence? Developing a conceptual base in the topics is important, but it is equally necessary to solve sample questions based on them. You must be able to implement the concepts while answering a question. As a part of your study plan, you can first learn the Uttar Pradesh Class 12 important topics and then go for the remaining ones.  

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Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics 2023

You must be aware of the important topics in your UP Board Class 12 syllabus so that you can focus more on them. We have listed all the important topics for Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and biology. You are advised to allocate sufficient time in preparing for these concepts to ensure an excellent score in the final exam.

Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics for Chemistry

Chemistry is primarily divided into organic and inorganic Chemistry. The balancing equations part in organic chemistry can be challenging for many students. So it is better to practice them extensively on the Embibe platform. We have tabulated the UP Board Class 12 Chemistry syllabus below. Go through each of them and solve sample questions to develop a solid base on the concepts.

Chapter NameTopics
ElectrochemistryKohlrausch’s Law and its Application
Nernst’s Equation
Fuel cells, Batteries
Electrolytic and Metallic Conduction
Galvanic Cells
Electrode Potential and Standard Electrode Potential
p-block ElementsNitric Acid: Preparation, Structure, Properties, and Uses
Sulphuric Acid: Preparation, Properties, and Uses
Hydrogen chloride: Preparation, Properties, and Uses
Allotropes of Phosphorus
Allotropes of Sulphur
Coordination CompoundsBonding in Metal Carbonyls
Werner’s Theory of Coordination Compounds
Important Terms related to Coordination Compounds
Crystal Field Theory
Nomenclature of Coordination Compounds
Haloalkanes and HaloarenesStereochemical Aspects of Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Preparations of Haloalkanes
Nomenclature of Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Chemical Reactions of Haloalkanes

Click here to access all other topics of Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Chemistry

Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics for Physics

In the Class 12 Physics exam, you may be required to answer a question in the form of a diagram. You can refer to Embibe 3D videos for the preparation of important topics. It will help you score full marks on a question. In the Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 Physics, the following chapters are taught:

Chapter NameTopics
Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceEffect of Dielectric on Capacitance
Relation between Field and Potential
Potential Energy in an External Field
Potential Due to an Electric Dipole
Parallel and Spherical Plate Capacitor
Current ElectricityElectric Current, Cells, EMF, Internal Resistance
Combination of Resistors—Series and Parallel
Temperature Dependence of Resistivity
Electric Currents in Conductors
Kirchhoff’s Laws and their Applications
Moving Charges and MagnetismCyclotron
Magnetic Field due to Current in a Straight Wire
Magnetic Field on the Axis of a Circular Current Loop
Force between Current Carrying Wires
Magnetic Field due to a Current Element
Biot-Savart Law
Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsTotal Internal Reflection and Critical Angle
Optical Instruments
Refraction at Plane Surfaces
Reflection at Plane and Spherical Surfaces
Refraction at Spherical Surfaces and by Lenses
Scattering of light

Did you have fun learning the above-mentioned Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Physics concepts? Click here for all other chapters.

Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics for Biology

Biology is a lengthy but interesting subject. Embibe’s 3D videos with solutions are the best study material to watch and learn biological concepts and processes. You can refer to the topic-wise links and develop a solid foundation in them. In the Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 Biology subject, students will learn the following chapters:

Chapter NameTopics
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsApomixis and Polyembryony
Post Fertilization: Structure and Events
Structure of Anther and Development of Male Gametophyte
Outbreeding Devices and Pollen Pistil Interaction
Principles of Inheritance and VariationHeredity and Variation
Mendel’s laws of Inheritance
Sex Determination
Inheritance of One gene
Inheritance of Two genes
Genetic Disorders and Mutation
Molecular Basis of InheritanceGenetic Code and Gene Mutations
DNA Fingerprinting
Structure of DNA and DNA Packaging
Regulation of Gene Expression
Transcription, Replication, Human Genome Project
Human Health and DiseaseCommon diseases in Humans
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Check the 12th Uttar Pradesh Board Biology chapters here.

Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Important Topics for Mathematics 

Even if you have understood the concepts well, Mathematics requires rigorous practice to remember the formulas and learn the appropriate application of different concepts in a question. Embibe’s Full Solutions feature provides detailed and step-by-step solutions to all questions to help students understand the right way to approach the question, solve it and arrive at the answer. 

Go through the Class 12 Maths chapters below and start practicing questions on Embibe:

Chapter NameTopics
Continuity and DifferentiabilityMean Value Theorem
Derivative of Functions in Parametric Forms
Derivatives of Composite and Implicit Functions
Second Order Derivative
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Application of DerivativesMaxima and Minima
Increasing and Decreasing Function
Rate of Change of Quantities
Tangents and Normal
IntegralsIntegration by Parts
Integration by Partial Fractions
Definite Integration
Some Properties of Definite Integrals
Integration as an Inverse Process of Differentiation
Methods of Integration
Vector AlgebraProduct of Vectors
Addition of Vectors
Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar
Basics of Vectors

Learn and ace Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Maths topics.

Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 Mock Tests 2023 

Mock tests are an integral part of a comprehensive study plan. Mock tests simulate the actual experience of taking the board exam. They help students find their strengths and weaknesses and improve question-solving speed and accuracy. 

You can take Embibe’s free mock tests by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Select your Goal as Uttar Pradesh Board under Excelling in School section.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select 12th Uttar Pradesh Board.
  • 5th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Click Test from the Header Section.
  • 7th Step: Scroll down to the Take Full Tests section.
  • 8th Step: Click on any of the free 12th Uttar Pradesh Board mock tests.

FAQs on 12th Uttar Pradesh Board Topics 2023

Below we have discussed some of the most frequent questions in the 12th Uttar Pradesh Board Topics:

Q: Where can I take free mock tests for Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 subjects?

Ans: You can take free mock tests for all UP Board Class 12 subjects on Embibe. Students can customise the test based on difficulty level, duration, topics, number of questions, etc. 

Q: What are the benefits of studying for Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 exam from Embibe?

Ans: Embibe provides loads of free study material for all UP Board Class 12 subjects. You can solve mock tests, watch 3D lectures, solve sample questions, and much more for free. Embibe helps students understand a concept in detail and solve sample problems based on it, to build a solid foundation in it.

Q: What is the benefit of Embibe’s Full Solution feature?

Ans: With Embibe’s Full Solution feature, you are provided a detailed explanation of a question. You do not have to solve the questions alone and also need not depend on anyone to help in arriving at the correct conclusion.

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for Uttar Pradesh Class 12 Board exam?

Ans: Students must score at least 33% marks in each subject to qualify for the UP Board 12th class board exam.

Q: What is the medium of instruction for the Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 exam?

Ans: The medium of instruction for UP Board Class 12 subjects are English and Hindi, except for the language subjects. 

We hope this detailed article on the 12th UP Board Topics helps you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and ask your queries, and we will be glad to help you. 

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