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Maharashtra Board Class 9 Topics 2023


Do you like the chocolate Toblerone? How do you eat it? Piece by piece right? You can’t consume it full lest you want to choke. The same goes for studying a chapter. You cannot study the whole chapter in a single go. You must divide it into topics and put all your focus and energy into understanding it sincerely. But sometimes, a few pieces may be tough to chew or swallow (understand). You can always refer to Embibe to learn the Maharashtra Board Class 9 topics. 

Embibe is an online education application that teaches your 9th Maharashtra Board topics through 3D graphical representation. There are 20+ 3D books with video solutions, 1500+ sample questions and mock tests that help you prepare a topic from beginning to end. Read on to access Maharashtra Board Class 9 topics for Maths and Science.

Subject-wise 9th Maharashtra Board Topics

Instead of fussing over a lengthy chapter, you should break it down into doable topics. Like you simplify a math problem, you can simplify your style of studying too. Divide your 9th Maharashtra Board topics from a chapter into the hours or days that you’ll take to learn them thoroughly. Embibe’s animated notes are the best option for preparing each topic in the most comprehensive manner. Scroll through the page for subject-wise and chapter-wise Class 9 Maharashtra Board topics.

Class 9 Maharashtra Board Topics in Mathematics

We have listed chapter-wise Class 9 Maharashtra Board topics in Maths subject. Click on the topic links to watch the 3D videos on them and learn Maths in the best possible way.

Chapter NameTopics
Sets-Sets and their representations
-Types of sets
-Venn diagrams
-Complement of a Set
Real Numbers-Introduction to real numbers
-Rational numbers
-Irrational numbers
-Operations in real numbers
-Basics of surds and its types
Polynomials-Introduction To Polynomials
-Operations in Polynomial
-Remainder and Factor Theorem
Ratio And Proportion-Proportion
-Diverse And Inverse Proportion
-Introduction To Ratios
Linear Equation In 2 Variables-Linear Equation In 2 Variables
-Solution Of Two Simultaneous Linear Equation
-Solution Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
-Solution Of Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
-Application Of Linear Equation In Two Variables
Financial Planning-Introduction To Financial Planning
-Calculation Of Taxes For Purchased Goods
-Calculation Of Tax And Amount After Tax
-Problems On Value Added Tax
-Simple And Compound Interest
Statistics-Basics Of Bar Graph
-Interpretation Of A Bar Graph
-Introduction To Statistics
-Understanding Raw Data
Basic Concepts In Geometry-Euclid’s Geometry: Definitions And Axioms
-Introduction To Points
-Introduction To Lines
-Euclid’s Postulates Of A Plane
-Line And A Plane
Parallel Lines-Vertically Opposite Angles
-Parallel And Transversal Lines: Illustration
-Converse Of Corresponding Angles
-Angles Made By Transversal Of Parallel Lines
-Understanding Co-Interior Angles
Triangles-Properties Of Isosceles Triangle
-Proof For Properties Of Isosceles Triangles
-Exterior Angle Of A Triangle
-Angle Sum Property Of A Triangle
-Congruence Of Triangles
Construction Of Triangles-Construction Of Triangle Given Difference Of Two Sides
-Construction Of Triangle When Base Angle And Perimeter Is Given
-Construction Of Triangle By SAS
-Construction Of Triangle By ASA
-Construction Of Triangle By RHS
Quadrilaterals-Identification Of Convex And Concave Quadrilateral
-Illustration Based On Convex Quadrilateral
-Elements Of A Parallelogram
-Properties Of A Parallelogram
-Parallelogram On The Same Base
Circle-Circle And Its Related Terms
-Concyclic Points
-Parts Of A Circle
-Coordinates Of Incentre
Coordinate Geometry-Understanding Coordinate Axis
-Plotting A Point In The Coordinate Plane
-Quadrants In The Cartesian System
-Cartesian Coordinate System
-The X-Axis In Coordinate System
Trigonometry-Introduction To Trigonometry
-Basics Of Trigonometry
-Visualising Trigonometric Ratios For Same Angles
-Definsing Sine And Cosine Ratios And Their Range
-Trigonometric Identities
Surface Area And Volume-Visualising Solid Shapes
-Three Dimensional Shapes
-Surface Area Of Rectangular Solids
-Surface Area Of A Cuboid: Example
-Surface Area Of A Cylinder

Class 9 Maharashtra Board Topics in Science

You no longer have to leave Science topics to the imagination. All the concepts in 9th Maharashtra Board topics are represented through videos. Thus, you can watch scientific phenomena occur and understand them better. Below are some of the topics in all the Class 9 Science chapters.

Chapter NameTopics
Laws Of Motion-Introduction To Motion
-Types Of Motion
-Introduction To Speed
-More On Speed And Velocity
Work And Energy-Momentum
-Principle Of Conservation Of Linear Momentum
-Introduction To Work
-Scientific Conception Of Work
-Potential Energy
Current Electricity-Electric Potential And Potential Difference
-Definition Of Electric Potential
-Electric Potential Difference
-Electric Current
-Ohm’s Law
Measurement Of Matter-Law Of Conservation Of Mass
-Verification Of Law Of Conservation Of Mass
-Law Of Definite Proportions
-Avogadro’s Law And Its Applications
-Atoms, Molecules And Ions
Acids, Bases And Salts-Properties Of Iconic Compounds
-Arrhenius Theory Of Acids And Bases And Its Limitations
-Strengths Of Acids And Bases
-Concentration Of A Solution
-Molarity And Its Unit
Classification Of Plants-Classification Of Living Things
-Classification of Eukaryotic Organisms
-The Ultimate Chefs Of The World: Autotrophs
-Flowering And Nonflowering Plants
Energy Flow In An Ecosystem-Energy Flow In An Ecosystem
-Trophic Levels
-Food Chains And Food Web
-Food Chain In Aquatic System
-Cycles Driving The Ecosystem
Useful And Harmful Microbes-Useful Microbes
-Nitrogen Fixation
-Nitrogen Cycles
-Microbes- Tiny But Deadly
-Destruction Of RBC In Malaria
Environmental Management-Recycling Waste
-Waste- Sources And Classification
-Principles Of Waste Management
-Sewage -Treatment And Sanitation
-Earthquake And Its Disaster
Information Communication Technology-Devices And Technology For Communication
-How Do Computers Work
-Basic Components Of Computer
-Types Of Software
-Graphing Data Using Spreadsheet
Reflection Of Light-Reflection Of Light
-Laws Of Reflection Of Light
-Nature Of Image Formed By A Plane Mirror
-Effects Of Rotation Of A Plane Mirror
-Spherical Mirrors
Study Of Sound-Production Of Sound
-Speed Of A Soundwave
-Factors Affecting Speed Of Sound In Air
-Wave Speed
-Sound And Hearing
Carbon An Important Element-Allotropes Of Carbon
-Characteristics Of Diamond And Graphite
-Structure And Properties Of Diamond And Graphite
-Versatile Nature Of Carbon
-Introduction To Hydrocarbons
Substances In Common Use-Preparation Of Sodium Chloride
-Bleaching Powder
-Soaps And Detergents
-Introduction To Epsom Salt
-Natural Radioactivity
Life Processes In Living Organisms-Diffusion In Plants And Humans
-Vascular Bundles In Dicots
-Transport Of Oxygen
-Transport Of Water In Plants
-Theories For Ascent In Sap
Heredity And Variation-Introduction To Heredity And Variation
-Inherited And Acquired Traits
-Nitrogenous Bases
-Structure Of DNA
-DNA Fingerprinting
Introduction To Biotechnology-Tissue
-Biotechnology And Tissue Culture
-Agro-Complementary Occupations
Observing Space: Telescopes-Different Forms Of Light
-Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 9 Topics

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Class 9 Maharashtra Board Topics:

Q: Can I study the 9th Maharashtra Board Maths chapter ‘Trigonometry’ on Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can study all the Class 9 Maharashtra Board Maths chapters, including Trigonometry, on the Embibe app for.

Q: Where can I learn all the 9th Maharashtra Board topics?

Ans: You can study all the Class 9 Maharashtra Board topics on Embibe.

Q: How will Embibe help me obtain good marks in 9th class Maharashtra Board exams?

Ans: Embibe explains all your 9th Maharashtra Board topics with the help of 3D videos. Thus, you are able to understand the concepts faster and more effectively. As a result, you can write better answers in the final exam and also solve Maths questions with all the correct steps.

Q: Are the Class 9 Maharashtra Board topics difficult?

Ans: Some of the topics in Maharashtra Board Class 9 subjects can be a bit complex. 

Q: How many topics are there in Maharashtra Board Class 9 Science chapter ‘Introduction to Biotechnology’?

Ans: There are three topics in Class 9 Maharashtra Board Science chapter ‘Introduction to Biotechnology’. They are listed on this page.

We hope this article on Maharashtra Board Class 9 topics has been helpful to you.

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