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Maharashtra Board Class 8 Topics 2023


When climbing stairs, you take one at a time rather than leaping because it’s easier and smoother. Class 8, being the foundational stage for higher classes, requires you to be thorough with all the topics. And though there are numerous topics, you cannot miss any of them as they form the fundamentals for more complex concepts. To lessen the workload, you must study one topic after another instead of cramming them all in at once.

Embibe breaks down the complexity of the vast syllabus into short and engaging 3D videos that explain every topic in detail. You can get the 8th Maharashtra Board topics on Embibe, with relevant examples and practice questions to ease your preparation. You can learn the topics in English or Marathi and visualise them through the 3D videos to get a deeper understanding. Get the 8th Maharashtra Board topics for from this article.

Maharashtra Board Class 8 Subject-wise Topics

Studying all the topics is important, as it helps to develop a well-rounded knowledge base. You will also understand the subject better and be more confident when giving your final exam. The experts at Embibe have prepared the MSBSHSE (Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education) Class 8 subject-wise topics to give you an in-depth understanding of concepts. And with every topic you are learning, you also get practise questions. Scroll down to get the MSBSHSE Class 8 subject-wise topics.

8th Maharashtra Board Maths Topics

Class 8 Maths has enormous topics and many questions to solve. The topics are explained in detail through 3D videos and solved examples at Embibe. The 8th Maharashtra Board Maths topics are listed in the table below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Altitudes and Medians of a TriangleAltitude of a Triangle
Medians of a Triangle
2AreaArea of a Figures having Irregular Shapes
Understanding Area of Geometrical Shapes
Area of Circle
3Circle – Chord and ArcProperties of Chord of Circle
Arc of Circle
4Congruence of TrianglesIntroduction to Congruence of Triangles
Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
5Parallel lines and TransversalPair of Lines and Transversal
Construction of Parallel Lines
Angles formed by Transversal
6Quadrilateral : Constructions and TypesConstruction of Quadrilaterals
Construction of Special Quadrilaterals
7Surface Area and VolumeVolume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder
Euler’s Formula
Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder
Units of Area and Volume
8Compound InterestIntroduction to Compound Interest and It’s Formula
9Discount and CommissionDiscount and Rebate
10Division of PolynomialsAddition and Subtraction of Polynomials
Division of Polynomials
Introduction to Polynomials
11Indices and Cube RootIndices
Cubes and Cube Roots
12Rational and Irrational NumbersComparison of Rational Numbers
Rational and Irrational Numbers on Number Line
Decimal Representation of Rational Numbers
Irrational Numbers
13VariationDirect and Inverse Variation
Applications of Direct and Inverse Variations
14Equations in One VariableSolving Linear Equations in One Variable
Applications of Linear Equations
15Expansion FormulaeExpansions Using Algebraic Identities
16Factorisation of Algebraic ExpressionsFactorisation Using Algebraic Identities
Algebraic Expressions
Arithmetic Mean
Graphical Representation of Data

8th Maharashtra Board Science Topics

You can easily master the topics in Science by watching the 3D videos on Embibe. This makes learning engaging and more insightful because of the ability to visualise and imagine the concepts in a better way. You can get the 8th Maharashtra Board topics from the table below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Living World and Classification of MicrobesBiodiversity and Need of Classification
Classification of Microbes
Kingdom Monera
Kingdom Protista
Kingdom Fungi
2Health and DiseasesIntroduction to Health and Diseases
Types of Diseases
Misuse of Medicines and Generic Medicines
3PollutionPollution and Pollutants
Air Pollutionx
Water Pollution
Soil Pollution
Pollution- Prevention and Control
4Cell and Cell OrganellesStructure and Components of a Cell
Cell Wall, Cell Membrane and Cytoplasm
Cell Organelles
5Human Body and Organ SystemRespiration and Its Steps
Respiratory System- Structure and Function
Blood Circulatory System
Human Blood Groups and Supply of Blood for Blood Transfusion
Blood Pressure and Hypertension
6EcosystemsEcosystem and Its Structure
Types of Ecosystem
Diminishment of Ecosystem due to Human Interference
7Force and PressureForce
Buoyant Force
Current Electricity and Magnetism
Current Electricity
Electrostatic Potential and Potential Difference
Electric Cell
Electric Circuit
Magnetic Effect of Current
9Disaster ManagementEarthquake
Landslides-Rift Collapse
Disaster Relief Planning
10Measurement and Effects of HeatHeat and Sources of Heat
Heat and Temperature
Expansion of Solids
Expansion of Liquids
11SoundProduction and Propagation of Sound
Sound and Music
Sound Produced by Human and a Loudspeaker
12Reflection of LightReflection of Light
Reflection of Reflected Light
13Life Cycle of StarsProperties of stars
Birth and Stability of Stars
Evolution of stars and Their End Stages
Inside the Atom
Introduction to atom and molecule
Dalton’s atomic theory
Thomson’s plum pudding model of atom
Rutherford’s nuclear model of atom (1911)
Bohr’s stable orbit atomic model (1913)
Atomic structure
Valency and electronic configuration of elements
Nuclear Reactor
15Composition of MatterStates of matter
Molecular formula and Valency
16Metals and NonmetalsMetals
Uses of metals and nonmetals
17Introduction to Acid and BaseAcid
Base or Alkali
18Chemical Change and Chemical BondChemical Changes and Equations
Chemical bond
19Man Made MaterialsIntroduction to man made materials

FAQs on 8th Maharashtra Board Topics

You can find the frequently asked questions on the 8th Maharashtra Board topics below.

Q. Where can I find the 8th Maharashtra Board topics?

Ans: You can find the 8th Maharashtra Board topics on Embibe.

Q. Does Embibe provide the 8th Maharashtra Board topics in Marathi?

Ans: Embibe provides the 8th Maharashtra Board topics in English and Marathi.

Q. Should I study all the topics for the 8th Maharashtra Board exam?

Ans: You must study all the topics for 8th Maharashtra Board exam to strengthen your fundamentals and be able to answer any questions asked in the exam.

Q. Where can I practice questions for 8th Maharashtra Board topics?

Ans: Embibe provides practice questions for the 8th Maharashtra Board topics.

Q. Are the 8th Maharashtra Board Science topics tough?

Ans: The 8th Maharashtra Board Science topics are quite lengthy but easy to understand.

We hope you found this article helpful. Visit Embibe to get the 8th Maharashtra Board study materials.

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