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Gujarat Board Class 8 Study Material 2023


Are you studying in Gujarat Board Class 8 and planning to advance your preparation to a top-notch level? Are you facing any challenges in selecting good study materials? We understand your anxiety, and you must know that you are not alone. Nearly 60% of students need help finding the proper Gujarat board class 8 study materials. To make it convenient, we have provided complete details on the study materials so that you can make your preparation more strategic.

Embibe provides 24 books, 150+ 3D explainer videos, several practice questions and mock tests for your GSEB Class 8 exam preparation. The best reference books and Embibe’s Big Books are mapped to the videos to help you learn and complete the syllabus. This Edtech app strives to give you a great practice experience and fix the learning gaps. Scroll down to find more about Gujarat Board Class 8 study materials.

Check Gujarat Board Class 8 Subject-wise Books at Embibe

Referring to multiple websites to download Ebooks leads to confusion. But Embibe provides the best books that cover all the chapter-wise topics of Gujarat Board Class 8. Learning is a fun activity with 3D videos mapped to all the books. These books help you finish the syllabus in less time. 

Embibe Big Book is a boon to students as it is a comprehensive module with numerous questions from popular books. Now, Let’s find the links below to access the books for Gujarat Board class 8:

MathsGujarat Board Class 7 Maths Book
ScienceGujarat Board Class 7 Science Book

GSEB Class 8 Practice Questions

Once you have referred to the books and briefly understood the chapters, then you must start practising questions. With the ‘step-wise guidance and solve with us’ feature, you can solve a maximum number of questions. This app gives a great practice experience and helps us know the right approach to answer questions.

The AI-enabled platform depicts the time taken to answer the question. With the help of the speed vs analysis reports, you can enhance your speed and problem-solving skills. Now, you can check the table below to find the links to Gujarat Board Class 8 practice questions:

SubjectQuestion Paper
MathematicsGSEB Class 7 Maths Questions
ScienceGSEB Class 7 Science Questions

Gujarat Board Class 8 Mock Tests

Once you are prepared for the exam and want to know where you stand, you must attempt mock tests on Embibe. With personalised feedback analysis, you will know your weaker sections to prioritise and learn them again to gain perfection. Online mock tests are the best way to practice. You will gradually witness your scores shooting high. Mock tests boost your confidence to face the real exam.

Below you can check the links to attempt mock tests for Gujarat Board Class 8:

SubjectMock Tests
MathematicsGSEB Class 7 Maths Test
ScienceGSEB Class 7 Science Test

FAQs on 8th Gujarat Board Study Materials

Some of the frequently asked questions with answers about Gujarat Board class 8 study materials are given below:

Q: Can I get all the required study materials for Gujarat board class 8 on Embibe?

Ans: Embibe provides the best study resources for Gujarat Board class 8. you can get all the required study materials in one place.

Q: What are the benefits of practising questions for GSEB Class 8 on Embibe?

Ans: Embibe provides hints and step-wise guidance while practising questions; the speed and accuracy assist you in time management skills. It guides the right way to answer the questions.

Q: What is the Gujarat Board Class 8 exam duration?

Ans: The Gujarat Board class 8 exam duration is 3 hours.

Q: How many hours should I study to score good marks in the Gujarat Board Class 8 exam?

Ans: You should study at least 5-6 hrs daily to score good marks in the Gujarat Board class 8 exam.

Q: Does Embibe provide mock tests for GSEB Class 8?

Ans: Yes. Embibe provides mock tests for GSEB Class 8 for free.

I hope this article about Gujarat Board class 8 is helpful. Make the best use of the study materials provided by Embibe.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about Gujarat Board Class 8.

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