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Gujarat Board Class 7 Question Paper


Do you remember drawing in kindergarten? You had the dotted outlines where you joined them with your pencil and started filling in with different colours. That was done to introduce you to drawing and help make your hands stable and smooth. After a certain time, you could replicate the shapes you saw from your text and draw them on your own. Similarly, you must solve the question papers when appearing for the Gujarat Board Class 7 exam. It strengthens your concepts, improves your problem-solving skills and makes your preparation more effective.

To save you time and effort, Embibe has curated over 1000+ practice questions to help you refine your preparation. These questions cover all the topics included in the Gujarat Board Class 7 syllabus. They are designed to test your conceptual knowledge and how well you can apply that to solve problems. You can attempt these questions in Gujarati or English and refer to the solutions available on Embibe if you need help solving them. Continue reading to get the Gujarat Board Class 7 question paper.

Access the Gujarat Board Class 7 Subject-wise Question Papers

Question papers help measure how well you have understood the concepts. They are the support you need before you take your final exam. Solving them improves your accuracy and boosts your confidence. The GSEB (Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board) Class 7 questions are available on Embibe to give you an insight into the possible questions that can be asked. Moreover, if you are stuck while solving the problems, you can refer to the solutions that give step-wise explanations to solve any numerical. So go ahead and solve them right away to score well in your exam.

SubjectQuestion Paper
MathematicsGSEB Class 7 Maths Questions
ScienceGSEB Class 7 Science Questions

Attempt the 7th Gujarat Board Mock Tests

When preparing for any exam, learning and practising give you a comprehensive preparation for the exam. But to know if you are ready for the exam, you must take mock tests. Mock tests are important for all exams, irrespective of your grade. Mock tests at Embibe give detailed feedback on your performance to help you rectify your mistakes and improve your preparation drastically. Click on the links below to attempt the 7th Gujarat Board mock tests.

SubjectMock Tests
MathematicsGSEB Class 7 Maths Test
ScienceGSEB Class 7 Science Test

FAQs on Gujarat Board Class 7 Question Paper

Below you can find the frequently asked questions on the Gujarat Board Class 7 question paper:

Q. Where can I get the Gujarat Board Class 7 question paper?

Ans: You can get the Gujarat Board Class 7 question paper on Embibe.

Q. Can I get the GSEB Class 7 questions in Gujarati on Embibe?

Ans: Besides English, you can get the GSEB Class 7 questions in Gujarati on Embibe.

Q. How can I access the GSEB Class 7 question paper on Embibe?

Ans: You must log in to the Embibe app or website with your mobile number or email address to access the GSEB Class 7 question paper.

Q. What are the benefits of solving the GSEB Class 7 questions?

Ans: Solving the GSEB Class 7 questions gives you an idea of the various questions that can be asked in the exam, boosts your confidence and improves your problem-solving abilities.

Q. How many mock tests should I take before the GSEB Class 7 exam?

Ans: You can take at least 3 mock tests before the GSEB Class 7 exam to get a fair idea of your strengths and weakness and improve them with practice.

We hope you found this article useful. Stay tuned to Embibe to get all the updates on the GSEB Class 7 exam.

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