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West Bengal Board Class 12 Topics 2023


Did you know that a total of 3,01,725 students have appeared for the West Bengal Board Class 12 exams in 2022? Out of them, 2,92520 students were declared passed. The overall pass percentage recorded was 96.96%. Since the competition is so high to score 95+ so, if you are currently a class 12 student of the West Bengal Board and wish to be counted in the list of passed students for the year 2023, knowing the 12th West Bengal Board Topics is the primary step to success.

Along with the chapter-wise list of topics, Embibe also provides important points for every topic. Noting down these points and revising them daily makes it easy for the students to learn the concepts. It further helps them answer the questions with ease. Moreover, mock tests are provided for each topic to help the students analyse their subject knowledge. Keep scrolling to learn the WB HS 12th Board subject-wise topics and more.

Subject-wise 12th West Bengal Board Topics

Below, we have provided the topics for each subject. There are also chapter links provided for each subject. By clicking on each chapter link, students will be directed to the Embibe page, wherein they can find all the 12th West Bengal Board topics of each chapter in detail.

12th West Bengal Board Mathematics Topics

Students can learn in-depth about each chapter and the topics included in each chapter by clicking on the links of the respective chapters. 

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Relation and Functions Types of Relations
Types of Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions Basic Concepts in Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

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12th West Bengal Board Chemistry Topics

Students must focus on important topics with more weightage to increase the scope of answering all the questions in the exam. However, studying all the topics without fail is equally important.

Chapter NameImportant Topics
The Solid StateClose Packed Structures and Packing Efficiency
Imperfections in Solids
Solutions Methods of Expressing Concentration of Solutions
Raoult’s Law

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12th West Bengal Board Biology Topics

Students can score better in the Biology exam by drafting notes for each topic and revising them daily. The list of important topics is mentioned below.

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Reproduction in OrganismsModes of Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsSexual Reproduction in Plants

Check all the topics of West Bengal Board Class 12 Biology at Embibe.

12th West Bengal Board Physics Topics

Mathematics demands abundant practice and quick problem-solving skills. To nurture these skills, students must practice the chapter-wise questions daily. The below-mentioned links guide the students by providing learning videos, important points & formulas, practice questions and mock tests.

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Electrostatics-General Properties of Electric Charge
Electric Charge
Electrostatic Induction and Electric Polarisation
Interaction of Charged Particles, Electric Field and PotentialElectric Field
Coulomb’s Law

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FAQs on West Bengal Board Class 12 Topics

Below we have answered a few important questions on West Bengal Board Class 12 topics.

Q: Where can I find the West Bengal Board Class 12 topics for all the subjects?

Ans: Students can find all the topics related to West Bengal Board Class 12 subjects at Embibe. The chapter-wise topics have been mentioned in detail, along with important points for each topic.

Q: Which is the best learning platform to understand the concepts of WB HS Class 12?

Ans: Embibe provides 3D videos to make the studies easy and interesting. The videos have been curated by the subject matter experts for all the topics of all the subjects.

Q: How does Embibe help me score top marks in WB HS Class 12 final exams?

Ans: Class 12 West Bengal Board students can access practice questions for each topic at Embibe. They can learn concepts from the videos explained by the subject matter experts. Also, they can attempt mock tests for every subject and receive feedback on the same.

Q: Does Embibe provide the study material for WB HS Class 12 exams for?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers study material for all the subjects of WB HS Class 12. Students must register to the app and log in to access the study material.

Q: How can I download the WB HS Class 12 date sheet 2023?

Ans: Students can download the WB HS Class 12 date sheet 2023 from the official website of the West Bengal Board – wbchse.nic.in.

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