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Uses of Convex Mirror: Daily Life Applications and Benefits


Uses of Convex Mirrors: Convex mirrors are curved mirrors with a reflecting surface that bulges out towards the light source. The protruding surface reflects the light in every direction. The picture is often made within the mirror. Therefore, the image cannot be projected on a screen. Nonetheless, there are several uses of convex mirrors in our daily life.

A convex mirror makes up a virtual image, and the size of the image is much smaller than the actual size of the object. The concave mirror uses vary from the convex mirror uses. The convex mirrors help to get a larger visual field than the plane and convex mirrors. The convex mirrors have a larger visual field, and therefore, they are used as inside mirrors in a vehicle. The chapter about the uses of concave and convex mirrors is an essential part of the school curriculum. Read further to know more about the uses of convex mirrors.

What is Convex Mirror?

Convex mirrors are spherical mirrors with a painted inner surface and a reflecting outer surface. A convex mirror is also known as a diverging mirror because the focus of all rays falling on its surface appears to diverge from a single point. As the centre and focus of curvature are fictitious positions inside the mirror and hence cannot be reached, an image generated by a convex or curved mirror is virtual.

Convex Mirror
Fig: Convex Mirror

Uses of Convex Mirror

The main uses of Convex mirrors are given below:

  1. Rear-view mirrors in vehicles
  2. Security purposes in buildings
  3. ATMs

Uses of Convex Mirror in Daily Life

The detailed uses and applications of convex mirrors in the practical world are given below:

Convex Mirrors in ATMs

Convex mirrors are usually placed on top of the ATMs. This mirror placement helps the withdrawer check if the user behind them is observing their ATM Pin or other important details. Also, the withdrawer can check who is standing behind them with the help of a convex mirror.

Convex Mirrors as Rear-View Mirrors

Convex mirrors are used as rear-view mirrors in vehicles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, etc. These rear-view mirrors help the diver to check the vehicles and the traffic behind them. It also enables the driver to see large objects such as trucks and buses in small sizes.

Convex Mirrors in Parking Lots

Convex mirrors are also used in the parking lots. The concave mirrors in the parking area help the user park their cars in the correct place by checking the vehicles behind them.

Convex Mirrors for Security Purposes

Convex mirrors are widely used in building hallways and shops for security purposes. It helps to see the larger objects behind us in a smaller view.

Convex Mirrors inside Buildings & Offices

Convex mirrors are set up inside buildings, hospitals, and offices. These convex mirrors help people to look around the corner and avoid running on each other to stop interference.

Characteristics of Convex Mirrors

The characteristics of Convex Mirrors are given below:

  1. Convex mirrors produce only erect and virtual images.
  2. The object reflected by the mirror will be virtual, upright, and smaller.
  3. Despite the distance of the object from the mirror, it always displays the virtual image.
  4. Only the outer surfaces of convex mirror reflexes.

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FAQs on Uses of Convex Mirror

Q.1: What are the two uses of the convex mirror?
The two uses of the convex mirrors are:
(i) It is used as a vigilance mirror.
(ii) it is used as a reflector in street lamps.

Q.2: Why do cars use convex mirrors?
Convex mirrors are used in cars as rear-view mirrors. These rear-view mirrors give a wider field of view, which allows the driver to see the traffic behind them. 

Q.3: What are convex mirrors?
Convex mirrors are curved mirrors with a reflecting surface that bulges out towards the light source.

Q.4: Write two convex mirror examples?
The two convex mirror examples are magnifying glasses & telescopes.

Q.5: Which mirror is used in street lights?
Convex mirrors are used in street lights as reflectors. Usage of convex mirrors in street lights will spread the light over a wide area.

Q.6: Write two concave mirror examples?
The two concave mirror examples are torch lights & automobile headlights.

Q.7: Can you distinguish mirror convex and concave without touching them?
Ans: When you place an object in front of a concave mirror, an enlarged image is generated when it is kept close to the mirror, and an inverted image is formed when it is kept at a distance. A convex mirror always produces a small, erect image of the object.

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