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10th Meghalaya Board Topics


Nearly 57,000 students appeared for the exams in 2022, and only 56.96% of students passed the exams. Did you ever wonder why there is such a huge gap between the appearing and passing students? Most of it is because they aren’t prepared well for the exams. Well, pass percentage is surely alarming. Of course, you don’t want to be one of the students who do not score well enough or fail. In that case, you need to start your preparation as soon as the session starts.

Most students who fail the exams don’t know what topics they should be referring to. Knowing the syllabus, important chapters and topics can contribute significantly towards scoring higher marks in the exams. If you start your preparation with Embibe, things will be much simpler. Embibe provides 10+ e-books, 200+ interactive videos and 250+ practice questions for Meghalaya board Class 10 that will help you prepare for exams in better manner.

10th Meghalaya Board Topics for Exams Preparation

When you are appearing for the Meghalaya board exams, almost every topic is important. After all, you don’t want to be a part of the approximately 40% of students who fail the exams. Isn’t it? If you wish to top the board exams, you need to pay special attention to every topic. You must use previous year’s question papers to understand the exam and pattern and the weightage of marks every chapter or topic carries. 

All the topics for Meghalaya board Class 10 are available as explanatory videos on Embibe. Since these topics are explained thoroughly, you can grasp the concepts and also prepare notes for exam preparation. 

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Topics: Science

If you find Science boring or monotonous, there are high chances that you’re not preparing for it the right way. Embibe can be one of the most effective ways to make Meghalaya board Class 10 topics interactive and interesting. Since all the topics are explained in video, it will be easier for you to prepare for the exams. 

Given below are some of the topics you must prepare for the Meghalaya board Class 10 exams:

Sr NoChaptersTopics
1Chemical Reactions and EquationsChemical Reactions: Their Significance and RepresentationCharacteristics of Chemical ReactionsChemical Reactions and Equations
2Acids, Bases and SaltAcid-Base IndicatorsChemical Properties of Acids and BasesReaction of Acids with Metal Hydrogen Carbonates
3Metals and Non-metalsPhysical Properties of Metals and Non-metalsThermal Conductivity of MetalsElectrical Conductivity of Metals and Non-metals
4Carbon and Its CompoundsThe Covalent Bond in CarbonVersatile Nature of CarbonChemical Properties of Carbon Compounds

For more topics related to Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science, refer to Embibe

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Topics: Maths

Prior to starting for Meghalaya board Class 10 exams preparation, you should be aware of the topics that you need to prepare. Meghalaya Board Class 10 Maths deals with some interesting concepts like Arithmetic Progression, Coordinate Geometry, Construction and more. You can also practice the questions for Meghalaya Board Class 10 topics from Embibe for. 

You can access the 10th Meghalaya board Class 10 topics from the table below:

Sr NoChaptersTopics
1Real NumbersEuclid’s Division LemmaThe Fundamental Theorem of ArithmeticHCF & LCM
2PolynomialsBasics of PolynomialsGeometrical Meaning of The Zeros of a PolynomialRelationship Between Zeros & Coefficients of a Polynomial
3Pair of Linear Equation in Two VariablesIntroduction to Pair Of Linear Equation in Two VariablesGraphical Method of Solution of A Pair of Linear EquationsAlgebraic Methods of Solving A Pair of Linear Equations
4Quadratic EquationsIntroduction to Quadratic EquationsSolution of A Quadratic EquationNature of Roots

You can visit Embibe to get the important topics of 10th Meghalaya board. 

FAQs on Meghalaya Board Class 10 Topics

Q.1: How many topics are there for MBOSE Class 10 Maths?

Ans: Embibe provides around 5 topics for each chapter on an average for MBOSE Class 10 Maths. You can download the app and start practicing the questions from all topics. 

Q.2: What are the benefits of knowing important topics of MBOSE Class 10?

Ans: Practicing the important topics for MBOSE Class 10 will help you prepare for the exams in a short time. Since you focus only on the important topics, you will get to save time and eventually prepare for the exams in a better manner. 

Q.3: What are the tips for scoring good marks in Meghalaya Board Class 10 exams?

Ans: If you want to score good marks in Meghalaya Board Class 10 exams, you need to start your preparation with Embibe. The study materials such as practice questions, textbooks, previous year’s question papers, mock tests and sample papers are available for. You can download the app, create your account and start practicing from Embibe to score more marks. 

Q.4: What is the pass percentage for MBOSE Class 10?

Ans: To qualify for the MBOSE SSLC exams 2023, every student must score around 30% in their exams. 

Q.5: How many practice questions can I find on Embibe?

Ans: On Embibe, you can find the practice questions for Maths and Science. 

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