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Meghalaya Board Class 10 Books 2024


Reading school textbooks can sometimes be dull, isn’t it? If you had the choice to learn the same concepts from textbooks or watch 3D videos, which would you prefer? If you picked 3D books, you have come to the right place. And if you picked books, you’d still love our animated textbooks. The 10th Meghalaya Board books are the primary study sources and are irreplaceable. You can solve different kinds of questions only after learning the topics properly. 

Also, the Class 10 pass percentage of the Meghalaya Board is 50-55%. In order to ensure success in the board exam, we at Embibe have created amazing videos with solutions that follow your Meghalaya Board’s latest syllabus and the same sequence. Studying the 10th Meghalaya Board books from Embibe allows you to understand the concepts thoroughly and retain the information for longer.

Meghalaya Board 10th Class Books 2024

Being aware of the subject-wise topics for Meghalaya Board Class 10 is important to cover the whole syllabus on time. Those who aim to be among the toppers can achieve it by developing a strong conceptual base in the topics with the help of study material on Embibe, especially our 3D videos. The Embibe books are video lessons with solutions.

They are our AI-powered comprehensive study materials that cover the entire board-prescribed syllabus. You can also learn and practice any handpicked chapter or topic. The questions are shortlisted from the best books. Thus, you do not have to spend more time looking for sample questions anywhere else. 

A special feature you get only on Embibe is the Embibe Big Books. These books cover the entire syllabus with 3D videos with solutions tagged to all chapter-wise topics. You can select a chapter or topic and adaptively solve shortlisted questions from the best books for the exam.

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Books for Maths

Maths is a subject in which you can score full marks. The recipe for this is having a full conceptual understanding and doing immense sample question practice. And where can you get them both? The Embibe books.

On Embibe, you can learn, practice, and test all Meghalaya Board 10th class chapters till you gain confidence in your preparation. You can refer to all Embibe Maths books from the table below:

10th Meghalaya Board Maths Books
MATHEMATICS Textbook for Class X Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for Meghalaya Board Class 10

Meghalaya Board Class 10 Books for Science

Most students fear Science, even though it is one of the most interesting subjects. You can learn so much about yourself and your surroundings. Besides, you cannot avoid the subject if you want to clear the Meghalaya Board 10th exam. Why don’t you give Embibe 3D Science books a try?

Our books are in the form of videos that explain all your textbook subjects with the help of graphical representations. Isn’t that perfect for watching and learning scientific concepts? Now refer to the Embibe Science Books from the table below:

10th Meghalaya Board Science Books
SCIENCE TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS X Embibe Big Book for Science for Meghalaya Board Class 10

Advantages of Using Embibe for 10th Meghalaya Board

The textbooks provided by Embibe are reference books in 3D videos. It means that the topics from the books are covered in the same sequence but in video format. The visualisation technique helps you to understand topics faster and retain them better. Some of the major benefits of referring to Meghalaya Board Class 10 books on Embibe are as follows:

  • You can see how long it will take to watch all the videos and solve all the questions in the book.
  • Watch these videos for prerequisite topics from your current grade or previous grades and ensure you truly understand a topic from the current grade.
  • You can select a chapter and watch all videos covering all the topics in the chapter arranged in a sequential manner covering the entire syllabus.
  • These 3D videos make it easy to finish a chapter without going through chunks of textual content.
  • Everything is in one place. You do not have to refer to multiple platforms to watch videos for a chapter, as Embibe has 4 modules for each chapter: Learn, Practice, Test, and Achieve.

FAQs on 10th Meghalaya Board Books 2024

We have provided some frequently asked questions regarding MBoSE Class 10 below:

Q: Where can I get Meghalaya Board Class 10 books for?

Ans: You can access the 10th Meghalaya Board books on the Embibe platform. 

Q: What are the benefits of preparing for the 10th Meghalaya Board from Embibe?

Ans: Embibe provides many study materials for all Meghalaya Board Class 10 subjects. Students can solve mock tests, watch 3D lectures, solve sample questions, and much more for. Embibe helps students understand a concept in detail and solve sample problems based on it, to build a solid foundation in it.

Q: Is studying Class 10 Meghalaya Board books necessary for the exam?

Ans: If you want to pass the Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam, you must study all the concepts from the school books. Only then can you solve the questions asked in the exam. You can watch Embibe 3D books for the entire syllabus. These books follow the same Meghalaya Board curriculum; you can rely on them for your studies.

Q: How will Embibe’s Meghalaya Board Class 10 Important Topics help me? 

Ans: Preparing from the Meghalaya Board 10th class important topics on Embibe can greatly help the students understand the concepts better with the help of our 3D videos that explain each concept in great detail. Furthermore, practising questions on Embibe will ensure that you complete the syllabus on time.

Q: How many chapters are there in Class 10 Meghalaya Board Science?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in the 10th Meghalaya Board Class 10 exam Science.

We hope this article on Meghalaya Board Class 10 Books has helped you. If you have any doubts or queries, feel to contact us by downloading our app, and we will be happy to get back to you.

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