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Kerala Board SSLC Important Topics 2023


You score 99% in SSLC exam, your parents can’t contain their happiness. You are getting endless congratulatory calls and younger cousins are seeking study guidance. How many times did you sit to study and enter the above dreamland? Every time right? It is a difficult, but a possible dream. In 2022, 4,26,999 students registered for the exam, of which 4,23,303 passed. But only 44,363 students scored A+ grade or above 90%. 

If you are wondering how to be among the toppers, we have the answer for you. The best way is to develop a solid conceptual base in the Kerala Board SSLC important topics. You can focus on the textbooks and Embibe platform to learn all the topics thoroughly. Embibe provides 3D videos with solutions that enables quick and effective learning. To help you be among the best performers, Embibe has a dedicated team that analyses the yearly question trend and prepares top-notch study resources on important topics for Kerala Board SSLC exam.

Embibe is a student-first platform that offers students from different socio-economic backgrounds the best education facilities. Here, you can learn any concept from our AI-driven 3D videos, solve sample questions, and take mock tests. We offer  50+ exclusive books, 70+ interactive videos, and 5000+ practice questions to help students learn, practice, and test for 10th Kerala Board exam.

Kerala SSLC Maths Syllabus 2023

While conceptual clarity is essential for Maths, it is not enough. The subject requires extensive practice to remember the formulas and understand their correct application. You can practice thousands of topic-wise questions till you ace the concept. Now, let us look at the Kerala Class 10th Maths syllabus for 2022-23:

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Arithmetic SequencesIntroduction to SequencesIntroduction to Arithmetic ProgressionGeneral Term of an Arithmetic ProgressionSum of First n Terms in Arithmetic Progression.
Geometry and AlgebraAlgebraic Relation between the Coordinates of a PointSlope of a Straight LineVarious Forms of Equations of the Straight LineSecond Degree Plot
TrigonometryTrigonometric RatiosSides and Angles of a TriangleApplications of TrigonometryTrigonometric Values Table

To know all the topics of Kerala Board SSLC Mathematics, click here.

Kerala SSLC Science Important Topics

Science can be a scoring subject if you understand the concepts well and give equal importance to diagram practice. On embibe, you can watch 3D videos where each topic comes to life with graphical representation. The most effective way to complete the syllabus is first completing the Kerala SSLC Science important topics and then solving all the remaining chapters. let us look at some of important topics in 10th Kerala Class Science subject:

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Effects of Electric CurrentHeating Effect of Electric CurrentResistance of a System of ResistorsHeating Effect of Electricity- UsesElectric PowerLighting Effect of Electric Current
Refraction of LightTotal Internal ReflectionLensFormation of Image Using a LensPower of a LensAtmospheric Refraction
Energy MovementDifferent Sources of EnergyFuel EfficiencyPower StationSolar EnergyEnergy from Wind and SeaGeothermal EnergyNuclear EnergyRenewable Sources of EnergyEnergy Crisis

Study all the important topics of Kerala Board SSLC Science here.

How to Take Kerala Board Class 10 Mock Tests on Embibe?

The steps to attempt the Kerala Board Class 10 mock tests on the Embibe platform are as follows:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Embibe. 
  • 2nd Step: Use your email/mobile number to sign in. 
  • 3rd Step: Under the Excelling in School section, select Kerala Board as the goal. 
  • 4th Step: Then click Next and select ‘10th Kerala Board’.
  • 5th Step: After clicking Next, you can choose your preferred language. 
  • 6th Step: Click on the respective links and take the ‘test’. 

FAQs on Kerala Board SSLC Important Topics

Q: Where can I take mock tests for Kerala Board Class 10 subjects for?

Ans: Students can attempt mock tests for Kerala Board Class 10 subjects on Embibe. 

Q: How will Embibe help me in studying for Kerala Board SSLC exam?

Ans: Embibe has a lot of study resources to meet all your exam preparation needs. You can learn, practice or test and  topic. Embibe exists to help you achieve your academic dreams and excel. Refer to our Kerala Board Class 10 3D videos with solutions, solve sample questions for a topic or a subject, as you wish, take mock tests. 

Q: What are some important topics in Kerala Board 10th Maths?

Ans: Geometry and Algebra, Trigonometry, Arithmetic Sequences are some of the important topics for the Kerala SSLC exam. 

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for the 10th Kerala Board exam?

Ans: Students must score at least 35% marks in each subject to pass the Kerala Board 10th class.

Q: What are wasted attempts in Embibe?

Ans: The wasted attempts feature on Embibe are a student’s attempts of answering a question, that take away precious marks as these are incorrect attempts made in hurry. Log in to Embibe to know on how to minimise such attempts.

We hope this article on the Kerala Board SSLC important topics was helpful to you. 

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