• Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 08-06-2022

Syndicate Bank Staff Association: IBPS Recruitment is inefficient


Jobs through Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) needs focus as noted by Syndicate Bank Staff Association. According to the survey carried out by them, there is high level of unsatisfied employees which has increased attrition levels in the banking industry.

KS Bhat, Vice-President of the Association, says, “Revival of the Banking Service Recruitment Board or campus recruitment is the way out.” He further adds the reason for the mass dissatisfaction is the inefficient way the banking industry has been working without any meaningful dialogues with the trade unions which can provide permanent solution to the crises which the banking industry is facing.

While staffs are overburdened with work, some part time employees are given a raise based on the lack of better judgement of the human resource department. A lot of work needs to be done it seems. We wish the banking industry sorts out their problems soon as our country needs a stable financial climate.

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