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Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Topics


The most important part of preparing for any exam is knowing the topics you need to learn. Similarly, the Uttarakhand Board Class 7 exams have several topics you must study well to help you write the examinations. Therefore, to ensure that you do not miss out on important topics, we have compiled a list of the high-scoring topics you need to study well to achieve great results in your final examinations.

We are here to help you when it comes to any of the topics that you need to focus on for your exam preparations. So, check them out and ensure you take advantage of these important topics while preparing for the Uttarakhand Board Class 7 examinations. We have also provided 3D video explanations for all subject-wise topics. 

Subject-wise Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Topics

You want to do well in the 7th Uttarakhand Board exams. But how? By focusing your attention on the high-scoring topics that you need to study well, of course! And what better way to make sure you study them than using Embibe’s 3D video explanations? 

So, check the tables below for topics you should focus on for your Uttarakhand Board Class 7 exams.

High-scoring Topics for Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Science 

Science is one of the fascinating subjects to study at school, and it is true for UK Board Class 7 exams too. In the following table, you can check the high-scoring topics for UK Board Class 7 Science:

Chapter NameTopics
Nutrition in PlantsMode of Nutrition in PlantsOther Modes of NutritionPhotosynthesis
HeatHot and ColdTemperature and Its MeasurementsLaboratory ThermometerHeat Transfer by ConductionHeat Transfer by Convection
Acids, Bases and SaltsIntroduction to Acids and BasesNatural IndicatorsNeutralisations
Physical and Chemical ChangesPhysical ChangesChemical ChangesRusting of IronCrystallisation
Reproduction in PlantsModes of ReproductionSexual ReproductionFruits and Seed Formation

Note: For the complete list of topics in Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Science, click here.

High-scoring Topics for Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Mathematics

Below we have listed the high-scoring Uttarakhand Board Class 7 topics for Mathematics:

Chapter NameTopics
IntegersIntroduction to IntegersProperties of Addition of IntegersAddition and Subtraction of IntegersProduct of Two IntegersProduct of Two Negative Integers
Fractions and DecimalsUnderstanding FractionsTypes of FractionsProduct of Two or Three FractionsOperations on Fractions: IllustrationBasics of Decimal NumbersWriting of Decimal FractionsMultiplication of Decimal Numbers
Simple EquationsWhat is an Equation?Equation and Its SolutionFormation of Algebraic Expression
Congruence of TrianglesCongruence and Congruence of Plane FiguresIntroduction to Congruence of TrianglesCriteria for Congruence of TrianglesCongruence among Right-Angled Triangles

Note: To learn more about the curriculum topics in Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Mathematics, visit this link.

High-scoring Topics for Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Social Science 

Here is a quick rundown of all the high-scoring topics you will need to study for Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Science :

Chapter NameTopics
Tracing Changes Through a Thousand YearsEarliest Maps of IndiaHistorians and their SourcesNew and Old Terminologies in HistoryNew Social and Political Groups in Medieval India
New Kings and KingdomsEmergence of New Dynasties in Medieval IndiaForeign Invasions on IndiaAdministration in the Kingdoms of Medieval IndiaPrashastis and Land Grants in Medieval India
The Delhi SultansRulers of Delhi in Medieval IndiaFinding Out about the Delhi SultansExpansion of the Delhi SultanateComparative Study of the Khaljis and Tughluqs
Rulers and BuildingsEngineering and Construction in Medieval IndiaTemples, Mosques and Tanks in Medieval IndiaGardens, Tombs and Forts under the Mughals

Note: To see a complete list of topics in UK Board Class 7 Social Science, click here.

FAQs on Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Topics

Some of the frequently asked questions on the UK Board Class 7 are as follows:

Q: Where can I find all the topics related to Uttarakhand Board Class 7?

Ans: Embibe offers books with 3D video explanations, sample papers, and mock tests to assist you in studying all concepts covered by the Uttarakhand Board Class 7 syllabus.

Q: Where can I get the topic-wise study material for UK Board Class 7?

Ans: Embibe offers UK Board Class 7 study material for all the topics in Science, Maths, and Social Science. 

Q: What should I study in Class 7?

Ans: You should go through the topic-wise 3D video explanations available at Embibe. All the video explanations are in-depth and will explain the concepts related to the Class 7 UK Board more clearly.

Q: How can I study for Maths class 7?

Ans: If you want to study strategically for UK Board Class 7 Mathematics, you must follow Embibe’s 3D video explanations for all topics in this article.

Q. Which is the official website for Uttarakhand Board?

Ans: Uttarakhand Board’s official website is ubse.uk.gov.in.

We hope this article on the Uttarakhand Board Class 7 topics helps you. You can access UK Board Class 7 mock tests at Embibe, which will enable you to step up your preparation. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest Uttarakhand Board Class 7 exam updates.

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