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Meghalaya Board Class 10 Study Material 2023: Books & Mock Test


Scrolling endlessly through the phone to find the right books and notes for the MBoSE Class 10 exam? Well, stressing before a board exam is quite normal. Also, with the pass percentage dropping to 56.96 per cent last year, we can figure out that the difficulty has increased. So, how exactly should one handle exam pressure? What should be done? Here is Embibe to answer all the questions.

Everyone is glued to their screens today, but what if we could use those moments of mindless scrolling into something efficient? Well, Embibe can help you with that and be your constant learning companion. It will lift your exam preparation with books, 3D videos, practice questions, and mock tests to assist you in achieving great results. Scroll down to get the 10th Meghalaya Board study materials for.

Meghalaya Board 10th Subject-wise Study Material

Exams can be quite stressful, but if you want to prepare for your exam thoroughly, you must have access to the right study materials. At Embibe, you can get the MBOSE Class 10 study material for to prepare well and get an edge over the others during the exam. So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and access the Meghalaya Board SSLC study material right away to boost your knowledge and understand all the topics easily.

Meghalaya SSLC Book 2023

Feel assured to cover the entire syllabus with the MBoSE 10th textbook 2023 at Embibe. These books will help you start your exam preparation in the easiest way, as they come with 3D videos and detailed explanations.

With a plan in place, you will make the best use of the books online and will be less inclined to distractions. Go ahead and check out  the Meghalaya Board SSLC book 2023 now:

MathsMBoSE Class 10 Maths Book
ScienceMBoSE Class 10 Science Book

Meghalaya SSLC Previous Year Papers

After going through the books and learning the concepts, put your knowledge to the test with the previous years’ papers. Once you have finished reading the books, solve these papers at Embibe and stay focused. Get the MBoSE Class 10 previous year papers with solutions from the table below:

Sr. No.Subject-wise Practice Questions
1Practice 10th Meghalaya Board Class 10 Maths Questions 
2Practice 10th Meghalaya Board Class 10 Science Questions

Meghalaya SSLC Sample Papers

Still feeling unprepared for the MBOSE 10th exam? Then attempt these MBOSE Class 10 sample papers on Embibe, as they come with many practice questions. This will help you understand the nature or difficulty level of questions asked during the exam. If it sounds like a good idea, then include these papers in your study routine and follow them:

SubjectsSample Papers
MathsMBoSE Class 10 Maths Sample Papers
ScienceMBoSE Class 10 Science Sample Papers

Meghalaya SSLC Mock Test

After solving the sample papers, you must attempt the mock tests to prepare thoroughly. Embibe offers mock test series with detailed feedback analysis to help students ace the exams. Aim higher and commit some of your precious time towards these mock tests, as they are really beneficial. Attempt them now by clicking on the links below:

SubjectsMock Test
MathsMBoSE Class 10 Maths Mock Test
ScienceMBoSE Class 10 Science Mock Test

FAQs on 10th Meghalaya Board Study Material

The frequently asked questions on MBoSE Class 10 study material are as follows:

Q: Where can I find the best e-books for MBoSE Class 10 exam online?

Ans: Students can get the best MBOSE Class 10 e-books with videos and solutions online on Embibe’s learning platform.

Q: How does Embibe help students in learning?

Ans: Embibe’s AI-powered learning experience brings old textbooks to life with 3D interactive videos. They help students improve their basics about any topic and understand concepts in-depth.

Q: Can I score 90 per cent in MBoSE Class 10 exams?

Ans: Yes, if you study well and use the right resources with the best content, you can easily score more than 90 per cent marks. But, you must ensure that you stick to your study schedule and cover all the major topics.

Q: What are the benefits of studying for the Meghalaya Board 10th exams at Embibe?

Ans: Embibe enhances knowledge like no one else and offers all its study materials for. This gives all the students an opportunity to excel academically and pursue their future courses.

Q: Should I prepare a study schedule to prepare for the board exams?

Ans: Yes, one must create a study schedule or a routine to prepare for the board exam. If you follow it every day, then you can achieve great results.

We hope this detailed article on the 10th Meghalaya Board Study Material has been helpful to you. If you have any queries, reach out to us through our website or app. Till then, stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on MBoSE Class 10 exam 2023.

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