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6th RBSE Chapters


Self-confidence is one of the predominant qualities a student should instil! Interestingly, your self-confidence is determined by how prepared you are to give your examinations. Learning all the chapters will empower you with the ability to confront any question asked in the exam. But, the real challenge lies in focusing on learning and completing the RBSE 6th Class syllabus before the final examinations.

To simplify the learning process, Embibe offers some interesting ways of mastering the subjects. It explains all the RBSE Class 6 chapters for Social Science, Science and Mathematics through 50+ engaging 3D videos. This eases your chance of completing one chapter at a time. Keep reading to know more about the 6th RBSE chapters at Embibe.

6th RBSE Subject-wise Chapters

Making yourself efficient in all the chapters of Class 6 RBSE is one of the major factors in achieving success in the final exams. Although every subject requires its own set of preparation strategies, the key motive is to revise and practice as much as possible. Continue scrolling to know all the subject-wise chapters of RBSE Board Class 6.

RBSE Class 6 Social Science Chapters

Social Science helps you learn about the real world and culture. Especially the Class 6 Social Science concepts such as ‘The Earth in the Solar System’, ‘Climate, Vegetation, and Wildlife’, and ‘Latitudes and Longitudes” are relatable and interesting to study. You can find all of the RBSE Class 6 Social Science concepts listed below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1What, Where, How and When?
2From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food
3In the Earliest Cities
4What Books and Burials Tell Us
5The Earth in the Solar System
6Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
7Motions of the Earth
9Major Domains of the Earth
10Major Landforms of the Earth
11India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife
12Our Country: India
13Understanding Diversity
14Diversity and Discrimination
15What is Government?
16Key Elements of a Democratic Government
17Panchayati Raj
18Rural Administration
19Urban Administration
20Rural Livelihoods
21Urban Livelihoods

RBSE Class 6 Science Chapters

Class 6 Science is one of the easiest subjects to learn. Most of the e concepts talk about plants, living organisms, body movements, air and water around us and many more fascinating topics. To easily learn and revise such topics, you can draft chapter-wise notes. All the RBSE Class 6 Science chapters are provided below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Food: Where Does It Come From
2Components of Food
3Fibre to Fabric
4Sorting Materials Into Groups
5Separation of Substances
6Changes Around Us
7Getting to Know Plants
8Body Movements
9The Living Organism – Characteristics and Habitats
10Motion and Measurement of Distances
11Light, Shadows and Reflection
12Electricity and Circuits
13Fun With Magnets
15Air Around Us
16Garbage In, Garbage Out

RBSE Class 6 Mathematics Chapters

Problem-solving strengthens your ability to think out of the box. Especially learning the Class 6 Maths concepts that are detailed below helps you in the long run as you build strong fundamentals. To know in detail about all the RBSE Class 6 Mathematics chapters, you can refer to the table provided below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Knowing Our Numbers
2Whole Numbers
3Playing With Numbers
4Basic Geometrical Ideas
5Understanding Elementary Shapes
6Practical Geometry
8Data Handling
10Ratio and Proportion

FAQs on 6th RBSE Chapters

You can check the frequently asked questions related to the 6th RBSE chapters below:

Q: Where to find all the chapters of Science, Social Science and Mathematics subjects of Class 6 RBSE Board?

Ans: You can find all the chapters of Class 6 RBSE Board for Science, Social Science and Mathematics at Embibe.

Q: Can I learn in detail about all the RBSE Class 6 chapters at Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can learn in detail about the RBSE Class 6 chapters at Embibe, as there are chapter-wise video explanations provided for the Science, Social Science and Mathematics subjects.

Q: How to log into the Embibe App and access all the 6th Class RBSE chapters?

Ans: To log in to the Embibe App, you should first get yourself registered on the App. Later, you can log into the App using the credentials (email ID/phone number), and the OTP received on either of these mediums.

Q: How many chapters are there in the RBSE Class 6 Social Science?

Ans: There are 21 chapters in the RBSE Class 6 Social Science.

Q: Who is responsible for issuing the syllabus for Class 6 RBSE?

Ans: The Rajasthan Board is in charge of issuing the syllabus for Class 6.

We hope this article on the 6th RBSE Chapters helps you streamline your preparation. 

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