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7th RBSE Chapter List


Are you feeling stressed about the upcoming 7th RBSE exams? Do you want to learn it in an easy way? Here is the solution. We have prepared this complete 7th RBSE chapter list so that you can easily prepare for your RBSE Class 7 exams. Moreover, we have also provided 3D video explanations of all of the 7th RBSE chapters to help you grasp each chapter covered throughout your study period in a better way.

We understand that the 7th RBSE Board syllabus is vast and extensive, so it’s important that you prepare well for the last few months before exams. This article will give you the RBSE Board Class 7 chapter list for Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. This will make your study process a lot more efficient and ensure you get enough practice to ace the exam. Let’s begin!

Subject-wise 7th RBSE Chapter List

You may want to use the chapter list as an aid during your revision for the RBSE Class 7 examinations; in that case, the tables below will be extremely helpful for you. It will help you get an idea about which chapters will be tested and give you direct links to 3D video explanations of important concepts in each chapter.

7th RBSE Mathematics Chapters

The chapters you will study in Mathematics for the 7th RBSE exams are listed in the table below. You can also use the links below to begin studying each chapter, which includes 3D video explanations:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Fractions and Decimals
3Data Handling
4Simple Equations
5Lines and Angles
6The Triangle and its Properties
7Congruence of Triangles
8Comparing Quantities
9Rational Numbers

To access the complete list of RBSE Class 7 Mathematics chapters with 3D video explanations, log in to the Embibe app. 

7th RBSE Science Chapters

If you need assistance comprehending the following chapters in 7th RBSE Board Science, please click on the links below to view 3D video explanations from the Embibe experts:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Nutrition in Plant
2Nutrition in Animals
3Fibre to Fabric
5Acids, Bases and Salts
6Physical and Chemical Changes
7Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
8Winds, Storms and Cyclones

For the complete list of RBSE Class 7 Science chapters with 3D video explanations, click here.

7th RBSE Social Science Chapters

Here is a rundown of the 7th RBSE Chemistry chapters, with links to 3D video explanations for each chapter:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years
2New Kings and Kingdoms
3The Delhi Sultans
4The Mughal Empire
5Rulers and Buildings
6Towns, Traders and Craftspersons
7Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
8Devotional Paths to the Divine
9The Making of Regional Cultures

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FAQs on Rbse Board Class 7 Chapter

Some of the most frequent questions based on the Rbse Board Class 7 chapter are as follows:

Q: What are some important chapters in 7th RBSE Mathematics?

Ans: Some of the most important chapters in 7th RBSE Mathematics are Fractions and Decimals, Simple Equations, Comparing Quantities, Rational Numbers, and Practical Geometry. Embibe offers access to all of these chapters, along with informative 3D video explanations.

Q: Where can I download the 7th RBSE chapter list?

Ans: We have provided the 7th RBSE chapter list per subject in this article. You can study chapter-by-chapter 3D video explanations at Embibe for.

Q: Do Embibe provide chapter-wise study material for 7th RBSE?

Ans: Yes, Embibe provides chapter-by-chapter study material for the 7th RBSE exams. It is delivered in a clear and succinct manner, with amazing 3D video lessons.

Q: Where to get mock tests for 7th RBSE?

Ans: Embibe offers mock tests and sample papers for 7th RBSE exams.

Q: Does 7th RBSE have Physics?

Ans: Yes. In RBSE Class 7 Science syllabus, you will study various Physics chapters.

We hope this article on the 7th RBSE chapter list helps you prepare better. As you can see, there are a lot of chapters in each subject, so you need to amp up your preparation with mock tests available on Embibe. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest RBSE Class 7 exam updates.

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