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6th Meghalaya Board Study Material


Are you preparing for the Meghalaya Board class 6 exam with the intent to top the exam? Then we know what you require. Books, sample papers, practice questions and mock tests are the best study resources to make your preparation top-notch. And when you get everything in one place, isn’t it convenient? The answer is obviously yes. Embibe provides the best study materials to help you perform well in the exam.

Embibe is the most powerful learning platform, which offers 1400+ books, sample papers, and several practice questions and mock tests to make you well-equipped to face the exams. Refer to books and watch 3D  videos to learn and cover the entire syllabus in less time. The platform offers study resources for so that every student excels academically. 

Meghalaya Board Class 6 Study Materials: Books 

Embibe offers 40+ books with video solutions to help you learn the chapters with the help of interactive videos tagged to the books. The books also highlight important topics from the chapters that you must prioritise. Find the books for Maths and Science from class 6th Meghalaya Board. Click on the links to access the books.  

MBOSE Class 6 Science Books 

Let’s have a look at Science books for Meghalaya Board class 6 in the below: 

MBOSE Class 6 Science Books 
SCIENCE TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS VI NCERT Exemplar Science – Class 6 All in One – Science

MBOSE Class 6 Mathematics Books

Find Mathematics books for Meghalaya Board class 6 in the below table: 

MBOSE Class 6 Mathematics Books
MATHEMATICS Textbook for Class VI
NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 6 Mental Maths 6

6th Meghalaya Board Study Notes: Practice Questions

They say, ‘only perfect practice makes you perfect. So you must dedicate more time to practising questions and solving problems to imprint them in your mind. With Embibe, you can get the best practice. You can practice questions from the chapters and topics. So click on the links below to practice questions from Science and Mathematics. 

Sl.NoSubjectsPractise Questions
1Science6th Meghalaya Board Science Practice Questions
2Mathematics6th Meghalaya Board Mathematics Practice Questions

MBOSE Class 6 Study Materials: Attempt Mock Tests

Mock tests replicate the actual exam; you will get a real exam feel when you attempt mock tests. They prepare you to face the exam with confidence. You will get acquainted with the exam pattern and know the difficulty level of the questions. The personalised feedback analysis gives insights into performance. Your scores will increase gradually by taking mock tests regularly. Find the full mock test series for MBOSE class 6 in the table below:  

Meghalaya Board Class 6 Online Test SeriesMeghalaya Board Class 6 Online Test Series
Science Paper-1 Full TestsMathematics Paper-1 Full Tests
Science Paper-2 Full TestsMathematics Paper-2 Full Tests

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Meghalaya Board Class 6 study materials:

Q: Where can I get study materials for the Meghalaya Board class 6 exams?

Ans: You can find all the required study materials for Meghalaya Board class 6 from Embibe.

Q: What are the study materials provided by Embibe for Meghalaya Board class 6?

Ans: Embibe provides study materials like mock tests, sample papers, Ebooks and practice questions for the overall preparation of the Meghalaya Board class 6 exam.

Q: Can Ily access books for Meghalaya board class 6 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can get access to the books for Meghalaya Board class 6 on Embibe for.

Q: Where can I find mock tests for MBOSE Class 6 on Embibe?

Ans: To attempt mock tests, log in to the Embibe application, select Meghalaya board class 6 under my ‘Goal’, and you will find mock tests on the test tab.

Q: How to score well in the Meghalaya Board class 6 exam?

Ans: To score well in the MBOSE class 6 exam, you must follow a proper study plan, complete the portions on time and revise regularly.  

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the Meghalaya Board class 6 exam.

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