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12th Gujarat Board Books: Physics, Chemistry, Math, Bio


Every year, over 4 lakh students appear for the Gujarat Board Class 12 exams to pursue their dreams of getting into good grad colleges. However, only 70 per cent of these students pass the exam, while the remaining wonder what exactly went wrong. Half of the students appearing for the final examination do not have the right books to study for the exam. To solve this problem, Embibe offers books with interactive 3D videos.

The comprehensive books with videos and solutions at Embibe give plenty of joy to the students.  You get to learn a lot and also stay motivated to work hard for the exams, enrich the knowledge of the students and sharpen their skills. These e-books take you into a world of imagination and introduce them to various concepts. Scroll down to get the Gujarat Board Class 12 books to ace the exams.

GSEB Textbook for Class 12: All Subjects

Books are said to be the best companions of students as they build their intellect and improve memory. By reading books at Embibe, students can explore their knowledge and creativity. They can also clear their doubts and enhance their academic performance. Below we have provided the links to all the GSEB HSC Books 2023 provided by Embibe on its learning platform:

Maths Part 1 GSEB Class 12 Textbook
Maths Part 2GSEB Class 12 Textbook
Physics Part 1GSEB Class 12 Textbook
Physics Part 2GSEB Class 12 Textbook
Chemistry Part 1GSEB Class 12 Textbook
Chemistry Part 2GSEB Class 12 Textbook
BiologyGSEB Class 12 Textbook

GSEB Maths Book for Class 12

Stuck on a Math equation? Well, do not worry, as we have the right books to help you get rid of these concerns. Below we have provided the links to Embibe’s e-books that relieve stress and improve one’s test-taking skills:

NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 12MATHEMATICS PART I Textbook for Class XII
Embibe Big Book for Mathematics Class 12

GSEB Physics Book for Class 12

What are electric charges and current electricity? How does magnetism work? What is the theory behind alternating current? Thinking about all these questions? Well, now you are at the right place as we introduce some freshly curated Physics books that will help clear all these doubts. Check the table below for the book links:

PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12Physics Part 1 Textbook for Class XIINCERT Exemplar Physics – Class 12

GSEB Chemistry Book for Class 12

Still learning the periodic table of elements from Chemistry? Now, roll up your sleeves and learn with Embibe. We offer the best learning content and books for Chemistry that will make the subject less puzzling and more interesting. Below find the Chemistry books for Gujarat Board for:

NCERT Exemplar Chemistry – Class 12Chemistry Part I Textbook for Class XIIChemistry Part 2 Textbook for Class 12Textbook for Class 12 Chemistry Part

GSEB Biology Book for Class 12

How did humans evolve? How did evolution take place? To answer such questions, students must read Biology books as they have abundant information on such topics. We offer the GSEB biology book for Class 12 that will help students learn about concepts in an interesting way:

Embibe Big Book for Biology for Class 12
NCERT Exemplar Biology – Class 12
TRUEMAN’S ELEMENTARY Biology VOL. II For XII Class of 10+2

FAQs on 12th Gujarat Board Books

Here are the most frequently asked questions about GSEB Board Class 12 Books:

Q. Where can I find the best books for Gujarat Board Class 12 Physics?

Ans: Students can find the best books for Gujarat Board Class 12 Physics on this page.

Q. Where can I find the study materials for GSEB Class 12 exams?

Ans: Students can find the study materials for GSEB Class 12 exams at Embibe for. These study materials include books, 3D videos, NCERT Exemplars, Embibe Explainers, and many more. Go ahead and check them out.

Q. How to prepare for the GSEB Class 12 exams online?

Ans: Students can take Embibe’s assistance to sail through the GSEB Class 12 exams. At first, students must go through the books provided by us and then solve the previous year’s papers. After solving those, practice 1000+ questions for and take the mock tests to track progress.

Q. How to enrich learning with Embibe?

Ans: You can enrich your knowledge with Embibe by going through the best-curated learning content. Also, the Embibe Big Books for all the major subjects benefit students as they explain complex topics in simple language. 

Q. When will the GSEB Class 12 exams begin?

Ans: The GSEB Class 12 exams will begin on February 20, 2023, and conclude on February 28, 20

We hope this detailed article on the 12th Gujarat Board Books helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to the exam, please feel to reach out to us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on 12th Gujarat Board Books.

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