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11th Meghalaya Board Important Topics


If you are appearing for the Meghalaya Board class 11 exams, then your preparation must be strategic; you must ensure that you are thorough with all the topics. You should also keep in mind that next year will be crucial, as you will appear for the class 12 board exam, which is a major examination in your academic career. 

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In this article, we have provided chapter-wise topics for the subjects Meghalaya Board Class 11 that will help you get excellent scores. 

Chapter-wise Topics for 11th Meghalaya Board Class Topics

Do you want to access the topics for MBOSE class 11? Then find the chapter-wise topics for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Click on the links to practice the topics to be perfect in the examination.    

MBOSE Class 11 Physics Topics

We have provided the important physics topics from class 11  

Sl.No Chapters Topics
1 Physical World Understanding Physics
Scope of Physics
2 Units and Measurements Physical Quantities
The Internation System of Units
3 Motion in a Straight Line Position, Path, Length and Displacement
Speed and Velocity
4 Motion in a Plane Scalars and Vectors
Position Vector, Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration
5 Laws of Motion Force
Law of Inertia

Note: Click here to find the complete list of Physics topics for Meghalaya Board class 11

MBOSE Class 11 Mathematics Topics

The list of important topics from class 11 Mathematics are given below: 

Sl.No Chapters Topics
1 Sets Sets and Their Representations
Types of Sets
2 Relations and Functions Cartesian Products of Sets
3 Trigonometric Functions Angles
Introduction to Trigonometric Functions
4 Mathematical Induction The Principal of Mathematical Induction
5 Complex Numbers and Quadratic equations Complex Numbers
  Algebra of Complex Numbers

Note: To find the list of complete Maths topics for Meghalaya Board Topics, click here

Meghalaya Board Class 11 Chemistry Topics 

Let’s find the important topics from class 11 chemistry in the below table: 

SI.NO Chapters Topics
1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Nature of Matter
Properties of Matter and Measurements
2 Structure of Atom Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Discovery of Sub-Atomic Particles
3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Need for Classifying Elements
Genesis of Periodic Classification
4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Kossel Lewis’s Approach to Chemical Bonding
Ionic or Equivalent Bond
5 States of Matter Intramolecular Forces and Thermal Energy
The Gaseous State

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Meghalaya Board Class 11 Biology Topics

Check the important topics from class 11 Biology in the below table.

Sl.No Chapters Topics
1 The Living World Characteristics of Living Organisms
Diversity in the Living World
2 Biological classifications Introduction to Biology Classification

Kingdom Monera
Plant Kingdom Introduction to Plant Kingdom
4 Animal Kingdom Basis of Classification of Animals
Classification of Animals
5 Morphology of Flowering Plants Introduction to Morphology of Flowering Plants

Note: To find the list of Biology topics for MBOSE class 11, click here

The frequently asked questions with solutions about MBOSE class 11 topics. 

Where can you find the complete list of chapters for MBOSE class 11?

You can find the complete list of chapters to learn and practice for MBOSE class 11 from Embibe

What are the benefits of learning the topics for Meghalaya Board class 11 from Embibe?

Learning important topics for MBOSE class 11 from Embibe helps you build the concepts, you can select the chapter and watch all the videos covering the topics. It helps you grasp the topics. 

What is the official website for Meghalaya Board class 11?

www.mbose.in is the official website for Meghalaya Board class 11.

How many subjects are there in 11th Meghalaya Board?

There are 5 subjects in MBOSE class 11, in which 4 main subjects are related to stream and English is mandatory subject. 

MBOSE class 11 exam is conducted in which mode?

Meghalaya Board class 11 exam is conducted in the offline mode.

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