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  • Written By Varsha
  • Last Modified 25-06-2022
  • Written By Varsha
  • Last Modified 25-06-2022

Best Reference Books CBSE Class 10 2022: Terms 1 and 2

Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 10: Getting good grades in CBSE Class 10 exams requires hard work and a brilliant study plan. Candidates must have a well-thought-out preparation path and the best reference books for CBSE class 10 to achieve high scores in the CBSE board exams. Students should begin their board exam preparation step-by-step by covering the syllabus from NCERT Books and noting crucial topics. However, once you have finished with NCERT Class 10 Books, you should look into the top CBSE Class 10 reference books.

In this article, we have provided a list of highly recommended books from which students can pick the best reference book for Class 10. These reference books assist students in brushing up on their concepts and practising them thoroughly, resulting in improved performance in final exams. Scroll down to know more about the Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 10.

Sr. No.CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Sample Papers
1.Attempt Sample Paper 1 for Term 2 Science
2. Attempt Sample Paper 2 for Term 2 Science
3.Attempt Sample Paper 1 for Term 2 Maths
4.Attempt Sample Paper 2 for Term 2 Maths

Best Reference Books for Class 10 CBSE

NCERT Books are often referred to as students’ Bible. The prescribed NCERT Books for Class 10 are tabulated below. Once you are done with Class 10 NCERT Books, move on to the Best Class 10 CBSE Reference Books.

S.NoDownload Links
1NCERT Books For Class 10 Science
2NCERT Books For Class 10 Maths
3NCERT Books For Class 10 Social Science 
4NCERT Books For Class 10 English 
5NCERT Books For Class 10 Hindi

Maths Reference Books for Class 10

Apart from NCERT, students can refer to the following Class 10 Maths books for their board exam preparation.

  1. Mathematics for Class 10 – R D Sharma
  2. Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10 – RS Aggarwal
  3. All in one mathematics – Arihant

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Best Reference Book for Class 10 Science

CBSE Class 10th Science is divided into 3 divisions – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The best books for Class 10 CBSE Science are given below:

  • Science for 10th Class: Physics by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
  • Principles of Physics: S Chand books, N. K Chowdhry
  • Fundamentals of Physics: Pradeep Publication
  • Science for 10th Class: Biology by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
  • Science for 10th Class: Chemistry by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Class 10  ncert science book class 10

Reference Books Class 10 CBSE: Social Science

The best reference books for Class 10 SST are given below:

  • All in One Social Science CBSE Class 10 – Arihant
  • Golden guide for Social Science – Sudha Rastogi, S.A. Siddiqui, J.P. Singhal & Dr Gulshan Rai
  • S Chand for Social Science – N.k Chowdhry
  • Xam idea for Social Science – Editorial Board 
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Reference Books for Class 10 CBSE: English

  • English Communicative – Oswaal School Books
  • CBSE All In One English Language & Literature Class 10 by Arihant Experts
  • High School English Grammar and Composition Book by Wren and Martin for Grammar.
  • Xam Idea Complete Course English for CBSE Class 10 by VK Global

What’s New in CBSE Class 10 Syllabus?

  • The CBSE Academic Session 2021-2022 will be divided into two terms, each containing about 50% of the syllabus.
  • On the basis of the divided syllabus, CBSE will conduct exams at the end of each term.
  • The CBSE Syllabus for the CBSE 10th Board Exams will be lowered in 2021-22. (term-wise & subject-wise CBSE Syllabus to be released shortly by the board)
  • CBSE schools, on the other hand, will follow the board’s syllabus, which was announced on March 31, 2021.

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How to Choose the Best Books for CBSE Class 10?

In the market, there are numerous books for Class 10. However, in order to ace the exam, you must select the best reference book for CBSE Class 10th. Here are some things to think about when selecting or purchasing the best reference books for Class 10:

  • Before purchasing CBSE 10th reference books, make sure the book’s index page corresponds to your syllabus. The book you intend to purchase should have the entire syllabus in order to obtain the required CBSE 10th grade.
  • Content should be simple to comprehend, and infographics play a significant role in ensuring that themes are remembered, which is the most crucial factor to consider.
  • Solved examples and practice questions: The best reference books for CBSE Class 10 must provide solved examples to help students understand topics and practice problems.

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FAQs on Reference Books for Class 10 CBSE

The frequently asked questions of Best Books for CBSE 10th Class are given below:

Q1. Which is the best guide for Class 10 CBSE Science?
According to the student’s analysis from various mediums, S CHAND (Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur) and Dinesh publications are considered the best guide for Class 10th CBSE.

Q2. Can I refer to Educart Books?
Yes, you can also refer to Educart books for CBSE board exam preparation.

Q3. Which is better Oswal or Arihant?
Both Arihant and Oswal’s publications are good. But most of the students prefer Oswal over Arihant due to the wide range of questions.

Q4. Which is the best reference book for Class 10 CBSE?
Refer to this page to know what is the best reference book for CBSE Class 10. With the CBSE Class, 10 books list 2021-22 provided on this page, you can follow to study for your board exams in a very effective way.

Q5. Is NCERT enough for 10th boards?
Students can easily secure 80 to 90% marks in 10th board exams by referring to NCERT Books. But still, students who wish to score more than 90% in the board exam must refer to both NCERT & other reference books.

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So now that we have been given the Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 10. You can get it and start preparing accordingly for the Board exam. Do not forget the NCERT Textbooks. First, finish it and then only advance to Reference Textbooks. 

If you face any queries pertaining to any aspect of the Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 10. Feel free to post a comment in the section below.

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