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CBSE Class 10 Mock Test 2025: Practice Latest Test Series


CBSE Class 10 Mock Test 2025: Students’ stress is real due to the mounting pressure of scoring good marks and getting into a renowned college. In this chaos, students struggle to find the right questions and mock tests for their CBSE Class 10 exam preparation. Now, don’t worry anymore; Embibe has got you covered. 

At Embibe, students can find 1000+ mock tests for every subject. More than 19 million students are a part of the Embibe family who trusts and diligently follow Embibe. Embibe provides all the relevant and latest information to ease stress and help you shine through exams. These mock tests polish your preparation and give you all the important questions in one place. Continue reading to learn how to effectively access these mock tests for your CBSE Class 10 board exam preparation.

Access CBSE Class 10 Mock Test 2025

Mock tests are a great way to ensure you thoroughly prepare. By taking mock tests, you get an idea about the exam pattern and can prepare for it accordingly. You must take a mock test after preparing every chapter or during your revisions. To know more about the CBSE Class 10 mock test, keep scrolling.

Attempt CBSE Class 10 Mock Tests 

CBSE Class 10 mock tests provided by Embibe are geared towards helping students improve their Class 10 marks. These mock tests are specially designed by our academic experts keeping in mind the latest curriculum and exam pattern.

By practising mock tests on Embibe, you can understand the types of questions, the marking scheme, syllabus coverage, etc. Not only CBSE mock tests, but Embibe also provides chapter-wise 3D videos in an easy-to-understand language to help you ace your exams.

You can access these mock tests by clicking on the links below.

SubjectMock Test
MathematicsAttempt Mock Test for CBSE Class 10
ScienceAttempt Mock Test for CBSE Class 10
Social ScienceAttempt Mock Test for CBSE Class 10

We strongly believe that CBSE Class 10 preparation will be smooth for you if you follow a structured and consistent plan. Furthermore, Embibe provides study materials for Class 10 so that you can use these resources and score excellent marks in your exams.

Here’s How You Can Take the CBSE Class 10 Mock Test

You are now one step away from taking a real-life exam experience. Here’s a look at how you can take the CBSE Class 10 mock test:

  • 1st Step: To access these mock tests, you need to first visit Embibe.com
  • 2nd Step: Login using your mobile number and email ID. If you don’t have an account, create one using the Sign Up option.
  • 3rd Step: A new page will appear on the screen. Select the CBSE board and then Class 10.
  • 4th Step: Select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: On the homepage, you will find an option for testing.
  • 6th Step: Click on Test, and you can now access mock tests for CBSE Class 10.

Benefits of Attempting CBSE Class 10 Mock Test 2025

Taking mock tests is extremely beneficial for students of CBSE Class 10. Embibe’s mock tests are a notch ahead of other mock tests. Once students submit a test, they get detailed feedback on their performance. It shows them the true picture of their preparation and helps them improve their conceptual knowledge. Some of the benefits are mentioned below-

  • Familiarity with CBSE 10th exam pattern: Mock tests by Embibe are very helpful for understanding the exam pattern and the type of questions that are often asked in the exam.
  • Analyse your preparation: By solving mock tests, you can analyse your performance in the tests. This will help in understanding as to which topics need more attention.
  • Strategise your preparation: Solving mock tests on Embibe helps students understand which topics are fully prepared and which need more brushing. Accordingly, students can strategise their preparation. 
  • Helps improve speed and accuracy: By taking mock tests on Embibe, you can improve exam-taking speed and accuracy.
  • Time management: Solving mock tests helps students improve their practice, eventually leading to good time management. 

Embibe Lab Experiments for CBSE Class 10 Science

While mock tests help students prepare for the theoretical portion of the syllabus, students should also focus on the practical part to score maximum marks in the practical exam. Embibe Lab Experiments is an app that allows students to perform virtual experiments for the practical topics of CBSE Class 10 Science.

Sr. No.TopicEmbibe Lab Experiment Link
1Fehling’s and Tollens’ TestsStart Experiment
2How Do Metals React With Dilute Acids?Start Experiment
3Force and Motion of a Current-carrying ConductorStart Experiment
4Carbon Dioxide is Essential for PhotosynthesisStart Experiment

Click Here for CBSE Class 10 Science on Embibe Lab Experiments App

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FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Mock Test 2025

Given below are the frequently asked questions of the CBSE Class 10 Mock Test:

Q: How can I improve my practice for Class 10 Science?

Ans: The best way to improve your practice is by attempting mock tests. Mock tests are extremely beneficial for students who are looking to improve their results in CBSE Class 10th 2025.

Q: Are solving mock tests beneficial for last-minute preparation?

Ans: Yes, solving mock tests really beneficial for last-minute preparation as students can analyse how much they prepared and also get an idea of the important questions that are asked frequently.

Q: According to the latest curriculum, is the mock test available on Embibe?

Ans. The mock tests for CBSE Class 10 at Embibe are curated by our academic experts who follow the latest curriculum by CBSE. This increases the subject value and provides students with the best and one-of-its-kind material for their preparation. 

Q: Are the study materials available on Embibe for?

Ans. No, while creating an account (Sign-Up) is, Embibe has introduced a small fee for all the study materials, including books, videos, sample papers and mock tests for CBSE Class 10 to continue the good they have been doing.

Q: How many mock tests are there on Embibe for CBSE Class 10?

Ans: There are 4 full tests and 25+ chapter-wise tests on Embibe for CBSE Class 10.

We hope this CBSE Class 10 Mock Test article has helped you. If you have any doubts or queries, feel to contact us by downloading our app, and we will be happy to get back to you.

Stay tuned to Embibe to get the latest updates.

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