XAT 2022 Preparation: Study Plan for XAT GK Preparation
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  • Last Modified 09-08-2022
  • Written By Team_Embibe
  • Last Modified 09-08-2022

XAT 2022 Preparation: How to Score in General Knowledge

XAT 2022 Preparation How to Score in GK: The Xavier School of Management will conduct the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) on January 8, 2023. The online registration process for XAT 2022-23 will start on August 10, 2022. Candidates preparing for the exam need to prepare for the GK section because of its vastness. The GK section includes opics such as actual events, happenings, history, politics, schemes and more which makes the section one of the most challenging.

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The XAT General Knowledge section consists of 25 questions and candidates have to finish the GK section in 25 minutes along with the essay writing section. Usually the XAT GK section is considered to be of moderate difficulty level. This article has provided the preparation strategies to prepare for the GK section so that candidates can ace the examination. Read on to know more about XAT 2022 preparation how to score in GK.

XAT 2022 Preparation: How To Score In GK?

GK section is the 4th section of the XAT examination. However, its score is not included in the final score calculation. However, it is like a report card of someone’s general awareness. Check the sectional pattern and get a clear picture of the section to give the best shot on D-day:

XAT GK Questions Pattern

1Name of the sectionGK section in XAT examination
2Total number questions25
3Marking for the correct response+1
4Marking for an incorrect response
5Type of Question MCQs

There are two broad categories of the GK sections:-

1. Static GK- As the name suggests itself, static GK comprises those topics which are events and facts that are absolute. It includes topics such as Indian History, Indian Constitution, the Company logo, etc. 

2. Current Affairs- It involves the topics related to the latest happenings. CA includes topics such as a list of Nobel prize winners in a particular year, Business news, Mergers and Acquisitions, the latest Government schemes, etc.

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List of Important Topics in XAT Examination

XAT examination comprises various critical current affairs and general knowledge questions. The list is long. However, there are some essential topics that students must definitely cover. Here is the list of the same:-

1. Past 3 Years Examinations
2. Important Organizations- United Nations
3. Currency
4. Latest Government Schemes
5. History 
6. Geography
7. Arts
8. Awards- Nobel Prize, Raman Magesy award, etc.
9. Mergers and Acquisitions,
10. Sports,
11. Important Personalities, 
12. Politics etc.

XAT GK Preparation Strategy

Following are the crucial strategies to score well in GK for XAT 2022:

1. Schedule- It may seem a trivial practice, but scheduling can bring about a massive transformation in one’s preparation time. So schedule the timings of preparation. Make a proper time table and devote undivided attention to specific topics at a time. Divide the preparation into two phases: static and current affairs. The maximum portion is covered in static GK while the other one 20 to 30% So take great care while preparing and prioritize the topics. 

2. Keep Track of Recent Happenings- This includes the information of the past three years. So since the coming XAT examination will be in the year 2022, keep a note of current affairs from 2020 to 2022. Learn about the list of important awards, books, special recognition, government schemes, etc. 

3. Follow news actively and have your opinions towards it- Many times, we see a piece of information feel good, bad, or overwhelmed about it, and then move on in life. This attitude doesn’t create any impact in mind, so it is hard to remember. Also, GK is not a subject that can be just learned by rot learning. 

4. Connect the events (Story Telling)- What a human mind remembers better is a story or visuals than a monotonous list of events. The general awareness section includes various events, sometimes timelines also. If learned by just mugging up, there are high chances of forgetting it. Also, a question may not directly be asked the way you remember. There may be indirect cues. Keeping all the possible situations in mind, one can form a storyline. Now the storyline gives a  visual representation of the events. So a person easily registers that in mind instead of just memorizing it in a plain manner. 

 5. Acronym- Sometimes there are questions on a particular series of events, phenomena and more. So in such cases, candidates can simply form an acronym of the same. It is a simple exercise of naming the events with the first letter of the same. In this way, a word of each events’ initials will be formed. This exercise helps in clicking the right event at the crucial time. 

6. Attempt All the Questions- While attempting the General knowledge section, make it a point to try all the questions irrespective of if you know it or not. Also, there is no point in getting stuck in a GK section for a long time. For most of the GK questions, it is a black and white situation- “Either you know it, or you do not”. So there is no point in getting stuck and wasting precious time. Do it proactively from question to the other without missing anyone.

7. Time Yourself- Since there is a limited time to attempt this section, so students must time themselves even during the preparation. The ideal time is to finish it in 11 to 12 minutes. Then utilize the first 3 to 4 minutes to check if the responses are ticked right. In this way, one can have clarity about their attempts. 

8. Social Media Communities– There is nothing better than interaction and discussion with experienced masters in the fields. How about joining Social media communities? As it provides the right platform for students to learn from proficient teachers. Also, these teachers offer video lectures and notes in the form of pdf files. So this is an excellent way of getting crucial notes and insights on the current topics. Also, it encourages peer-to-peer learning. 

9. Regular Newspaper Reading-  This is one of the most important practices while preparing for the General Knowledge section in XAT. Make it a regular practice to follow news on a regular basis. Nowadays, there is an endless number of sources such as regular newspapers, digital e new portals, news applications, news youtube channels, etc. 

10. Doing Discussion and Holding Opinions-  Discussions open the mind. By doing intense discussions, students can remember the events well. So associate with “like-minded” people And do intensive discussion. Now another important drill is to hold opinions on problems and solutions.
For example, You read the news today on the GDP of India. Now instead of having an emotional outburst during a good or bad situation, just think rationally. Have a logical attitude towards it. Now break it down into three steps:- a. Cause b. Present Situation c. Solutions.

GK For XAT Study Material

Students can follow the following important study materials to practice the XAT GK Questions:-

1. Business Times Newspaper
2. The Hindu Newspaper
3. Business Today
4. The Financial Times
5. Coaching GK Material
6. XAT Past Papers
7. General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey
8. XAT 2020 Disha Expert

Frequently Asked Questions On XAT 2022 GK Preparation

Check some of the most commonly asked questions of XAT 2022 GK preparation below.

Q.1: What is the sectional cutoff of GK Section in XAT exam?
Ans: There is no sectional cutoff GK Section in XAT examination.

Q.2: If GK Section is not considered in the final score, then why is it important?
Ans: It is used in the final assessment process. Scoring in GK likens one chance to get selected in XLRI BScore. Also, the selection panel uses this section to check the awareness of students about the current topics.

Q.3: What is the ideal timing to finish XAT 2022-23 GK section?
Ans: On the contrary, timing is a significant part of the GK section in the examination. The ideal time is to finish it in 11 to 12 minutes. Then utilize the first 3 to 4 minutes to check if the responses are ticked right. In this way, one can have clarity about their attempts.

Q.4: How to score well in the GK section of XAT exam?
Ans: There are various strategies students can apply to score well in the GK section-  Schedule the preparation time, follow news actively and have your opinions towards it, attempt all the questions, join social media communities, acronym, etcetera. 

Q.5: What are some of the best study materials for XAT 2022-23 GK section?
Ans: Some of the best study materials for XAT 2022-23 GK section are Business Times Newspaper, The Hindu Newspaper, XAT 2020 Disha Expert, XAT Past Papers, and General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey to name a few.

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Now that you have a detailed article on XAT 2022 Preparation How to Score in GK, we hope you do not face any issue while preparing for the exam. If you face any problem do let us know about it in the comment section below and we will get back to you soon.

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