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Meghalaya Board Class 9 Chapters 2023


With all of the focus on grade 10, students frequently overlook subjects taught in grade 9 because they are not usually counted in their final board exam scores. However, if you are a student of the 9th Meghalaya Board exam, it is very important to learn all the Meghalaya board Class 9 chapters. This is because Grade 9 lays the foundation for grade 10. Hence, you will not be able to fully comprehend your board syllabus unless you first master these concepts. But, are you facing difficulties in learning all the chapters and topics of Class 9 in a go? Fret not; we have your back.

Gone are the days when you had to mug up the books to score excellent grades. Embibe makes the preparation for your 9th Meghalaya Board exam much easier with its self-explanatory 3D videos. Learning has never been this fun, where you get to watch all the chapters of your Meghalaya Board Class 9 syllabus and learn at your own pace. Embibe also provides chapter-wise 1000+ practice questions and 20+ mock tests that can be attempted for.

9th Meghalaya Board Subject-wise Chapters

Understanding the chapters will help you comprehend the importance of each chapter and its level of difficulty. In turn, this aids in creating a schedule that enables you to concentrate more on the crucial chapters. We have listed the subject-wise chapters for the Meghalaya Board Class 9 to help you prepare for the exam. Scroll down and level up your preparation now!

Meghalaya Board Class 9 Maths Chapters

Due to its difficulty, Mathematics is frequently despised by students. Students generally don’t have a solid understanding of the subject, which makes it more difficult for them to practise problems as they advance to higher classes. But, with Embibe’s detailed 3D explanations, learning Math is much easier. You can access all the chapters for Meghalaya Board Class 9 Maths below:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Number System
3Coordinate Geometry
4Linear Equations in Two Variables
5Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
6Lines and Angles
9Area of Parallelogram and Triangles
12Heron’s Formula
13Surface Areas and Volumes

Meghalaya Board Class 9 Science Chapters

Science entails much more than just memorising facts and being able to recite solutions on demand. It’s more about a process of understanding and improving our knowledge. Embibe provides subject-wise 3D videos for all the chapters of the 9th Meghalaya Board to help you grasp all the scientific topics. Click on the links below and start learning now!

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Matter in Our Surroundings
2Is Matter around us Pure?
3Atoms and Molecules
4Structure of the Atom
5The Fundamental Unit of Life
7Diversity in Living Organisms
9Force and Laws of Motion
11Work and Energy
13Why Do We Fall Ill?
14Natural Resources
15Improvement in Food Resources

Meghalaya Board Class 9 Social Science Chapters

Studying Social Science helps us become effective citizens in democracies and enables us to deal with real-world issues in our daily lives. It not only teaches us about landforms and kings but also keeps us updated with the latest trends in our country. We have listed the Meghalaya Board Class 9 Social Science Chapters below in the table.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1The French Revolution (1789-1799)
2Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
3Forest Society and Colonialism
4Peasants and Farmers
5Freedom Fighters and Prominent Personalities of Meghalaya
6Source of Funds
7Major Relief Feature of the Earth
8Tides and Ocean Currents
9India – Size and Location
10Physical Features of India
13Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
14Natural Disasters
15Survival Skills
16Democracy in the Contemporary Work
17Democracy in India
18Electoral Politics in India
19Institutions of Parliamentary Democracy
20Citizen’s Rights in Democracy
21The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016
22Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
23PAN Card and Aadhaar Card
24Factors of Production
25People as a Resource
26Poverty as a Challenge
27Food Security in India
28Demonetization of Currency

FAQs on Meghalaya Board Class 9 Chapters 2023

Some of the frequently asked questions on Meghalaya Board Class 9 chapters are as follows:

Q: Where can I find the Meghalaya Board Class 9 chapters?

Ans: You can find the Meghalaya Board  Class 9 chapters from this article.

Q: As per students, which is the hardest chapter in Meghalaya Board Class 9 Maths?

Ans: Algebra is often considered the hardest chapter, but it is equally important. However, with the right study resources and ample practice you can master the subject without doubt.

Q: What are the benefits of studying Meghalaya Board Class 9 important chapters on Embibe? 

Ans: If you go through the important chapter on Embibe, you will get to know all the relevant topics and related questions that have been put together by our subject matter experts. Not just that, you can also understand difficult concepts by watching our appealing 3D videos.   

Q: How to score good marks in Meghalaya Board  Class 9 exam?

Ans: Referring to the study material and solutions on Embibe can help students score well in the exam.

Q: Are the chapters for Meghalaya Board Class 9 NCERT based?

Ans: Meghalaya Board follows NCERT, therefore the Meghalaya Board Class 9 chapters are in accordance with NCERT syllabus.

We hope this article on Meghalaya Board Class 9 Chapter helps you prepare for your exams. For more such article, stay tuned to Embibe.

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