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JKCET Topics 2023: Important Subject-wise Topics with Weightage


JKCET Topics 2023: Do you want to ace the JKCET 2023 exam? If you are interested in pursuing the JKCET, you should be proficient in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, as questions are derived from these subjects. Understandably, these subjects lay the groundwork to qualify for the exam and therefore require a lot of practice, and with the right knowledge, you can sweep through. If you do not have a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, keep reading this article. 

Embibe believes candidates must comprehend the syllabus well and know each topic. We recommend a topic-based preparation because it will give ample opportunity to practise, understand, and revise the weaker areas first. And guess what—this article provides JKCET topics for improved preparation.

JKBOPEE releases the exam syllabus of JKCET every year. JKCET is a state-level engineering entrance exam for admission to BE and B.Tech in various colleges of Jammu and Kashmir. Candidates who want to build up their weaker areas must continue reading this article to learn about the exam pattern and JKCET topics 2023. 

JKCET Topics 2023- Section-wise Weightage

The JKCET question paper is divided into 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics containing 60 questions each. Check the JKCET topics with section-wise weightage in the tables below:

Physics Topics for JKCET

Check the table below for the Physics topics with weightage:

1.Experiments in PhysicsLeast Count of Vernier Callipers
2.Mathematical Tools in PhysicsDerivative of Composite Functions-Chain Rule
3.KinematicsWhat is Physics?

Note: The above table presents only a few chapter-wise topics. For more detailed and comprehensive JKCET Physics topics, kindly log in to Embibe.

Chemistry Topics for JKCET

Refer to the table below for the important Chemistry topics:

1.Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructurePhysical States of Matter
2.ThermodynamicsProperties of Liquids
3.Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemical Bonding

Note: The above table presents only a few chapter-wise topics. For more detailed and comprehensive JKCET Chemistry topics, kindly log in to Embibe.

Mathematics Topics for JKCET

The table below presents the important mathematics topics:

1. Set Theory and RelationsRational Number Introduction
2.Trigonometric RatiosIntroduction
3.Theory of EquationAlgebraic Equations

Note: The above table presents only a few chapter-wise topics. For more detailed and comprehensive JKCET Mathematics topics, kindly log in to Embibe.

We advise aspirants to devote some time to the JKCET topics with weightage and create a suitable study plan and timetable. Following this regimen will ensure maximum productivity with minimum stress.

FAQs on JKCET Important Topics 2023

Check the following commonly asked questions by JKCET aspirants:

Q: Does JKCET 2023 have a negative marking?

Ans: Yes. There will be a deduction of 0.25 marks for each incorrect response.

Q: How many sections does the JKCET exam paper have?

Ans: The JKCET exam paper is divided into three sections — Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Q: How many questions will be asked in the JKCET  examination?

Ans: The JKCET exam comprises 180 questions equally from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Q: How many marks are allocated to each section in the JKCET exam?

Ans: Each section comprises 60 questions, with one mark for every question.

Q: What is the mode of the exam?

Ans: JKCET 2023 will be conducted offline.

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We hope JKCET 2023 topics with weightage will help with your preparation strategy. If you still have queries, connect with us on the Embibe app, and we will respond soon. 

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