Jharkhand Board Class 6

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  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 2-03-2023
  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 2-03-2023

About Jharkhand Board Class 6 Exam 2023

About Exam

The Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) is a government-run body in Jharkhand, that is in charge of academic administration in the state. Jharkhand Board was established to hold and conduct examinations for Secondary and Intermediate classes, as well as to prescribe courses or syllabus for classes 1 to 12 in JAC-affiliated schools. With that, JAC is also in charge of overseeing and administering the exams for Class 6 students.

The Class 6 exams in Jharkhand Board are held at the school level, but the syllabus and textbooks for all Jharkhand Board schools are formulated by JAC. The JAC Class 6 exams tentatively take place in the month of March/April every year. Also, the students in JAC Class 6 are internally assessed to enhance their skills. Continue reading to know more about Jharkhand Board Class 6.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Exam Summary 2023

JAC is responsible for prescribing the syllabus and textbooks for Class 6. Furthermore, the textbooks prescribed by JAC for Class 6 students contain a syllabus that is in accordance with the Government of Jharkhand’s guidelines. The JAC Class 6 exams are conducted at school-level, while the board oversees the entire examination.

The Jharkhand Board Class 6 exams are tentatively scheduled to take place in the month of March, so students should start preparing for the exams accordingly. These exams test the knowledge gained by the students over the academic year. Students can easily understand their chapter topics with the help of Embibe study resources.

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Jharkhand Board Class 6 Exam Syllabus 2023

Exam Pattern

The Jharkhand Board designs the syllabus for Class 6 students to help them enhance their knowledge. Students are advised to go through the syllabus provided by Embibe to prepare for their upcoming exams to score higher marks. On the basis of this syllabus, the schools will conduct the annual examination to test the skills of the students. Below we have provided the exam syllabus for JAC Class 6.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Mathematics Syllabus

Students can score full marks in Jharkhand Board Class 6 Maths. They must study all the chapters sincerely and not skip any topic. They should also practice sample problems to ace the exams. The best way to do so is by carefully going through the syllabus and planning the study routine based on that. The JAC Class 6 Maths syllabus has been tabulated below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Knowing Our Numbers
2 Whole Numbers
3 Playing With Numbers
4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
6 Integers
7 Fractions
8 Decimals
9 Data Handling
10 Mensuration
11 Algebra
12 Ratio and Proportion
13 Symmetry
14 Practical Geometry

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Science Syllabus

Science is an interesting subject. Students can understand the concepts better with the help of Embibe’s 3D videos. Let us have a look at the JAC Class 6 Science syllabus for the current year. Students must carefully go through the syllabus and study all the topics accordingly. This will help them to have an in-depth exam preparation. Scroll down to access JAC Class 6 Science syllabus.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Food: Where Does It Come From
2 Components of Food
3 Fibre to Fabric
4 Sorting Materials Into Groups
5 Separation of Substances
6 Changes Around Us
7 Getting to Know Us
8 Body Movements
9 The Living Organism – Characteristics and Habitats
10 Motion and Measurement of Distances
11 Light, Shadows and Reflection
12 Electricity and Circuits
13 Fun With Magnets
14 Water
15 Air Around Us
16 Garbage In, Garbage Out

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

The syllabus for JAC Class 6 Social Science teaches History, Civics and Geography. It has a wide variety of interesting topics. Students are advised to go through the syllabus properly and decide which chapters to prepare first. This will help them to have a well-planned study session. Students must study all the chapters in the syllabus carefully to score excellent marks:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 What, Where, How and When
2 From Hunting, Gathering to Gathering Food
3 In the Earliest Cities
4 What Books and Burials Tell Us
5 Kingdoms, Kings and Early Republic
6 New Question and Ideas
7 Ashoka: The Emperor Who Gave Up War
8 Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
9 Traders, Kings and Pilgrims
10 New Empires and Kingdoms
11 Buildings, Paintings and Books
12 The Earth in The Solar System
13 Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
14 Motions of the Earth
15 Maps
16 Major Domains of the Earth
17 Major Landforms of the Earth
18 India: Climate, Vegetation, Wildlife
19 Our Country India
20 Understanding Diversity
21 Diversity and Differences
22 What is Government
23 Key Elements of Democratic Government
24 Panchayati Raj
25 Rural Administration
26 Urban Administration
27 Rural Livelihoods
28 Urban Livelihoods

Jharkhand Board Class 6 English Syllabus

The English syllabus comprises two textbooks. The main English textbook and a supplementary reader. The syllabus for JAC Class 6 English is tabulated below for students’ reference. Students can go through the syllabus properly and based on that plan their study routine. 

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1. The Emperor and the Nightingale
2. The Skylark
3. The King and the Tree Goddess
4. A Teacher for all Seasons
5. Sardar Patel
6. Symbols of our Country
7. Simba
8. Let’s Explore Nature
9. Sinbad, the Sailor
10. Foreign Lands
11. Indigenous Games of India
12. Paper Boats
13. Letter to a Penpal
14. Indian Weavers
15. Examination Time
16. Exam Stress
17. Florence Nightingale
18. If Mice Could Roar
19. The Tiny Little Things
20. I Would Choose to be a Daisy

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Jharkhand Board Class 6 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Exam Syllabus

Below we have provided a study plan to help students maximise their score in the Class 6 exams. Students can refer to these preparation tips to score higher marks in all the subjects. Also, they can refer to the right Jharkhand Board Class 6 study materials on Embibe to scale their exam preparation level.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Preparation Tips

The JAC Class 6 preparation tips for the current year exams are as follows:

  • Students must prepare a timetable before the JAC Class 6 exam. Develop and stick to the rigid study schedule. The plan must specify each hour of the day, as well as the topics to be covered for that day.
  • Students should take mock tests at Embibe to track their progress. The mock tests for JAC Class 6 are available for free at Embibe. Moreover, analysing one’s own mistakes is a crucial step in figuring out what went wrong.
  • Take at least one mock test per week at Embibe to get detailed feedback analysis. This detailed feedback analysis help students track their progress and analyse their performance. 
  • Experts recommend that students attempt previous years question papers to get an idea about the pattern of the exam.
  • Examining previous year’s question papers reveals that questions from certain topics are repeated year after year.
  • Students are advised to jot down all they learn throughout the early stages of preparations.
  • Never begin with any unfamiliar topic as it reduces the chance of scoring higher marks.
  • Students must understand all they have learned and not just memorise the topics.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 Detailed Study Plan

Students can find the JAC Class 6 detailed study plan for the exams below for reference. They must go through the study plan to prepare for the exams accordingly:

  • It is best to stick to a daily schedule that gives equal time to all subjects.
  • Mathematics is a slightly more difficult subject to learn, requiring at least two hours of study per day.
  • Except for Mathematics, all subjects must be studied for at least one hour per day. Spend 2 hours studying the difficult topics in Science.
  • History, Geography, and Civics are the three branches of Social Science. Allow 2 hours of study time based on the requirement.
  • One hour per day can be spent studying literature.
  • Long periods of study are not recommended. Take short breaks between every 2 hours of study. 
  • This schedule can be modified to suit a student’s needs, convenience and priorities.
  • Start the day with meditation. Yoga and exercise can help one stay physically and mentally fit.
  • Every day, consume a well-balanced diet.
  • Get enough rest and sleep for at least 7 hours every day.

FAQs on Jharkhand Board Class 6 Exam 2023

Study Plan to Maximise Score

We have provided a few frequently asked questions on JAC Board Class 6 below: 

Q: When will the JAC Class 6 exams 2023 take place?

Ans: The JAC Class 6 exams 2023 will tentatively take place in March/April 2023.

Q: What are the passing marks for JAC Class 6 students?

Ans: To pass the exam, a minimum of 33 marks is required in each subject.

Q: Where can I get sample questions for JAC Class 6 subjects?

Ans: Students can get sample questions on JAC Class 6 subjects on the Embibe app.

Q: What are the best strategies to succeed in the JAC Class 6 exams 2023?

Ans: Students must study and review concepts daily to perform well in JAC Class 6 exams 2023. To boost their confidence, students should also take mock tests at Embibe for free to get the best AI based feedback. This will help them track their progress.

Q: Where can I study for JAC Class 6 exams online?

Ans: Students can study at Embibe for free to score higher marks in JAC Class 6 exams. Embibe has all the relevant study material including 3D videos, reference books, sample questions, mock tests, and much more to help students ace the exams.

Jharkhand Board Class 6 List of Educational Institutions

Previous Year Analysis

Students can get the complete list of Jharkhand schools for Class 6 at Embibe. Students must enrol in one of these schools to get the best knowledge and enhance their skills. The table below gives the list of some schools in Jharkhand that provide the best education in the state:

Sr. No. School Name
1. Govt. Upg. M.S., Khagra
2. Govt. M.S., Amgachhi
3. Govt. P.S., Amagachhi
4. Ssa Nps Arai, Amagachhi
5. Upg. H.S., Banka
6. Govt. Upg. M.S., Baghmari
7. Govt. Upg. M.S., Dumariya
8. Govt. M.S., Dumariya
9. Govt. P.S., Dondiya
10. Govt. Upg. M.S., Telbhanga Budhiyari
11. Govt. M.S., Nawadih
12. Govt. M.S., Ghormara (Kanya)
13. Govt. M.S., Ghormara
14. Abhyas Pathshala, Ghormara
15. UPG M.S., Dhawatanr Chitpathar

Future Exams After Jharkhand Board Class 6

Exams are a way of highlighting a student’s knowledge, skills and potential in this competitive world. Apart from the school-level exams, there are several other exams that students can participate in to boost their confidence and interest. The following are a few competitive examinations for JAC Class 6 students:

  • The National Science Olympiad (NSO) is a national science competition held by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for students in grades 1 through 12. The candidates’ NSO ranks will be determined by their marks.
  • NSTSE: The National Level Science Talent Search Exam enables candidates to solve problems critically. NSTSE question papers are carefully designed to assess curriculum contents. 
  • The Maths Talent Search Exam (MTSE) is a competitive exam for candidates in grades 3 to 9 held by the Indian Institute for Studies in Mathematics (IISMA). Its key focus areas are mental ability, mathematical reasoning, precision, and quickness.
  • The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a competitive exam held to identify and develop children’s mathematical innovation, both in India and abroad. All kids in grades 1 through 12 from accredited schools are eligible.
  • The International Science Olympiad (ISO) is a national and international competition organised every year. The SSE is the IOS’s governing body (Society for Science Education). It is open to all Indian students in grades 1 through 12 who attend recognised schools.
  • The International Information Olympiad (IIO) is hosted every year by the Computer Literacy Foundation. The exam is open to students in grades 1 through 12 from accredited schools.

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