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9th Mizoram Board Chapter


Are you preparing for the Mizoram Board class 9 exam and finding it difficult to learn the chapters? Then don’t worry; we will help you learn and understand the chapters easily. You must focus on the important chapters to get a good rank. But you must also ensure that your preparation for class 9 is well-structured and you have no learning gaps. Because next year, you will be giving your class 10 board exams. So this is the time you can learn and practice the topics to strengthen your conceptual knowledge.

At, Embibe, you can complete the chapters in less time by watching 3D videos. You can select the chapters and watch all the videos for all the topics in the chapter. You can read from the books recommended by Embibe and take mock tests to track your preparation and progress. Embibe is a powerful AI-integrated app that assists you in improvising your preparation. So when you have everything under one platform, why not make the best use of it?

Important Chapters of Mizoram Board Class 9 

To ace the exam, you must focus on learning and practising the important chapters of Mizoram Board Class 9 and the less important chapters. You can access the chapters, watch videos, and take chapter-wise tests in just one click. It’s simple, right? Now, Let’s look at the chapters for Mizoram Board Class 9 Science and Maths. 

Mizoram Board Class 9 Science Chapters 

The Science chapters for Mizoram board class 9 are given below: 

Chapter No:Chapter Name
1Matter in Our Surroundings
2Is Matter around us?
3Atoms and Molecules
4Structure of the Atom
5The Fundamental Unit of Life
7Diversity in Living Organisms
9Force and Laws of Motion
11Work and Energy
13Why Do We Fall Ill?
14Natural Resources
15Improvement In Food Resources

Mizoram Board Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

Let’s check the Mathematics Chapters for Mizoram Board Class 9:

Chapter No:Chapter Name
1Number System
3Co-ordinate Geometry
4Linear Equations in Two Variables
5Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
6Lines and Angles
9Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
12Heron’s Formulas
13Surface Areas and Volumes

FAQs on Mizoram Board Class 9 Chapters

The most commonly asked questions with answers on Mizoram board class 9 chapters are given below: 

Q: What is the significance of learning chapters from Embibe for Mizoram board class 9?

Ans: With the help of Embibe, you can watch videos to cover the chapter’s topics. It will help me learn and practice the chapters.

Q: How to take mock tests from Embibe?

Ans: To take mock tests, you must sign-up or log in to the app and click on the ‘test’ tab to take the mock test series.

Q: Will there be a board exam for Mizoram board class 9?

Ans: No, there is no board exam for Mizoram board class 9. It is a school-level exam.

Q: Where can I find the maths chapters for Mizoram Board Class 9?

Ans: You can find the list of Mathematics chapters for Mizoram board class 9 in the above article. Click on the link to learn and practice.

Q: How to get good marks in Mizoram Board Class 9?

Ans: Refer to the books and study materials provided by Embibe and take mock tests series for to improvise your performance.

I hope the article about Mizoram Board Class 9 chapters is helpful. If you have any doubts or queries, reach out to us through the Live chat option available in the app. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about Mizoram Board class 9.

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