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Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Syllabus 2023


Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Syllabus: The MSBSHSE Maharashtra State Board for Senior and Higher Secondary Education prescribes the syllabus for Class 12 students. The syllabus is an important resource that students must have when preparing for their exams. The syllabus is designed to give students a clear conceptual understanding, improve their knowledge of practical applications, and also prepare them for other competitive exams.

Students must go through the syllabus properly to plan their studies and schedule their time accordingly. This article discusses the syllabus for Class 12 Science for different subjects. Students should refer to it before studying any subject to learn the correct chapters. Continue reading further to learn more about the Maharashtra Board Class 12 syllabus and start preparing for the exams.

MSBSHSE Class 12 Subject-wise Syllabus

Just like before solving a question, it is important for students to be aware of the formulas; similarly, before preparing for the exam, it is important for students to know the syllabus. A syllabus is an important study resource for Class 12 and students must follow the syllabus religiously. Knowing the syllabus gives students an overview of the subject and what chapters are included. Students can refer to the subject-wise syllabus in the sections below and based on that start their exam preparation.

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus

Given below is the MSBSHSE Class 12 Physics syllabus. Students can refer to the table below to understand the chapters and their sub-topics. For further exam preparation, students can practice the Maharashtra Board Class 12 Physics questions. Embibe provides students with 1500+ questions for MSBSHSE Class 12 which students can access for free.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Rotational Dynamics
2Mechanical Properties of Fluids
4Superposition of Waves
6Wave Motion
7Wave Optics
8Interference and Diffraction
10Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation
11Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
12Structure of Atoms and Nuclei
13Semiconductor Devices
14Communication Systems
16Magnetic Fields due to Electric Current
17Electromagnetic Induction
18Current Electricity
19Magnetic Materials
20AC Circuits

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry is an important subject that requires students to be thorough in the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject. Given below is the detailed syllabus for MSBSHSE Class 12 Chemistry. Students can refer to the table below and start their exam preparation. They can also practice MSBSHSE Class 12 Chemistry questions on Embibe for better preparation.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Solid state
3Chemical Thermodynamics
4Ionic Equilibria
6Chemical Kinetics
7Elements of Groups 16, 17 and 18
8Transition and Inner Transition Elements
9Coordination Compounds
10Halogen Derivatives
11Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
12Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
15Introduction to Polymer Chemistry
16Green Chemistry and Nanochemistry

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

To score well in MSBSHSE Class 12 Biology exam, it is important for students to go through the chapters in depth. To ease things out for students, we have provided the detailed syllabus for students below. They can also practice Maharashtra Board class 12 Biology questions on Embibe for better exam preparation.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Inheritance and Variation
2Molecular Basis of Inheritance
3Origin and Evolution of Life
4Plant Water Relation
5Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition
6Respiration and Circulation
7Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
8Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
10Enhancement of Food Production
11Human Health and Diseases
12Ecosystems and Energy Flow
13Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Issues
14Organisms and Populations
15Respiration and Circulation
16Control and Co-ordination

Maharashtra State Board 12th Syllabus for Mathematics

Maths is a very important subject not only for Class 12 but for those students who are planning to attempt competitive entrance exams later on. Students need to have all the basic concepts clear and should be thorough with all the formulas. For better exam preparation, Embibe provides students with MSBSHSE Class 12 Maths mock tests which will help students have real-time exam experience. The table below provides the detailed syllabus for Maths.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Mathematical Logic
3Linear Programming
4Probability Distributions
5Binomial Distribution
6Trigonometric Functions
7Pair of Straight Lines
9Line and Plane
11Applications of Derivatives
12Indefinite Integration
13Definite Integration
14Application of Definite Integration
15Differential Equations

FAQs on Maharashtra State Board HSC Syllabus

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on the Maharashtra State Board Class 12 syllabus:

Q: Where can I get the Maharashtra Board Class 12 syllabus?

Ans: Students can get the Maharashtra Board Class 12 syllabus on this page.

Q: Where can I access the Maharashtra Board Class 12 mock tests?

Ans: Students can access the Maharashtra Board Class 12 mock test on Embibe.

Q: Where can I practice questions for Maharashtra Board Class 12?

Ans: Students can practice numerous questions on Embibe for the Maharashtra Board Class 12.

Q: What is the importance of attempting mock tests on Embibe?

Ans: Attempting the mock tests on Embibe gives students a real-time exam experience and helps them improve their preparation through detailed feedbacks after each test.

Q: Is the MSBSHSE Class 12 syllabus tough?

Ans: The MSBSHSE Class 12 syllabus is not tough and with the right study resources students can ace the exam easily.

We hope you found this article helpful. For more information on the Maharashtra Board 12th exams, stay tuned on Embibe.

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