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Gujarat Board Class 10 Chapter


Students appearing for the 10th Gujarat Board exams will be willing to know the number of important chapters in each subject. If you are one of them looking for the subject-wise 10th Gujarat Board chapter list, then we are here to help you. We have listed the subject-wise chapters to help you prepare better for the Gujarat Board Class 10 exam.

This article provides a comprehensive 10th Gujarat Board chapter list to help you navigate the curriculum at a glance. Also, we have included a series of 3D video explanations for each chapter that will help you prepare smartly for the board exams. These video explanations will help you get detailed knowledge of every chapter in the Gujarat Board Class 10 syllabus.

Gujarat Board Class 10 Chapter List: Subject-wise

The Class 10th curriculum of the Gujarat Board covers a wide range of chapters from all the major subject areas. Check the list of subjects covered in Gujarat Board Class 10:

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • First Language
  • Second Language

The latest Gujarat Board Class 10 syllabus shows that each subject has many topics and sub-topics. You can find the complete 10th Gujarat Board chapter list below.

Embibe provides 3D videos for Science and Mathematics chapters of Gujarat Board Class 10 exams. But how to access them? Go through the sections below and click the chapter name links to understand the topics clearly.

Gujarat Board Class 10 Science Chapters

The Gujarat Board Class 10 Science syllabus consists of 16 chapters of three mandatory subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In the following table, we have provided all the chapters so that you can better understand the Class 10 Science syllabus.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Chemical Reactions and Equations
2Acids, Bases and Salts
3Metals and Non-Metals
4Control and Coordination
5Carbon and its Compounds
6Periodic Classification of Elements 
7Life Processes
8How do Organisms Reproduce?
9Heredity and Evolution
10The Human Eye and the Colourful World
12Light – Reflection and Refraction
13Sources of Energy
14Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
15Our Environment
16Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Note: Visit this link to check the complete list of GSEB Class 10 Science chapters.

Gujarat Board Class 10 Social Studies Chapters

The Gujarat Board Class 10 Social Studies syllabus covers a wide range of topics, including History, Geography, Economics, and Civics. In the following table, we have provided the chapters for Class 10 Social Studies. You can refer to the list to get an overview of the Gujarat Board Class 10 Social Studies syllabus:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Heritage of India
2Cultural Heritage of India: Traditional Handicraft and Fine Arts
3Cultural Heritage of India: Sculpture and Architecture
4Literary Heritage of India
5India’s Heritage of Science and Technology
6Places of Indian Cultural Heritage
7Preservation of Our Heritage
8Natural Resources
9Forest and Wildlife Resources
10India: Agriculture
11India: Water Resources
12India: Mineral and Energy Resources
13Manufacturing Industries
14Transport Station, Communication and Trade
15Economic Development
16Economic Liberalisation and Globalisation
17Economic Problems and Challenges: Poverty and Unemployment
18Price Rise and Consumer Awareness
19Human Development
20Social Problems of India and Challenges
21Social Change

Gujarat Board Class 10 Mathematics Chapters

Check the table below for the chapter list of GB Class 10 Mathematics. Many chapters in Class 10 Maths build upon the foundation laid in the previous one, so it is important for students to have a strong understanding of the concepts before moving on to the next chapter.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Real numbers
3Pair of linear equations in two variables
4Quadratic equations
5Arithmetic progressions
6Introduction to trigonometry
7Some Applications of Trigonometry
9Coordinate Geometry
12Areas Related to Circles
13Surface Areas and Volumes

Note: You can access the complete chapter list of GB Class 10 Mathematics by clicking here.

Gujarat Board Class 10 English First Language Chapters

You can check the English First Language chapter list in the following table. We have provided chapters that you must prepare for different sections, such as Prose, Poetry, and Supplementary Reading:

SectionChapter Name
Prose– A Short Monsoon Diary
– The Man who found the Titanic
– Too Dear
– You’ve Got To Find What You Love
– The Dear Departed
– A Petition Of The Left Hand
– On The Rule Of The Road
– In Praise Of Technology
– The Gold Frame
– Letter To Daughter
– One Full, One Half
– Pushing Yourself To Limits
– The Danger Of Lying In Bed
Poetry– Leave This Chanting
– The Way Through The Woods
– The Mirror
– The Rum Tum Tugger
– A Bird Came Down The Walk
– On Killing A Tree
– I Will Meet You Yet Again
– Dreamers
Supplementary Reading– The Parson’s Pleasure
– Out Of Africa
– My Unforgettable Guru

Gujarat Board Class 10 English Second Language Chapters

You will study chapters related to Prose and Poetry in English Second Language. Each chapter covers a different aspect of the English language to help you develop your reading and writing skills. Below we have listed all the chapters for English Second Language in Gujarat Board Class 10:

SectionsChapter Names
Prose– Against the Odds
– The Human Robot
– An Interview with Arun Krishnamurthy
– A Wonderful Creation
– Playing with Fire
– I Love You, Teacher
– Kach & Devyani
– Our Feathered Friends
– Tune up O Teens
– Test of True Love
Poetry– My Song
– Pencil
– Growing
– Vanilla Twilight

FAQs on Gujarat Board Class 10 Exam

Some of the frequently asked questions on the Gujarat Board Class 10 exam are as follows:

Q: Who is responsible for conducting the Class 10th Gujarat Board exams?

Ans: Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board (GSEB) conducts the Class 10 exams yearly. 

Q: Are the chapters in Gujarat Board Class 10 easy?

Ans: While the Gujarat Board Class 10 chapters may not be easy for every student, they are designed to give students a solid foundation for classes 11 and 12. If you are struggling with any chapters, we recommend seeking help from the best study materials available at Embibe.

Q: Are there any mock tests to prepare for the GSEB 10th exam 2023?

Ans: Embibe provides the best GSEB 10th exam mock tests for all subjects. You can attempt these mock tests for and gain confidence to attend the final exam.

Q: How many subjects are there in the 10th class Gujarat board?

Ans: There are 5 subjects that you need to study in Gujarat Board Class 10.

Q: Where can I find the videos for the Gujarat Board Class 10 chapters?

Ans: You can find the 3D videos for the Gujarat Board Class 10 subject-wise chapters at Embibe.

We hope this detailed article on the 10th Gujarat Board chapter helps you. You can also find chapter-wise GSEB Class 10 practice papers on Embibe. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the GSEB Class 10.

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