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LIC AAO Preparation Strategy: 8 Easy Tips & Tricks


LIC AAO Preparation Plan: LIC AAO Exam is scheduled to be held on August 28, 2021. Life Insurance Corporation Assistant Administrative Officer (LIC AAO) exam have three stages: Prelims, Mains and Interview. LIC AAO Prelims date is not yet announced. Also, the date for LIC AAO Mains will be notified soon after the prelims exam. Candidates who are preparing for this exam must boost their LIC AAO preparation and brush up whatever studied till now. Those who have not started yet must get serious and start their LIC AAO/AE preparation as soon as possible.

LIC AAO should not be taken lightly. Only 1 in 1000 manage to crack the exam. This year LIC has released 218 total vacancies for AAO & AE. Lakhs of aspirants will apply for the post and competition for the same will be high. In order to make sure you are among those few selected candidates who manage to beat the exam, you need to plan your strategy ahead. From this article, you can read the LIC AAO preparation tips and devise your strategy. Just make sure that whatever strategy you are following, put your best efforts with regular discipline. You will get the result based on your LIC AAO preparation.

LIC AAO Preparation

Before starting your LIC AAO preparation, you need to find out how much time it will take to complete the whole syllabus. Everyone has their own pace of learning and a varying amount of time spent on studying. You need to figure out how much is yours and then calculate how many days it will take to complete the whole syllabus. Make sure that you leave 5-10 days for revision before the exam. If you are unable to finish it within the time frame then it’s obvious that you have to spend a few extra hours every day to finish the syllabus on time.

Learn LIC AAO Mains Exam Concepts

Make a time table that is realistic. In order to follow a timetable strictly, you need to have a disciplined mindset and constant hard work. Follow that timetable for a few days and observe the positive changes. But don’t get overconfident after succeeding. Many students follow the timetable for a few days and then break the habit. You need to have mental stamina. At the same time, understand your limits. Everyone has their own limits, don’t push yourself at a point where your health is jeopardized. That’s why set a realistic time table.

Do in-depth learning but do not overdo it. It is a good practice to understand the core of the concepts. But make sure that you do not spend the whole day breaking your head on one thing. Understand the key points and that is sufficient. Remember the goal is not to earn a Ph.D. in one concept. The aim is to crack the LIC AAO and you don’t have many days left for the preparation.

LIC AAO PrelimsMock Tests
LIC AAO Mains – 1Take Test
LIC AAO Mains – 2Take Test
LIC AAO Mains – 3Take Test
LIC AAO Mains – 4Take Test
LIC AAO Mains – 5Take Test

Your learning strategy must be quick and effective. Learning a concept and taking Practise tests and then Mock Tests is one such method. Actually, there is no such way which will help you to crack the exam if you are spending only 1 month for the preparation. Don’t forget that you are competing with the students who are practicing for this exam for 1 year. With not so many days left, it is advisable that you give your best shot. If you failed to crack this one. Don’t stop, continue your preparation and you will be able to crack the exam next time.

Practice LIC AAO Mains Exam Questions

Check Out The Best Books For LIC AAO

The best you can do is to take mock tests. Mock Test will give you an idea about the type of questions that will be asked and you will get used to solving the questions in time. However, it is advisable that you should go through all the concepts once and understand them. Because it’s in vain if you are taking the mock test simply without having the basic knowledge. So make sure that you have covered the chapters & then take the mock tests. You can take mock tests on Embibe

Choose the important chapters first. Start with the chapters that are important especially the one which you are finding difficult. Make the important points on the spot. It will help you in revision. Try to maintain good handwriting and if possible, try to make drawings or pictorial representation of concepts. Pictures convey a lot of information with just one look. And also our brain is good at remembering the pictures rather than words.

After finishing every topic and taking the mock test. Figure out where are you lacking? Are you slow in solving the problems or are you not aware of the topic? Analyze those weak areas as if you are trying to find the mistake of others then work on them. At Embibe, we have Advanced Feedback Analysis, that tells all your weak areas so that you don’t have to worry about this part.

For current affairs, study basic economics like money market, capital market, the monetary and fiscal policy of India, and related topics. You can refer to the current affairs quizzes and articles.

Attempt LIC AAO Mains Exam Mock Tests

Frequently Asked Questions On LIC AAO Preparation

Below we have provided a few FAQs that students generally ask:

Q1: How difficult is LIC AAO?

A1: As per reviews of the students from the last exam, the level of the paper was moderate to easy. Many students attempted 100 questions out of a total of 160. With the right preparation tips, you will be able to crack the exam easily.

Q2: What is the salary of LIC AAO?

A2: The initial salary of LIC AAO is 32,795 with an increment of 1610 every year.

Q3: What is the selection procedure for LIC AAO?

A3: The LIC AAO exam is conducted in 3 stages:
1st Stage: LIC AE/AAO Preliminary Exam,
2nd Stage: LIC AAO/AE Main Exam, and
3rd Stage: Personal Interview
Candidates qualifying all the 3 rounds are selected.

Q4: How to prepare for LIC AAO?

A4: Follow these points and you will be able to crack the exam:

  1. Have a realistic timetable.
  2. Understand your limits based on your mental stamina.
  3. In-depth learning will surely help in the process.
  4. Do quick and effective learning.
  5. Take regular mock tests.

We hope that we have managed to provide complete information in this LIC AAO preparation article. You can also study, practice and take mock tests on Embibe. Since the exam pattern is the same for the banking exams as well as LIC AAO, you can take the bank mock tests without a second thought.

If you have any queries regarding LIC AAO Preparation then you can post your comments or queries in the comment section provided below. We will respond as possible.

Best Of Luck From Team Embibe!

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