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Gujarat Board Class 12 Chapters


Class 12 is an important year for students because it is the last year of your high school journey, and the decisions made during this time will shape your future. This year is especially crucial because students are not only preparing for board exams but also taking competitive exams to choose which college to attend and what subject to pursue for further studies. In this article, we will discuss Gujarat Board Class 12 Chapters and why they are crucial.

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Gujarat Board Class 12 Subject-wise Chapters

At Embibe, we will provide you with all the details related to the GSEB Class 12 Chapters. The sections below provide access to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology chapters. You’ll be taken to the Embibe page by clicking on each chapter’s link, where you can view detailed videos explaining each chapter. To help you improve your understanding of the subject, each chapter is accompanied by various 3D videos and practice questions to help you learn more about it.

Gujarat Board Class 12 Physics Chapters

Class 12 Physics introduces topics such as matter, energy, electricity, and magnetism. Studying these topics is important because they form the base for other complex concepts. If you are concerned about understanding these concepts effectively, then, Embibe is the one-stop solution. At Embibe, you can understand each topic in depth with the help of interactive 3D videos. Check the below table for GSEB Class 12 Physics chapters and ace your exam:

S.NoChapter Name
1.Electric Charges and Fields
2.Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
3.Current Electricity
4.Moving Charges and Magnetism
5.Magnetism and Matter
6.Electromagnetic Induction
7.Alternating Current
8.Electromagnetic Waves
9.Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
10.Wave Optics
11.Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
14.Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits

Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry Chapters

With Embibe, students can easily understand the concepts of Chemistry. They can also practice various questions in each chapter to enhance their exam preparation. Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry Chapters are very important, and students who appear in the examination should study all the chapters carefully. Check the below table for Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry chapters:

S.NoChapter Name
1.The Solid State
4.Chemical Kinetics
5.Surface Chemistry
6.General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements (Metallurgy)
7.The p-Block Elements
8.The d- and f-Block Elements
9.Coordination Compounds
10.Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
11.Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
12.Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
16.Chemistry in Everyday Life

Gujarat Board Class 12 Mathematics Chapters

As Mathematics requires step-by-step understanding and analysis of each problem, students can learn how to solve problems by following the explanations provided for each chapter. Mock tests are also available for each chapter to provide students with real exam experience. Following are the chapters for Gujarat Board 12th Mathematics:

S.NoChapter Name
1.Relations and Functions
2.Inverse Trigonometric Functions
5.Continuity and Differentiability
6.Application of Derivatives
8.Application of Integrals
9.Differential Equations
10.Vector Algebra
11.Three Dimensional Geometry
12.Linear Programming

Gujarat Board Class 12 Biology Chapters

Notes preparation is critical in learning Biology concepts. You do not need to spend time preparing notes for each chapter. Embibe provides key points for each chapter to refer to while studying for the exam. Students can also read through each chapter in depth at Embibe.

S.NoChapter Name
1.Reproduction in Organisms
2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3.Human Reproduction
4.Reproductive Health
5.Principles of Inheritance and Variation
6.Molecular Basis of Inheritance
8.Human Health and Disease
9.Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
10.Microbes in Human Welfare
11.Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
12.Biotechnology and its Applications
13.Organisms and Populations
15.Biodiversity and Conservation
16.Environmental Issues

FAQs on 12th Gujarat Board Class 12 Chapters

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Gujarat Board Class 12 chapters:

Q: Where can I find Gujarat Board Class 12 chapters for Physics?

Ans: You can find the Gujarat Board Class 12 Physics chapters on Embibe.

Q: Are there any chapter-wise practice tests for Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry?

Ans: Yes. Embibe offers chapter-wise practice tests for Gujarat Board Class 12 Chemistry.

Q: Where can I find chapter-wise short notes for GSEB Class 12 Biology?

Ans: Embibe offers a ‘Points to remember’ section after every chapter, which you can use as short notes while preparing for exams.

Q: Does Embibe provide chapter-wise videos for Gujarat Board Class 12?

Ans: There are more than 60 chapter-wise videos available at Embibe for Gujarat Board Class 12.

Q: How many chapters are there in Gujarat Board Class 12 Biology?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in Gujarat Board Class 12 Biology. Students can refer to the above sections for more details.

We hope this detailed article on the 12th Gujarat Board Chapter has helped you and cleared all your doubts. Stay tuned to Embibe for latest updates on the 12th Gujarat Board Chapter.

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