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Uses of Concave Mirror: Know Top Applications of Concave Mirror


Uses of Concave Mirror: A concave mirror is a type of spherical mirror whose reflecting surface is curved inwards. On the other hand, for a convex mirror, the reflecting surface would be curved outwards. Concave mirrors reflect incoming light rays (parallel) and focus them at a point, called the focal point or simply focus. Various types of images are formed by a concave mirror depending on the distance of an object from the reflecting surface. In this article, we discuss the uses of concave mirrors in detail.

These mirrors have a wide variety of applications, in both science and technology as well as in daily life. We will discuss the uses of concave mirrors in headlights, torches, solar furnaces, microscopes, telescopes, and other equipment and processes. Read on to find out the uses of concave mirror in daily life.

What Are the Uses of Concave Mirrors?

Here we have provided uses of concave mirror and convex mirrors. Concave mirrors are used in:

  1. Vehicle headlights
  2. Shaving mirrors
  3. Solar furnaces
  4. Searchlights
  5. Torches
  6. Flashlights
  7. Dental Mirror
  8. Microscopes
  9. Telescopes
  10. Makeup mirrors
concave mirror

Applications of Concave Mirrors

The important and common applications of Concave mirrors are given below:

Concave Mirror Examples: Vehicle Headlights, Torches, Flashlights, Searchlights

When the bulb of the headlight, torch, flashlight, or searchlight is placed in the front of the concave mirror, the light rays coming from the bulb get reflected and emerge as parallel rays. These reflected rays cover a larger area with high intensity. This is the main reason why concave mirrors are found in headlights, torch lights, flashlights, and searchlights.

Application of Concave Mirror by Dentists

Concave mirrors are used widely in dental clinics as they help dentists to examine the interior of the mouth or teeth magnified and therefore more accurate.

Concave Mirror in Solar Furnaces

Concave mirrors can absorb the sunlight and focus them at the focal point. This absorbed sunlight in the solar furnace produces heat. This concentrated heat energy is used for cooking, electricity, heating, and other purposes.

Concave Mirrors in Telescopes

Concave mirrors have wide applications in reflecting telescopes in observational astronomy. Since the concave mirrors are converging mirrors, the intensity of the light also increases.

Concave Mirrors in Microscopes

A concave mirror is used as a base in the microscope as a condenser. This helps the mirror to concentrate the light passed through it to make sure the surroundings of the object are dark. By this method, we can view the object/specimen clearly.

Concave Mirrors in Shaving Mirror, Makeup Mirror

A person uses concave mirror for shaving because of its reflective and curved surface. For the same reason, it is also used as a makeup mirror. When the concave shaving mirror is held closer to the face, the mirror enlarges and produces an erect image.

Properties of Concave Mirrors

The properties of concave mirrors are given below:

  1. Concave mirrors can produce both real and virtual images.
  2. They will become upright if they are producing a virtual image.
  3. The mirror will be inverted if it is producing a real image.
  4. The image of the object can be reduced, enlarged, or the same size as the object based on the distance between the object and the mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions on Uses of Concave Mirrors

The frequently asked questions on applications of Concave Mirrors are given below:

Q.1: Which mirror is used in a solar cooker?

Ans: A Concave mirror is used in the solar cooker since it absorbs the sunlight and produces heat energy. This heat energy is used in the solar cooker to cook the food.

Q.2: What are 2 uses of concave mirrors?

Ans: The two uses of the concave mirror are: Concave mirrors are used in solar furnaces and telescopes.

Q.3: Which mirror is used in ophthalmoscope?

Ans: Concave mirrors are used in Ophthalmoscopes.

Q.4: Is convex mirror used by dentists?

Ans: No, only concave mirrors are used by dentists.

Q.5: What are two uses of concave mirrors in Science?

Ans: Concave mirrors are used in microscopes as condensers and also in reflecting telescopes.

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Now you are provided with all the necessary information regarding the uses of concave and convex mirrors and we hope this detailed article is helpful. If you have any questions related to the advantages of the concave mirror, reach out to us through the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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